Yet another animation from the upcomming Femdom comic strip is up right here. This one got really long. Well, for my animation anyway. A whole minute and a half. You get animation and dialog in this one. These are fun to do but I really pushed the limits of the program I'm using. I'm probably going to keep future animations a bit shorter.

I'm still trying to decide how I want to go about this strip. Do I want to do a traditional pannel comic strip format or something more unusual. Maybe a bit of both? I'm a big fan of unusual so that's probably going feature at least somewhat. The story is building in my head so I think the next step is to start doing some story related stuff. Dont worry there'll be plenty of nudity and kinky sex too :-)


I put up a new image for my D/s comic. This one is kind of animated but not really. I've started playing around with dialog to feel the characters out. So you get a little afterglow conversation. It's in my Gallery section or just click here. More coming soon!


I put up another image from the upcomming comic striup I'm working on. THis one is just a bit kinkier. I'm slowly workingout the type of relationship they have. I want it to be kinky but fun and kind of romantic too. I won't get too mushy, probably.


I've been working on a new comic strip. You can see the two main characters in my gallery. It's going to be D/s Femdom themed. I'm still doing preliminary drawings and feeling out the characters. While it's going to be femdom themed, and there'll be plenty of naked cartoon sex, I also want to keep this a little more realistic. I want it kind of grounded in reality in a way. There's also going to be going to be a bit of romance too. Don't worry it won't be too sickly sweet but I definitely want something on the softer side of femdom. The kinks won't change. If you've read any of my books you can expect some of the same kinky fun.

More images soon.


I just put up a new image in my gallery, Subby's Reward.

I'm currently working on ideas for the next podcast and considering my next book.


Sadly you can no longer find me on Spotify any more. I think you might still get my podcast there if you had subscribed before they tossed me but I'm not sure... Oh well, they're still available here.

Which reminds me. I've put up two version of the same podcast. One I added in some female AI voices. They aren't perfect but it does ad some veriety to the podcast. For those of you who are't into the AI stuff, and I can't blame you, there is a, no AI version up too. So listen to the version that tickles your fancy. Both podcasts are marked, although you'll get both in the feed if you listen that way.

Now, to get back to that chastity story I started a hundred years ago.


I put a few quickies up in my Gallery if you want to check them out.


So, 2023 is more than half over and you people haven't heard from me for ages. What's up with that? I'll be honest, writing erotica now-a-days has gotten hard for me. As this country slowly turns into a theocracy naughty people like me have a hard time getting exposure, so to speak LOL.

I'm not trying to get political here. I try my best not to talk about that kind of stuff here but the reality of the situation is what it is. All of the major bookstores have taken me out of their search engines. I'm still visible in Smashwords but they've been bought out so I'm not sure how long that will last.

All I want to do is write dirty stories. I'd never have thought that would be such an unimaginable thing to do. But without exposure I can't make sales and without sales I can't devote as much time to my writing as I have in the past. Even naughty people need to eat.

I have been keeping up with my podcast. It was up on Spotify and getting me some attention but that all came to an end recently. I think they've allowed the people who subscribed to me through them to keep the feed. Companies like that are masters at doing what's best for themselves.

I have a new marketing idea, patterned on the way camgirls get attention. Hopefully that will work for me. I would love to get back to writing full time. It's something I really really enjoy. But for now I'm going to try marketing and adding books when I can. I've almost finished writing the next episode of my podcast. After that I have to record it. So look for it in a week or two. My plans are to keep writing and marketing. I will start working on new books but the pace will be slower than it was.

If you're interested make sure to follow me on social media. I'll be adding new art work there to try and get some attention. Check out my links page to see where I post.

I do have some other fun things coming soon. I have been up to some naughty no good that I'll be glad to tell you about. A new Domme, chastity play and some pegging! I mean real life play!

I've also been toying with a new comic strip. I think I'll post it here but tease it on social media. Frankly I'm getting tired of making content for other sites and getting nothing but trouble for it. So all the good stuff will be posted here.

So don't give up hope on me and keep checking in. New stuff will be popping up soon!

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