Life has gotten a little funky for me lately and I'm going to have to ask you all to be patient for a few more days. I should have this months update to the site ready by no later than Tuesday. Thank you all so much for being patient, reading and listening!

A special thanks back to Jbeegoode and everyone else who's ever sent me a comment or compliment about my work. It really does mean a lot to me!

Episode #4 of my podcast is up and ready to download.

Chapter 15 of "The Unwritten Rules" is also up and ready to read. I have to admit I'm unusually happy with the way this chapter came out. I think it came out really hot. Not only did I come up with a logical way to get a teacher to present but I also managed to get Ms. Grimes Ferguson herself permission to wander around Paris naked. I'd love to go back someday and tell that story. To the best of my knowledge no one has written about her. I have a bunch of really great Blanke Schande ideas but I'm not sure when, or if, I'm going to be able to get to them.

Speaking of which another story is up on Amazon.com, "Begging For More."

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Since this is going to be a busy Halloween weekend I'm putting things up a little early. Episode #3 of my podcast is up and ready to download.

Chapter 14 of "The Unwritten Rules" is also up and ready to read.

I'm excited to report that I've been busy. Two of my stories are up on Amazon:

Good Morning Neighbor
The Alasti Building: Marty's Tale

You can read them on The Kindle, Apple and PC computers, the iPhone,
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Episode #2 of my podcast is now up and ready to download!

Sorry if I'm a bit late in getting things posted. I didn't forget but the extra work of the podcast is keeping me busy. I won't even tell you how many times I recorded and rerecorded the first two episodes. Sigh, I can't even listen to them anymore :-/ :-) I'm working on episode three now and with any luck it'll be ready to go November 1st as well.

No real controversy in Chapter 13 of "The Unwritten Rules." I really liked the interaction between Joan and Chrissie though. I like that they had doubts and nervousness and frustration. It makes them seem like people to me. It gives the whole scene more character. And hey, you got some girl on girl action so that should make you all happy :-)

The second part of the chapter (Chrissie's story about the adult store) just kind of came out of now where. I really love the way Kate came out in it. She's one naked chick you don't want to mess with if you know what's good for you! You'll get to meet her later in the story.

My podcast is now up and ready to download!

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Chapter 12 of "The Unwritten Rules" is up and ready to read. I do want to talk a little bit about what I've done and why.

It's always been part of the Blanke Schande stories that the girls come out of the school with more then a deploma. That somehow they leave BSC stronger, more confidant and able to handle themselves in ways that "normal" dressed coeds never could. Reading between the lines a bit I've always thought that it was the simple act of being naked for four years (or longer in the case of Masters or Doctorial students) that gave them that strength. Well, I could see that, but I wanted to really have it make sense. So I've come up with Ms. Rachel Astamendi.

Ms. Astamendi teaches the Body Movement class on the main campus. To the best of my knowledge no one has written about the Body Movement class on the main campus. Well, I did mention it briefly in "Taming the Shrew" but it wasn't more then a passing mention in the story.

Ms. Astamendi is sort of like a naked drill instructor. Her job, as she sees it, is to do more then teach the girls how to pose. She teaches them nutrition, proper exercise habits, how to shed unhealthy body images, how to be proud of who they really are rather then trying to fit into some impossible beauty image the media has created. I'm also going to have her teach a little self defense. Not to make the girls ninjas or anything but to give them the self confidence to walk around naked knowing they could handle themselves if they had to.

In short Rachel Astamendi helps the school work for me. I hope you agree...

I've done some updating to the site. You probably won't even notice most of the changes as I'm not redesigning the site just recoding it. It was pointed out to me last month that there is some extra white space at the top of Chatper 11 of the "Unwritten Rules." This was not done on purpose. I've been using Dreamweaver to make the site and it's been giving me lousy code. I'm in the process of redoing it all by hand. Please let me know if you find any broken links or something that doesn't work like it should. Something always manages to slip past me somehow.

You may also have noticed a Podcast page has been added to the menu above. This is something that I've been working on for a while now and I'm very excited about. The first episode is just about done so look for it in the next few days. I wanted to have it up now but, well... I'm just not going to make it :-}

I know my latest story is usually posted by now. Sorry, the wife and I went out last night and had a good time. You probably would have loved this club. A lot of women were in outfits so small they didn't cover much. One woman wore a skirt so tiny that the bottom cheeks of her butt stuck out ;-)

There was another woman that wore a small one piece lace dress. I couldn't tell if she was wearing a bra or not but I could tell she was wearing a thong because the dress was see through! Even better when she was on the dance floor with her boyfriend he kept pulling up the back of her dress and flashing her butt at the whole club. I knew she was into it because a little before that I saw them up at the bar. She was sitting on a stool and he was standing up against her as she spread her legs wide and wrapped them around him. The bottom of her very short dress rode up to the top of her legs. I couldn't see much but it was still pretty hot.

OK, so enough tales of my hang over. I want to say a few things about Chapter 11 of "The Unwritten Rules." Last month I added the IDs to my version of BSC. This month's additions might be a little more controversial. Not only did I explain a little of the psychology of BSC but I gave the girls a backpack to "wear." I know this may ruffle some feathers and may not be a well accepted idea for everyone. However, first and foremost I feel that Blanke Schande College is a college and that students need some supplies to do what they are there for, learning. Not to mention that this also solves the problem of where to put their IDs, money, cell phone, make up and whatever else a girl just can't live without. Think of it as a small purse that they can wear on their back.

Realism, with the grain of salt that sexual fantasies require, is important to me and it just makes sense that students would need supplies for their classes. However to keep the size of the backpack down to a minimum I've added another element that I hope won't be a big deal. I've given each student an iPad like device. Let me stress that it is NOT an iPad. While I like Apple products and think the iPad is cool (I will NOT get involved in platform wars so don't try it) the iPad, in my opinion, isn't really ready to be used as I want to use it in BSC. You'll notice once you read the chapter that it is similar in style and features to the iPad but it can do a little more. It would have to in order that the students could use it to replace their books, pens and papers.

I, personally, think this is not only the best way to bring BSC into the future but to also eliminate the need for the girls to have two sets of books or carry around large heavy bags. This is my solution to make BSC more logical and "real world." As always I'm not asking that this be a permanent part of the BSC rule book. This is how it makes sense to me. I hope you'll feel so as well or at least be able to get past it enough to enjoy the story.

Now as for the psychology of BSC. What I've given is fairly simple and straight forward. And, yes, if you are curious the professor who wrote the paper I mention in this chapter is the same one from the story "The Professor." I mean come on guys be honest with yourself. If you had the opportunity to live in BSC wouldn't you do anything and everything you could in order to make the women feel safe? I've also added an element that may not be quite as obvious. I've given the women sexual freedom. The "atmosphere" of the BSC I've created allows the women not only to be naked but to enjoy sex with out being labeled a slut. This isn't suggesting that all BSC girls are "easy" or are there only for sex. They just aren't penalized for openly enjoying it as men do. How this works will be more and more obvious as the story goes on.

So with that being said I hope you enjoy Chapter 11 of "The Unwritten Rules."

It's just come to my attention that donnylaja, one of the original authors in the Blanke Schande universe, has a story with the exact same tittle I've used! For all of you out there who do pay attention to the world around you, unlike me, I can only promise you that it was a complete accident. When I saw that his story had the same tittle as mine I appologized and he was gracious enough not to make a big deal about it. He questioned who's story started first and honestly I'm not sure. However, I've been considering changing the tittle for some time now because "The Unwritten Rules" is more descriptive of the story I'm writing. So changed it is. Thanks again for being so nice about it donnylaja!

Chapter 10 of "The Unwritten Rules" is up and ready to be read. I lay a little of my own brand of BSC psycology on you in this chapter. This chapter will begin to explain how I think BSC works. In a few days I may start a thread over at the Yahoo BSC Group or I may go into it a little more right here. I haven't decided yet. Use the comment form at the end of the story to ask any questions or to comment on what I've come up with if you like. Remember to include your email address if you want a private responce. I don't know who or where those comments come from unless you tell me.

I've also added another element to the BSC world. Wait until you get to the part about student IDs for the women :-) Hee hee lots of fun :-)

I got another question from the comment box off the latest chapter of my story, "The Naked Freshman." If you want a reply from me in private you really need to put an email address in your comment. When I say the form is anonymous I mean it. I have no idea who comments or where they're from.

> Comment: I posted a comment on the BSC site,

I didn't see it in the Yahoo BSC group so I'm not sure what this person meant. If there's another BSC group someone please let me know where it is!

> asking whether your story details about open toilets was cannon or not.

Yes the open toilets are canon. If you go into the Yahoo BSC Group there is a writer's guide in the files section that has the "rules" for BSC. Most of this stuffis there...

> Nudity is one thing, but is BSC just like any other school except
> the girls are nude IF the girls go to the toilet in the open?

OK that sentence hurts my head a little... If I understand you corretly, no, BSC isn't exactly like other schools (except for the nudity). There is a subtle sexual element to BSC. However I think the rule that it's supposed to be like every other school (except for the female nudity) is to remind you that it's not a school full of naked female slaves who'll have sex with anyone any time. For the most part you're to assume that it's life as normal except for the exceptions of female nudity, presenting and the complete lack of privacy for the women.

And as I said I'm going to try to provide a little bit of an explanation as to why the bathrooms are open plan. As always I'm not asking that my explanation become canon. This is just how it all makes sense to me...

> A related issue is Sorority living. How do the girls who live in
> Sorority houses handle the showering and toilet use in their old
> converted dwellings? Did they tear out walls and or build new
> outside facilities so the sisters do not have more privacy than
> dorm residents?

As I understand all that was done was that the doors were removed from the female bathrooms, showers and dorm rooms. I have sort of drifted a bit from that. I've removed the outside wall of the bathrooms. In later chapters you'll see I've also placed toilets and showers in the open outside on the campus grounds. I'm not sure if that's canon or not. It's kind of important to part of my story so it'll stay that way regardless. In my story anyway...

Does that answer your questions?

Chapter 9 of "The Unwritten Rules" is up. you can find it here. I start to get into the concept of the public bathrooms for women in this chapter.

While I have written about golden showers I'm not really into bathroom stuff and I'm certainly not into poo. Having said that though I will go a little farther then other BSC stories I've read. Those of you who are into poo will probably be very dissapointed. My motivation isn't poo in any way shape or form. What I really want to do is flesh out, so to speak, the reasoning behind the public bathrooms and how women deal with it. I think there will be three or four bathroom scenes spread out over the last ten chapters. This one is sort of a brief introduction.

For those of you who are more interested in CFNM I want you to know I spent almost the entire Memorial day naked while my wife was completely dressed. It wasn't really anything sexual for the most part. We watched TV, I cooked her lunch and then we watched some more TV. I got more then a few playful swats to the butt and several times she reached into my lap to tug on or toy with my dick. You know just good clean fun :-)

I got an interesting comment from someone about the latest chapter in my story, "The Unwritten Rules." Since it's anonymous I have no idea who it's from or where they go to read. So I'm posting a reply here, IO discussion board, iionly's discussion board and at the Yahoo BSC group.

The concern this person showed was over the yoga that Sandy performed, showed Joan and the performances she talked about. They hoped that it wasn't going to become cannon for all BSC girls because they would get over their shyness to quickly if that were to happen.

First off let me calm any fears by saying that I'm not trying to make any permanent changes to Blanke Schande. All I want to do is write my little story. I'm not asking anything I write to become cannon and I'm honestly not expecting it to become so.

Having said that let me also say that I'm not proposing a yoga class for all BSC girls. This is just something unofficial Sandy started by herself. The group of girls that perform with her sort of came about by accident. Even though I don't mention this they're all third and fourth year students who are more comfortable with their nudity. Personally I find the idea of women who are completely comfortable with their bodies and very casual with their nudity just as exciting as women who are embarrassed and turned on by it. I'm going to cover the gambit in this story. I have Joan who's on an emotional roller coaster with her nudity. Then there's Sandy and some other girls she has/will run into who are absolutely fine with their nudity. She's also going to meet at least one girl who's having huge problems with it.

That in my opinion is one of the brilliant things about Blanke Schande. There is room for so many different types of stories from so many different types of angles. And as I said before I am going out of my way to keep with what has been written before me. All I'm trying to do with this story is fill in or explain things that *I* see as missing. The most important of which I see as how does having all the women naked make them more confidant and successful? With this story I will have answered that question for *myself*. I hope you'll all agree with me but I'm sure some of you won't. All I can say to those who don't is that there are plenty of other stories on the net. Mine is just one of them and no more important then anything else around. :-)

I may be able to get back on-line later today but I'm not sure. If not I may be out of touch for the next few days. If anyone has a polite question or comment I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Please keep in mind that might not be for a week.

Please also remember that I will not take part in flame wars, feed trolls or any other such nonsense. All that will get you is ignored.

The latest chapter of, "The Unwritten Rules" is available, here. Please don't forget to vote for me on www.bondageawards.com. I'm in the best writer catagory under Ardor. Thanks!

Hey folks we're up to the voting stage. If anyone would like to vote for me as best writer I'd really appreciate it :-)


You'll see me in the list as Ardor.


New Chapter of The Naked Freshman coming soon!

Nominations just opened up for the bondage awards. I would really appreciate it if you'd all nominate me. If you've ever enjoyed a story I wrote this would be a great way to show your appreation for all my hard work. Thank you so much!

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Sorry about being late this month people. I'm still writing my butt off but I've also been very busy with some other projects so I guess I got a little distracted :-} Chapter 7 of "The Unwritten Rules" is up and ready to read.

I've made a small addition for those of you that don't have PayPal accounts. You can now purchase a book by United States Post Office Money order. Please use US Post Office money orders only. I'm sorry I can't take personal checks. It's just to much of a hassle. It will take you longer to get your book by money order and snail mail and there is an extra .50 charge. For some reason it costs me more for shipping conformation at the post office then it does through PayPal. Maybe PayPal gets it cheaper because of volume?

I've been getting responces from the anonymous email comment at the end of "The Naked Freshman" chapter 6. I wanted to thank everyone who sent in a comment. It means a lot to me to know people are out there reading and enjoying my stories.


Sorry I'm a bit late with this month's update. You can find the sixth chapter of "The Unwritten Rules" here.

No reviews this month. I'm on the fence as to weather I should post the review of www.thebestoryclub.com. It wasn't a bad site but the long and short of it was that I felt there just wasn't enough good material for what they were asking for per month.

I have a tip for those wanting to pay for porn sites but don't want to get ripped off. Read about it here.


The next chapter of "The Unwritten Rules" is up here. I'm considering changing the title of that story though. Don't be surprised if you come on one day and find "The Unwritten Rules" posted in the same place. The story won't be any different but I'm beginning to think it's a better title.

My review of "H is for Hardcore" is available here. It's an interesting little book. The review has all the details.

www.bestoryclub.com review will be up in a few days. I want to see what their updates are for the new month.


The new update is live as you read this. Chapter 4 of "The Unwritten Rules" is in the nude in public section and I've added two reviews. One is of the DVD "Strap Attack 10" and the other is for the book "Enthralled."


Folks I'm a little behind. I'll post the new update to the site tomorrow (the 2nd). Sorry for the delay. I was out having New Years fun and didn't get to chance to code the pages yet. I've been doing plenty of writing though. Look forward to not only a new chapter of "The Unwritten Rules" but also a review of Joey Silvers's Strap Attack 10.

Hope you all had a great New Years!

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