Geez, how did two months get away from me? I really have no grasp of time LOL

While you haven't seen it I have still been hard at work.

I'm still working on that chastity ebook and my new Femdom/relationship comic. I'm planning some cool computer generated 3D stuff using Blender 3D. It's just taking me longer than I planned to get a good work flow going. I relly need a new computer. Do you think I could get an art grant for femdom porn? Probably not LOL

I may have another new feature for you soon. I've been writing a little story for someone and it's turning out super hot. I may put it up for free in chunks, weekly or maybe monthy. I'm not sure yet but as always keep looking here for more info.


I just put up a new image in my gallery. It's just a silly idea that popped into my head. What if the first time you tried rope play things didn't go exactly as planned?

I'm still working hard on my latest story. I'm coming to the end of the main story. I'd say I've only got a page or two to go but I have a habbit of adding tons of detail that I didn't plan on until it popped into my head. Minimum it's going to be at least 20,000 words! Next comes the bonus chapter for this story and it's going to be as hot as the main story. I mean how could it not be with the set up it's been given?

It will appear here on my website first. Then later I will put it on the major ebook stores. The free bonus chapter will be available only here.


I know you can't see much of what is going on but writing and drawing is a slow process that doesn't make for much of a show. Although, if I had a faster internet connection I have thought about doing a drawing live stream. As it is though my connection sucks so that's really not much of an option...

I am zeroing in on the end of my latest chasity story. After I finsish the main story I want to add on a nice juicy bonus chapter. So that might take a a bit more until it's ready to publish. Believe me this story will be well worth the wait though. I gotta say there is something about the denial and frustration of chastity that makes a super hot story.

I'm also working on my Femdom strip. A taste of which you can see here:
Gallery page 45 Gallery page 44 Gallery page 43

I'm just toying around with a few details of how I want to start things.


Sorry I haven't posted much lately. I've come down with the plague OK, it's not quite the plague, and thankfully not COVID, however it is kicking my butt. I am on the mend and should be able to get back to work in a handful of days or so. I'm almost up to the bonus chapter on my latest book. More naughty stuff coming soon.


I put up a new gallery image. I'm finally getting around to working on that new comic strip. This one should be fun. More coming on this soon! Very soon!

I've also been writing again! Amazon is, well, let's just say I'm not a huge fan of Amazon anymore. The new book, when done will be available here first and then up on the other platforms, including Anazon, abut a month later. Keep in mind here, on my site, is the only place you will be able to get the free bonus chapter.

The new book is a chatity story. It'll center around a big sexy party with sexy dressed Dommes and naked caged men. I know it's been a wait but believe me it'll be worth it.

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