I just put up the 5rd part of the chain story between myself and Cassie Cain. I wish someone would greet me like that next time I bring over a pizza!

In other news I just got a Kindle Fire as a present for the holidays. I gotta admit, while it's no iPad, it's a nice little device. A tiny bit sluggish here and there but works really well for reading. I wouldn't get one thinking you can go app crazy but you can surf the web on it with no problems. I haven't downloaded any games to it yet but when I do I'll let you all know how it runs them.

The Kindle Keyboard is nearly the same price as the Fire so it seems silly to get half the device for a $10 price difference. However the Fire doesn't have 3G so you'll need a wifi connection to download books. That's a big difference between the two devices. You can load your own stuff on it through email and a USB cable (which it doesn't come with) which I think is cool. I've also been using it to read some of my favorite story sites, like Indian Outlaw's site and Sensations For Women's CFNM forum which it handles well.

However don't think I'm trying to talk you into a Kindle just so you can't buy my stuff. You can download the software to your computer for free to do that :-)

Free eReader apps for PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad & Android devices
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I've got a big kinky New Year's Eve party coming up this weekend. Should be a real blast! I've been told people can actually have sex at the party! I'll tell you all about it Sunday or maybe Monday depending on how good the party is :-)

I just got the email from Cassie that part 4 to the chain story is up. Be ure to check it out. Things are getting good and I'm about to turn the heat up on high. Look for part five around Monday or Tuesday.

I know I keep saying this but I think I'm on the final chapter of my Blanke Schande Story "The Unwritten Rules." I've got the ending planned out in my head and I'm probably only a couple pages away from putting a finish to it. I'm not sure now if I should do a prequel or not. I've made you people wait so long for this story. A prequel might take another few weeks to write. It also might mean that I would have to make a few small changes to the main story because of what happened to Joan in the prequel. Who knows how much time that might add to the release date? Then I still have to reread and edit the whole thing to make sure it works right. I'll see how long it takes me to finish and how I feel at the end.

It didn't take as many chapters as I thought it would to reach the end. It is over 100,000 words long though so that's not too bad huh :-)

Well I'm off to work on my next part to the chain story.

Happy Holidays folks and the heck with Santa, stay naughty :-)

I just posted the 3rd part of the chain story between myself and Cassie Cain. Look for part 4 from her soon. We're just getting warmed up but this story has a lot of promise! I think it's gonna be a scortcher!

I got some really nice comments this week. I never get tired of hearing people say nice things about my work. It makes a struggling writer feel like he's appreciated :-)

Someone had asked if they could download my books as audio files. Up to now I've only done teasers for my podcast. Podcasting is a LOT of work. Doing an entire book would be a big challenge. I'm not even sure there's a service out there that will sell erotic audio for me :-/ I could possibly do it through PayPal though.

The big question is are there enough people interested in buying audio versions of my work? It would be great if I could find some sultry voiced vixen to read for me. Now THAT would be really HOT! Sulty voiced vixens don't come cheap though so it would probably be just me reading to you.

I keep trying to find time to do more podcasting by the way. If I can get back in the swing of podcasting I might even have some interviews from Beyond Leather. Do you people want that? Do you want more podcasts? Let me know. I wanna give you people what you want.

I tweeted a little about a female friend and I having an art night. We had a lot of fun! To the right you can see a picture of the sculpture she did of me. I'll leave it to you to decide if it was a good likeness or not. Mind you she did get something a little out of proprotion. My nose isn't quite that big :-)

What do you think of the artists personal touch? Gotta love a woman who puts so much of herself into her work :-)

I had such a great time walking around her place stark naked all night. She sculpted me for a few hours while I sat there naked, spread wide open and hard off and on. Hey, you keep it stiff for three hours straight and then come talk to me. No viagra either :-)

I had hoped that I might get a chance to pose for some other ladies but that didn't work out. So I'll be getting naked for just her. Still lots of fun if you ask me. When it came time to get dressed at the end of the night I truly didn't want to put my clothes back on. We're going to do it again in a week or two so there'll be more fun then.

I may go up to the Naturist resort tonight. I've just been aching to get naked outside. The weather has been so nice and mild that it would feel really awesome. Naked drum circle here I come?

I've also been invited to a BDSM New Years Eve party this year. It should be lots of fun. The woman I usually play with at the dungeon parties will be there so I can count on getting some spankings that's for sure! It'll be a good time :-) Tell you all about it afterwards of course :-)

Go read, I'm gonna go write!

Cassie Cain's Part of the Story is up and ready to be read. Go check it out. This is going to be good :-)

Tonight is the monthly play party. So I'm gonna get me some spankings! Weeeeee :-) Then Tuesday I'm going to pose naked, and hard :-), for a female sculptor. I'll post more about that Wednesday.

I hope you all have a good weekend and are nicely naughty :-)

It has begun! The first part of the chain story between Cassie Cain and myself can be found here. I know she's hard at work on her latest book for the Kindle but she told me she's eager to write her part. Keep an eye on her blog, check back here or watch her or my Twitter feeds for the announcement of when the next part is up and ready to read. We will also be providing links at the end of each segment to make it easier to find the next part. And if that wasn't enough you can always find the link on my Misc page as the story "Girl's Night In."

I got a comment the other day from someone asking what "The Unwritten Rules" was about. I guess since I took the story down for editing and to finish it up that isn't quite as obvious as I thought it would be :-)

"The Unwritten Rules" is a story about the fictional school Blanke Schande College. At this particular school the women aren't allowed to wear clothes. My story "The Professor" and "Taming the Shrew" takes place in this school. If you've never read a story in the Blanke Schande universe then these stories will give you a good idea of what it's like.

As I posted on Twitter I'm near to finishing up the story. I've got a few more scenes to go and then I'm going to toss in a little prequel of Joan experimenting with nudity in Paris. Maybe I'll find a cute little French girl to spur her on? So be patient the story is coming and it'll be worth it I promise you.

I'm also excited to announce that Cassie Cain will be writing and posting a chain story together. The premis is simple. Cassie and I will take turns writing a paragraph or two of an erotic story. I'm going to devote a page to it, probably in the Misc section of my website. I'll let you all know here when it's up to read. Then you'll have to go to her blog to read the next part of the story. You'll have to go back and forth between both our sties to get the whole story. Don't worry though we'll provide you links so it won't be confusing.

It should be a lot of fun. I'm doing the first part so check back here in a few days to read it. There will be an announcement here, and on Twitter, with a link to the story when the first part is up.

Things are going well on "The Unwritten Rules." Wow, chapter 19 is really long! Joan had fun in the Rathsckeller at BSC and even has a date for the weekend. Right now I'm writing the bathroom scene I hinted about oh so long ago."

I wanna talk briefly about this scene. I said elsewhere that my whole reason for writing this story is that I want to show how the rules at BSC help the women who follow them grow stronger. Please keep in mind this isn't in anyway meant to be a dig or insult to those who have created the BSC universe or written in it before me. I have great respect for everyone who's helped create the BSC universe. I really can't say that often enough. Each and everyone one of you have done a fantastic job. You're why I love this universe so much.

Most of the previous stories and captioned photos talk about the fact that nudity makes the women stronger but focus more on the embarrassment of their nudity. I really want to create a solid legitimate world using the rules that have already been given.

The open bathroom plan has always been a part of BSC. Granted, I've made it a bit more open but it doesn't change things that much.

To the best of my knowledge there haven't been any BSC bathroom stories. My goal here isn't to write a scat scene though. I'm NOT into that at all. So while poop, itself, will be involved in this scene rest assured it'll only play a minor role. What I want this scene to be about is vulnerability and to show how doing something like this would affect a woman. How over coming the taboo could actually make her a stronger person. That is, after all, the reason for the nudity right? :-)

The real challenge here is to do something like this and somehow keep it sexy. I don't know about you all but poop isn't sexy to me :-) So how the heck do I make it sexy? Well, vulnerability can be sexy. Comforting a vulnerable person can be sexy. That's all I'm going to say there. You're gonna have to wait to read the chapter to find out :-)

And if you think all of this is unfair to women. That the guys are left out and get off easy I wouldn't worry about that in the least. I have some CFNM ideas that will even things up I assure you :-)

Speaking of CFNM I want to introduce you all to Cassie Cain she's a cute 22 year old woman who like to write CFNM stories! you can download her sample chapter from Amazon or read it here on the Sensations for Women forum.

I'm really enjoying getting back into, "The Unwritten Rules." I have to admit I like what I've done there. My main goal, besides writing a good story, is to show how Blanke Schande College actually makes women stronger and explain some of the details of the school. Maybe some of my BSC philosophy is stretching things a bit but it works for me. I hope it works for all you fans of the school too :-)

I know I've changed a few things. In my opinion they're small changes that I only made in order to help things flow a little better. It's because of those changes though that I've considered making it another university all together and not a Blanke Schande story. I really don't want to do this though because one of my other hopes is that my story would help bring some attention and activity back to Blanke Schande. I love this universe and it would be great to see some other authors write stories for it. So come on people get writing!

I should be ready to start writing new chapters in a few days. I'm just about finished rereading the story and I've made all the changes and corrections necessary. Once I've finished the story I'm going to go back and write the prelude. It seemed odd to me that Joan wouldn't find some time to experiment with public nudity when she was in Paris. It'll probably be somewhere around two to four chapters.

All said and done that should put "The Unwritten Rules" at about twenty six chapters. Maybe thirty if I go crazy but I want to try and keep it manageable. Hopefully you'll all feel it's worth the wait. From the way things are going so far I expect it to come out somewhere around the end of December or maybe the middle of January.

I got an interesting comment about someone wanting to meet me to do some research. I'm not sure what kind of research you're doing but it's unlikely that we'd be able to meet. Mostly because I doubt we're in the same part of the world. However, feel free to email me. Ask me what you'd like and if I can help I'll do so. No promises though. It depends entirely on what you're trying to research :-)

Well, it seems sometimes Amazon works in mysterious ways. My new story, "The Pegging Party," is now available on Amazon & Barnes and Noble. I thought it would take them much longer to approve the story but Amazon did it overnight and Barnes and Noble only took one day longer. You can get the sample chapter at either store or read it here.

In other news I'm hard at work on the, "The Unwritten Rules." It's going well and I should up to date and writing new chapters soon. Before you know it Joan will be naked at school again :-)

I may also have the chance to develop my very own CFNM event! This is pretty exciting. It's also a lot of work so I want to think about it a bit before I decide to take it on. The possibilities though! It could be one heck of a lot of fun :-)

I just hit publish on the new story. I'm not sure if Amazon works over the weekend though so it may not be available until Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. I'll keep you posted here and on Twitter. It'll also pop up in the Bookstore sometime next week too. When it does there'll be links to where you can get it.

Someone asked me where they could read more of Kathy & Colleen. After I finish The Unwritten Rules I'll also be working on putting an ending to that story as well. So it may take four or five months but once that story is put to rest I'll let you all know the where's and whyfores. As always keep an eye here and on my Twitter for the latest information on everything I'm up to.

If you haven't noticed already I've taken down, "The Unwritten Rules." As I read through it I kept making changes and correcting mistakes. Nothing really major but enough that the story that was up here on the site won't be current anymore. So I've taken it down for now until I finish the story.

The good news is that I've come up with a whole new set of ideas for a prequel. A sort of naked American in Paris :-) That should be fun to write. I'm hoping to have the whole thing finished by January at the latest. It's hard to say though because I won't really know how long its going to take me until I get into the writing. Even then it's hard to say because I usually come up with ideas as I'm writing. Don't forget "The Unwritten Rules" was supposed to be a quick little short story. Instead it's taken me a year to write so far and it's up to about 90,000 words! It's already my longest story to date and I'm not sure how long it'll go.

I'll try not to keep you waiting to long but please be patient. I'm writing as fast as I can.

Someone asked me about the strap on story. I have finished editing it but I'm still working on the cover design. This is a tricky one to design. As soon as I have something I'll let you know when it's up I promise.

I am now officially finished with the strap on story. I just have to design the cover, which should be done in the next day or two, and then it's on to the next story. Which, as I promised, will be "The Unwritten Rules." You should see the rest of that story by say... A month or two at the most? It's hard to say exactly though. I tend to like to add lots of detail so if it takes me longer it's because you're getting more to read. While I'm tying up loose ends I want to finish up "Kathy & Colleen" too. Then on to my long list of story ideas. I've got some great ones I can't wait to get to!

I'm so close to done with the strap on story it's not funny. I think I have a page or so to go and then all there's to do is editing and cover design. With any luck it will be up by the end of the month and I'll move on to finishing, "The Unwritten Rules."

I'm still going to have to ask for patience for those waiting for "The Unwritten Rules" because I have to go back to the beginning and read it from the start. I need to get back into that mind frame in order to keep the continuity straight. I do have notes but it doesn't cover all the details of the entire story. It's been almost a year now since I left that world so I need to get back into it to do the job right. It shouldn't take me that long to catch up though and then it's back to writing.

I think another three or four chapters will wind that story up nicely. I have to check but I think there are four or five chapters that I still haven't published here. So that means you have somewhere between six to eight chapters to look forward to. I still can't believe how that story took on a life of it's own. I really only planned on it being four chapters at the most.

Now on to my busy weekend.

Friday night I was invited to a play party that turned out to be kind of slow. It was a fund raiser for a local BDSM group and I thought I was going to get strapped to a cross and spanked but it didn't happen. The weather was really bad this weekend and the turn out was pretty small. It ended up being more of a hang out night then a play party. I wound up giving a Domme a full body massage but everyone kept their clothes on.

Saturday was a local munch and then a play party afterwards.

The munch itself was fun. We ate, hung out and talked. It was a good time. The play party afterwards though was where it all happened. I've been playing with a new friend and we've been getting to know each other. Well, that night we figured out just what it takes to have a good scene with me. See I've never been big into what's called impact play. That's mostly floggers, canes and paddles. Stuff you get hit with more or less. I'm not into pain. I mean, I like a moderate spanking but pain just to be hurt? I don't get it and never have. So I asked this Domme to dial it back a bit.

She handed me her toy bag and told me to pick out a few toys. I pulled out the vampire gloves, the wartenberg wheel and a deerskin flogger that was very soft.

I know, I just said I don't like floggers right? So why did I pull it out of the bag? Well for one I wanted this to be fun for her too and secondly the flogger was pretty soft. I knew that it would take all she had to make it do more than sting a little bit.

We were planning on playing much more sensually then anything and boy did that work out well! After I stripped and she cuffed me to the cross, in a large room full of people by the way, she started to caress me. She tugged on my hair, something I LOVE, and then out came the vampire gloves and the wartenberg wheel. By the time she picked up the flogger I was actually aching for it. Now granted, this wasn't a toy designed for pain. Like I said she had to really put her back into it to get it to be more then a soft thud. It was a really hot scene for me. I was hard through most of it and practically begged her to kiss me afterwards. If we were in a more intimate setting and she was my girlfriend? I probably would have begged her to fuck me on the spot :-) A good time to say the least.

As you may or may not have noticed I redid the bookstore. I realized a little while ago that a lot of stuff was missing. I also added convient links to the places you can buy everything from.

The strap on story is going really well. I think I'm about a chapter and a half away from the ending. It's hard to say how long those chapters will be though. I like to add in all the detail I can and new things occur to me as I'm writing. So it may still be a few weeks until I finish. I managed to add a little CFNM to the final sex scene though :-) I've also come up with some great scenes to illustrate. I know this is such a male fantasy but it's just an incredible turn on to me. I hope some of you are looking forward to reading it too.

I had an unexpected CFNM encounter the other week. I've started a small sculpture session at a friend's house. It's usually two or three artists and a model. Well this time first one model and then my back up model cancelled on me. Since I was the one organizing it I felt that I should take the place of the missing model. There were four people at this event, two women and two men. I posed for the first half and he posed for the second. So while there was another guy I think it still qualifies as CFNM.

Neither of the women had seen me naked before and while I have been naked in a public setting I found myself a little nervous and kind of turned on. I went to the bathroom to undress and had to get ride of a full blown hard on. I ended up walking out with it at half mast though. Thankfully this was a fairly kinky crowd so no one was shocked by it and eventually I went soft. I had to be very careful where my mind went or I knew I'd get a full blown, so to speak, stiffy :-)

What made it a little weird and exciting for me was that I knew these women socially so being naked in front of them was different for me. Unlike being in a dungeon or a nude beach where nudity is unexpected this was not a sexual situation and I was the only one naked. It was a pretty big turn on actually.

Depending on what happens I have a life drawing class that I organized October the 16th. So far I don't have a model for sure. If no one volunteers it's gonna be me up there naked again :-)

I had so much fun this weekend. Saturday was a local BDSM munch. I made some new friends who're involved in the erotic fiction world. We talked about books and kinky things. That's ALWAYS fun :-) Then I had the play party Saturday night.

Somehow I was the only male submissive in the room. That made it a little weird for me but I managed to get over it, somehow :-) I had to wait my turn but a lovely lady was very happy to strip me and show me a good time. I got spanked, teased and toyed with in a wonderful way.

Then Sunday I had Kinky Life Drawing! This is a class that I organized. I'm thinking of adding illustrations to my stories and want to get my drawing hand back in shape. I'm not going to go crazy but there are always a few scenes in every story I write that just jump out at me and beg to be drawn. In a previous life I wanted to be a comic book artist. I'd love to be able to illustrate a few key scenes in each story. They have to be up to a level that I'm satisfied with though or I won't do it.

Anyway so I put together this class at a local dungeon and it was such a blast! At one point we had four models up posing for us in all different kinky poses. It was a serious art class but unlike art school all of us were from the BDSM scene and had no problem posing in a manor that most art schools would have objected to. It was totally AWESOME!

Just a short note to z. You didn't upset me. I'm flattered that you like my work so much. Hell, I'm easy, I'm flattered that anyone like my stuff :-) If you aren't watching my Twitter feed, which you should because I post there almost daily, I announced the other day that will finish "The Unwritten Rules" next. I just need to wrap up my current story and it's on to that. I **may** also put something up on Lulu.com for those that still like paper books.

I went to an intimate little play party last night. We watched the movie Secretary and then had full use of the dungeon. It was a LOT of fun :-) I got naked, I got spanked, saw some wonderful things and had an interesting conversation about the movie. I've seen Secretary a dozen times but never with other kinky people. It, somehow, was a whole new look at the movie.

The play party after movie time was fun. I played with someone new. She has great hands :-) There was also a fantastic scene between a female slave and her master. WOW! A truly great night.

I see not everyone is happy with promise of hope for more of "The Unwritten Rules." What you have to understand is that it takes me time to write. There's nothing that I want more then keep my readers happy. However, I refuse to put out something that I'm not 100% proud of. So you have to be patient. I can't write any faster then I am. I write every day, I take no time off and I edit everything myself. Which sometimes means reading the story over two or more times. I can't make the process go any faster then does or quality will suffer.

Please believe me the compliments are like food to a starving man and while they certainly motivate me I can't allow them to make me do something that we'd all regret, put out a lousy story or a bad ending to a good story. So please be patient with me. Keep an eye on this page or my twitter feed for the latest news of what's been published.

I was also asked if there was a way to buy my stuff in paper bound book form. When I first started writing professionally I hand made paper bound chap books and sold them through Paypal. The print on demand companies charge way to much for their services for it to be viable. Last time I checked Amazon's print on demand was just to expensive to use. I'd have to charge nearly $20 a book. I'll take another look and see what's available. If things haven't changed I could do limited runs of hand made chap books but because of the time involved in making them they'd probably be about $12 (with shipping). I'll sign them if that means anything to you :-)

Also remember that you don't need an ereader or phone to buy from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. The software for either is available for your desktop computer.

Free Kindle software for Apple and PC computers, the iPhone, Blackberry and Andriod smart phones. Download the software for free here.

Free Nook software for Apple and PC computers, the iPhone, Blackberry and Andriod smart phones. Download the software for free here.

If you'd still rather have a paper book to hold in your hand, and put on your shelf, then email me and if I get enough requests I'll take up book making again. Believe me when I say that I love seeing my work bound in paper. It would thrill me to be able to sell real live paper books but the truth is books are expensive either in time or in money.

So the real question is how many of you really want an actual book for your shelf?

I actually got a comment on my podcast! So someone out there is listening. Who'd have thunk it? I want to thank you for the kind words. They actually mentioned me in the same sentence with Dan Savage! I love his podcast. If you have any sex questions or just want to hear some great advice he's the guy to go to.

I'm not familiar with Raven Lightholme, the other name I was mentioned among, although you HAVE to check out this picture she posted of herself in full body paint as Mystique from the X-men movies. WOW! Super hot! She can take me down any day :-) Also be sure to check out her website and podcast, Freedom of Fetish. I just started listening and so far I really like!

I have half of the next podcast finished and I have some ideas for the podcast after that. So maybe a kind word was all I need to get me back in front of the mic. I will start in on recording again Monday. With any luck you might have a new podcast by the end of the week.

I got another email full of praise for The Unwritten Rules. I have the sneaking suspicion it's really jbeegoode in disguise (just kidding :-) but you may have finally goaded me into action. I have to finish my current story and then I will work on finishing The Unwritten Rules, maybe Kathy & Colleen and a third story I have that never got an ending. I'm not sure if you'd call it CMNF or exhibitionist/nude in public but I haven't published it anywhere so this is the first mention of it's existence. I really don't like leaving stories unfinished so maybe I'll take care of all three before taking something new. No promises but you have hope now :-)

Holy fucking wow! That's all I can say to describe the CFNM party that I attended last Friday. It did have a bit of a slow start but this was a new party in a new venue so that's understandable. The original idea was to have a sit down dinner for the ladies and the men would act as servers. That didn't work out because there just wasn't enough room to set up a big enough table. So what happened was that it was handled more like a buffet. The men would go fetch the food for the women and then throw away their plates when they were done.

The ratio of males to females was about 2 women for every man, which isn't bad. There were a lot of party games planned but most of them never happened. It went straight from dinner to play party. It was a Femdom themed CFNM party so the males were all subservient to the women. It was all pretty mild stuff for the most part though. There were a few people that played kind of rough but that was the choice of the people involved. No one was forced to do anything they didn't want to do. In fact there was a rating system of how much pain you were willing to take. One of the organizers of the party asked on a scale of 1 to 5 how much pain you liked and then wrote that number on your chest in marker. My rating was a 1 and it was respected through out the entire night.

I had four very hot play scenes with four different women. The first was a little lite flogging that was just enough to get me in the mood. It was soft sensual play that the perfect start to the evening for me. She used a number of different impliments on me. A big clump of soft rope, a bundle of chopsticks and a short single tail whip just to name a few.

The next lady... I cannot heap enough praise upon the way this woman handled me. She caressed me, she spanked me, she rubbed up against me, she teased me in such a wonderful way that I would have happily stayed under her hand all night if she would have let me. Needless to say when she was done with me my heart was racing and I was out of breath.

The lady after that? A Goddess. Our play was brief but it was a privilege to touch her silky skin. I massaged her shoulders and then later on she offered me one of her legs to worship. I can only say that if you had seen those legs you would be green with envy right now. She had on stockings and a garter belt and looked like a 50's pin up queen. A deliciously wicked woman that every naked guy in the room was interested in.

Lastly, but in no way least, was a wax scene with a woman who's actually a Fetlife celebrity. I'm not giving out names so don't ask but I can assure you she knew what she was doing. I was covered from shins to chest in wax and then she put her initials on me. WOW! What a night! These Femdom themed CFNM parties are popping up all over. If you have the chance to go to one I would highly suggest it!

In other news I got a comment from someone saying how much they enjoyed the The Alasti Building. Thank you so much. You'll be glad to know that after I finish my current story I'm going to head back into the CFNM world. I'm not sure if it'll be an Alasti Building story or not though. I have a ton of good CFNM ideas. So many that it's actually hard to choose from. I'll just have to see which one strikes me when I sit down to write.

I got a voice mail! Honestly, when Google offered those numbers I never thought anyone would use it but I'm thrilled that someone has! If you want to leave me a message you'll find the number on my podcast page.

To the caller, thanks very much for the kind things you had to say about my stories. It always makes me happy to know that someone has enjoyed something that I've put so much effort into.

As to answering your questions about The Alasti Building and Good Morning Neighbor? So much goes on in "The Alasti Building" that it would be impossible to recap the entire story. How could I describe everything that goes on in a 55,000 word story in a few sentences. I'll sum it up though by saying that there are plenty of women eager to use the naked men for their pleasure. You'll just have to read it to find out how they use them. If I tried to say more then that all I would do is ruin the story for you.

Like wise so much goes on in the 10,000 some odd words that I added to Good Morning Neighbor that it's difficult to describe in a few sentences. I'll try though :-) Dan is lured back to Marie's apartment where the two women subject him to a masturbation contest. They each take turns teasing poor naked Dan until he can't take it any more. I didn't stop there though, why would I? LOL Next there's some stuff for the foot fetishist, oh, such a great scene... It's so deliciously submissive without really going into Femdom territory. After that Dan performs for the women exposing himself in every way possible while their hungry eyes devour him. Naked little Dan is so under the spell of Jesse and Marie that he's willing to do nearly anything to please the women. I leave the story open with such possibilities that I would love to write more about these three characters. At some point I may actually do that. Once again though you really have to read the story. The brief description that I give you here is nothing compared to the detail I've put in the story itself.

I also got more great comments on my Blanke Shande stories. I really am flattered that so many people enjoy those stories so much. I LOVED writing them and am eager to get back to The Unwritten Rules. Taming of the Shrew was my first BSC story. As much as I loved Donnylaja's story I just couldn't leave Debbie the way she was. Thanks again to Donnylaja for allowing me to use his characters. If you haven't read the rest of his BSC stories you should. They are great! Blanke Schande Yahoo group.

My latest story is really coming along great. Such a hot concept if I do say so myself. There is just something about the role reversal of strap on play that I love. This story really gets into that. Hopefully in a few more weeks I'll have it ready for you all to read.

After more time then I would have thought possible "Slave to My Girlfriend" is now available in Apple's iBookstore. Take a look at the book description. They **** out all the words they thought to naughty for prime time. I don't know why but that just makes me laugh :-)

I've passed 17,000 words on the strap on story and I'm headed towards the big climax. I can't wait to get to it. This story get's more and more kinky as I get into it. So much fun!

I've got the big CFNM party coming up at the end of the month. I've been let in on some of the games and activities. It should be pretty wild!

Below is an excerpt from the story I'm currently working on. Sometimes while writing, things happen. Things that I didn't expect or plan for. Things that take me by surprise.

I was smack dab in the middle of a sex scene, of all things, when this popped into my head. There are about 13,000 words that came before this so a thing or two may not make sense but you should be able to get the idea.

"This is the part I want you to watch closely and remember while I'm fucking you." She said as she opened herself up with her left hand and brought the kidney shaped end of the toy between her lips. She rubbed it between her lips and over her clit. She showed me her moist, pink, delicious, pussy in detail so agonizingly beautiful it made my heart, tongue and dick throb with desire for her.

Then, oh my God, then, she pressed the toy inside herself and I watched as it slowly slipped in until it was firmly seated in place against her body. She stood before me bottomless except for the smooth sculpted shape of the dildo sticking out from between her legs. Some people may not understand how that could be a vision of such beauty to me. Some people might even think I'm a frustrated homosexual that can't admit to his own desires.

Those people are missing the entire point.

I feel a little sad for them in a way. Sad that they aren't confident enough in who they are and their own sexuality. Sad that they can't allow themselves the freedom of such pleasures. And make no mistake it's about pleasure. Everyone focuses on the penis. If a woman wants a penis then she wants to be a man. If a man wants to be penetrated by a penis then he must be gay. Forget the penis. Sometimes a penis isn't a penis. It's a conduit. It's a magic talisman that can transform and connect two people in a way nothing else can. It's about opening up and being vulnerable to another person physically, psychologically and emotionally, in a deeply profound way.

Why should you miss out on all that simply because you weren't born with a penis? Or because you were?

That's just skims the surface of why I like strap on sex. It's just the tiniest hint of the reason why I'm kneeling naked on the floor with a butt plug up my ass and a leash around my penis. It's why I'm looking up at a woman with a dick between her legs with awe and reverence and desire, for her, so profound it's hard to think straight.

Well, that, and sometimes I just want to get fucked.

LOL That last line always make me laugh.

I know this may not ring true for everyone but if anyone asks me why I like strap on sex I'm just going to point to this passage :-)

Sadly I may have to trim, or move, this passage in the final story. I'm not sure how well it works in the middle of a a sex scene. It just seemed like the perfect place to try to explain why a heterosexual man would want to be fucked up the ass by a woman. I'll know when I read it again a little later how well things flow :-) I probably have another month or so before the story is finished. Keep an eye on my here or twitter feed for the latest updates.

13,000 words and counting on my new story. I have to say that Melissa, the main female character of my new story, is turning into another dream Domme for me. She's sexy, kinky and deliciously wicked. Shame all I can create is fiction LOL.

There are two new CFNM parties in my area. One of them is just a bit to far away for me to get to. It does sound fun though. I'm not really familiar with any of the people who are involved in putting it together so I'm waiting to see what the reviews are like from those who are going.

The other party is happening at the end of the month and I will be going to that. This one is set up more like a dinner party. The men will be, naked of course, and serving dinner. Afterwards there will be games and contests only a few of which I know about. It should be interesting. I'll tell you more about it as I know and give a full report once I get back from it :-)

The new story is going well. I've passed 10,000 words already. I want to try and keep it around 25,000 words but it may get up to 30,000. At the moment I'm right in the middle of a light humiliation scene. It's pretty hot but it doesn't get too nasty. I don't like it when things get cruel and mean. I like to keep it hot and sexy.

If you've read enough of my stuff you'll see it's the same thing with my nude in public stories. I like a little light humiliation to sort of spice things up. It embarrasses me but still turns me on beyond belief kind of thing. I like it when a character is overcome by their own desires and can't stop despite themselves.

I got your taunt jbeegoode :-) Honestly when I started "The Unwritten Rules" my hope was that it would motivate other authors into writing some BSC stories. I, personally, don't think we can ever have enough of them. In fact I think I'm going to go over to IO's board right now and encourage them to finish the story. It's been a while since they posted chapter 7.

I just received a comment about "The Unwritten Rules." They called it a masterwork. Wow! Blush. I don't know about it being a masterwork but I have to admit I am very fond of that story. Their complaint was that not only is there no ending but there hasn't been a mention of the story for months.

Please believe me when I say that I'm also unhappy with it's unfinished condition. One of my biggest complaints about Internet authors is that they start a great story and disappear leaving it unfinished.

Curse you Moonlight! (LOL just teasing. Though if you are out there and listening I would really LOVE to read more of that story. Pretty please with boobies on top :-)

Eventually the link above will go dead and all we'll have is my complaining about the lack of an ending to remember that story by. I could also point you to some really great stories on Literotica that I'll never see an ending to. I truly love a good dirty story so it drives me nuts when a story is left unfinished.

So believe me when I say that it's always on my mind that I have NOT finished "The Unwritten Rules" AND Kathy & Colleen.

"The Unwritten Rules" will probably go to about chapter 24 before it's done. Kathy & Colleen just needs one last chapter to tie it all up in a neat little naked bundle.

It really does hurt me that I haven't been able to get back to these stories. The fact of the matter is that I have to concentrate on stuff that I can put up on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple's iBookstore right now.

As soon as I can I will turn back to these, and other stories, that I want to put up here. I hope you understand and can be patient with me. I'm writing as fast as I can believe me :-)

"Good Morning Neighbor" is now at it's regular price. I hope everyone who bought it first time around got in on the sale price.

The new story is going well. The scenes building up to the big climax are turning out really hot. I can't wait to get to the big party scene. That's going to be real fun to write. While this one is more of a light Femdom story there will be lots of CFNM elements to enjoy here. CFNM is one of my favorite fetishes so I slip it in when I can. I still haven't picked out a tittle for this one. I need to get a little deeper into though and it'll come to me. It always does :-)

I'm not quite sure what my next story will be. I have a few ideas lined up. The question is what will I focus on? This current story is kind of Femdommy so maybe I'll do a CFNM story next.

As always check out my Twitter feed more frequent updates on whatever I'm writing.

I went and to a BDSM play party the other night. Saw some amazing things! This particular club is really nice and I like the people who run it. I didn't do much myself that night but maybe next time.

Apparently Amazon decided to discount "Good Morning Neighbor" even farther. It's now on sale for it's original price of 99. So get it and get it fast because at prices like these quantities won't last! LOL the price won't last either. In a few days it goes up.

The CFNM party last night was incredible! I spent 4 whole hours frolicking naked amongst a room full of women. I gave them massages, served them drinks and got spanked by more then a few of them :-)

It wasn't quite like moving into The Alasti Building but then again nothing will compare to that fantasy. It was a great time and if you ever get the chance you've gotta give it a try. The fetish is growing in popularity so try starting a group in your area if there isn't already one. It's a lot of effort but worth it believe me.

Well I'm off to a D/s play party tonight. Shesh, the life of a writer is such hard work. Just look at all this research I have to do in order to write a good story :-)

OK, "Good Morning Neighbor" is live!
You can read the first chapter here or download it free on Amazon.com. The rest of the story is available on Amazon.com as well.

As I said I've added 10,000+ words to the story bringing it up to 23,138 words of CFNM fun. For the next 5 days you can buy it for $1.99. Then it's going to go up to it's regular price of $2.99.

So for the first week everyone gets a $1 off the price in an effort to be fair to those who've already bought it at 99. I wish I could contact everyone who's bought the story to let them know of the sale but the way Amazon handles things I have no idea who those people are. So if you've missed out on this all I can do is apologize and ask you to keep an eye on this page and my Twitter feed for the latest news of what's going on in my naughty little world.

It's kind of funny that this story goes live today as tomorrow I'm attending a real live CFNM party! This is the third party I've attended and it's gotten better with each one so tomorrow night should be fun! I'll report back about it as soon as I can but I'll be busy Saturday night so I might not have time until Tuesday to post an update here.

I've started a new story that's going really well. I haven't decided the tittle yet. It has some CFNM elements to it but this one is also kind of Femdommy. It's turning out really great so far. I hope to have it out in a month or two.

That's all for the moment. I'll write more in a few days. Enjoy the weekend folks I know I will :-) Thanks for reading everyone!

Someone had posted a comment asking me how to get the rest of, "Good Morning neighbor." Sorry, I forgot that when I took it off line on Amazon that all the links here, on my website, would go dead.

The good news is that not only have I finished writing and editing, "Good Morning Neighbor," I've just submitted it to Amazon. It should be up and ready to read in a few days. As soon as it's live I'll fix the links here on the site. I'll also announce it here and on Twitter.

Here's the news on the pricing of the story.

I've added 10,000 plus words to the story that I have to admit I've very proud of. The story has turned out extremely HOT. Since a lot of you have already bought the story for 99 cents I feel bad asking you to buy it again at full price just to read the ending. However with Amazon's pricing structure being what it is this is all I can think to do.

For a limited time I'm going to put the story on sale for $1.99. Then it will go up to it's new price of $2.99.

Since it's selling for less then $2.99 this means that Amazon will get most of the price of the book. It also means that everyone, even those who haven't bought the story before, will get it for the sale price. I want to be fair to you people though and give you your money's worth. I will announce when I resubmit it to Amazon at the $2.99 price so you'll have about two days after that in which to buy it at $1.99.

Once again, thank you everyone for reading my stories. I hope you enjoy the new and improved, "Good Morning Neighbor."

I got a comment in the mail today about my lack of comments on this page.

I know the activity on my website has been a little slow for the last few months. It's mostly because I've been spending all my time writing new stuff for you people. I'm not a real fast writer so it takes me some time and energy to get this stuff out. So even if you don't see much going on here you can be sure that I'm hard at work churning out new stories for you.

I'm almost done with the rewrite of "Good Morning Neighbor." I gotta tell you, if I do say so myself, that the new addition to the story is so hot it makes me sweat! It's also opened up some great new possibilities for a sequel.

I don't want to give away anything but Danny boy is going to find himself in positions he'd never have imagined he'd find himself in. I can promise you it's going to be naked in front of an audience full of fully clothed women.

I've added over 7000 words to the story and it's still not finished yet. I hope to be done in about two weeks. Believe me the wait will be more than worth it.

I know I've also been promising a new podcast. I'm not only having trouble finding time to record but I also don't have as good a conditions to record in. I'm living in a much hotter climate now so air conditioning is a necessity. Sadly air conditioning is noisy. I hope it's not going to be to much of a distraction in the background. I've got the podcast started but I can't seem to find the time to finish it. I try to put the writing first but the podcast is important to me to. It's a lot of work for me though because I'm not really a natural broadcaster. As soon as I can I'll finish it up and post it for you all.

One last little thing and then I'm going to get back to work. I caught this link on Voyeur web: Street Voyeur: Berlin Surprise I don't know why but I LOVE these pictures! It's just two naked women Segwaying through the streets of Berlin but for some reason it really sets my imagination on fire. I can almost taste what it's like to feel the cool breeze on your naked body as you fly through the streets in public, during the middle of the day! I know Europe is much more casual about public nudity then we are here in the states but I don't know about you guys but I'm damn jealous of those women!

I can't promise you weekly updates to this page but I will update it more often. I've had a few fun adventures lately that might be worth talking about :-) Also don't forget to check out my Twitter feed if you need a little more Ardorotica.

I did some quick updating to the site. You can find my latest story, "Begging For Even More," up and ready to read. I'm hard at work on a new podcast as we speak. It should be up and ready to listen to in a few days. Oh, check this out. Hooked6, a great author, is writing a story based on a real life incident that I saw. As of this posting he's put up the first chapter (look a post or two down from my first post) and I'm sure there's much more to come. I can't wait to read the rest of the story. Back to podcasting!

I got a comment asking me about the next chapter of, "The Unwritten Rules." I must admit that I've been a little lax with the website and I haven't done a podcast in months. I do have some ideas for a new podcast and I haven't forgotten, "The Unwritten Rules."

One of the things that drives me nuts about internet authors is when they leave a story hanging in the middle or just never get around to ending it. I'm funny about endings. I've sat through horrible movies just to see how they end it. There are a couple of stories up on Literotica right now and even one on Indian Outlaw's site that I would kill to read an ending to. The authors just seemed to have vanished though. I don't want to do that to you people and I don't want to do that to Joan either. She deserves her happy ending and I mean to give her one!

I've got to go with what pays the bills though. I'm almost done with the sequel to, "Begging For More." That should be up in a few weeks at the most. Then I have a few more sequels to write and a few ideas for new stories. They're mostly Femdom and CFNM stories. After all that is done I should be able to get back to, "The Unwritten Rules." It may be a long wait but you'll get plenty of other good stuff in between. So just hang in there and be patient with me. There is plenty to come!

Some of you have noticed that there's been no update so far this month. The truth of the matter is that I've been offered some paying work so I have to put "The Unwritten Rules" on the back burner for the moment. I'm really sorry about that and I promise I'll finish up the story. I hate to leave poor Joan in limbo especially when I'm so close to the end of her story. I still have some great things planned for her so good things come to those who wait.

I gotta go where the money is though. I hope you can all understand that and be patient with me until I can get back to the story. I have vowed to myself to leave no story unfinished which means not only will "The Unwritten Rules" get an ending but so will "Kathy and Colleen."

The fate of the podcast is also in question. It's expensive to host such large files and I can't even tell if anyone is listening. If you want more please let me know or it just may go the way of the dodo.

It's not all bad news though. I'm still busy pounding away on the keyboard and there will be more stories just as quickly as I can provide them. I've found out the hard way that you just can't force this stuff out though. I've tried doubling the time I spend writing in hopes of getting things out quicker but I wind up with quantity over quality. I'd rather have less that I'm proud of instead of tons of lack luster stories. So please be patient and there will be more coming!

As always thanks for reading. It means more to me than you know.

Well as you all saw it took me more than a few days to get the podcast up. It's up and ready now as well as another story up on Amazon, Slave To My Girlfriend.

Sorry about being a little late with this months update. Sadly if you're waiting for the podcast, and please let me know if you are, it's going to be another few days before I'll have that ready for you. I'm just a little off my game right now so hopefully by next month I'll have myself together and everything will be on time again.

Chapter 16 of, "The Unwritten Rules," is up and ready to read. I think I've got some really nice stuff in this chapter. For me it's bringing the Blanke Schande philosophy together and really helping the BSC world to support itself. I have added a few tiny things of my own but I don't think I veer from what was originally created.

There are some great scenes in this chapter that I really enjoyed writing. It's not just the nudity but what's fun for me is how the characters, both female and male, handle that nudity.

I really liked the scene in the hallway where Joan is confronted by a several professors. In that scene I even name a CFNM college that you can be sure will show up in a story one day.

There's a toilet scene (don't worry it's not gross :-) and Joan makes some new friends. There's a lot that happens in the cafeteria that just adds so much background to the BSC world that helps it all make sense to me. I hope you all feel the same. I could keep listing things but I think you're much better off just reading it for yourself.

One last thing and I'll let you get to reading. I finished Amy and retitled the story, "Goddess Amy." It's up on Amazon.com now and will be the only place you can read it.

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