Sorry for not continuing last night but I was unexpectedly called to serve. And when a woman has the key to your chastity cage you don't give excuses or ask why. You show up and do so as quickly and as eagerly you can. However what happened last night is a story for another time.

When I left off last entry I had been inspected and given my orders for the day. I watched her walk out of the room with my clothes before I got to work.

I am usually naked in her house so that was nothing new for me. However I've only toyed with chastity once before this. So it was new for me to be caged in her house while I did my chores. It was a bit of a low key thrill to be doing it all naked and caged knowing she was just a few rooms away taking a shower.

The chores themselves are not much to report on. I cleaned up her kitchen, did the dishes and tided up the house in general. I've done this often enough so that I know how she liked the house to be kept and what she wanted to be done.

Before I knew it I had to make her breakfast. I got out everything I needed and fried her up the best omelette I could manage. I made the toast, coffee and poured the juice. Then I set out everything on the table in as neat and presentable fashion as I could manage.

I was getting a little concerned about her breakfast getting cold when she walked into the room. She wore a sexy little silk robe. It was tied in such a way that she showed off plenty of cleavage and it was cut high enough to reveal lots of leg.

In the middle of all that lovely cleavage was one of the keys to my cage on a chain. In short my dick hardened up as much as the cage would allow the moment I saw her.

I quickly moved behind her chair and pulled it out for her. As she sat she said, "Kneel next to me on the floor."

Once she was comfortable I knelt on her left side. She patted my head and said, "Good boy."

She ate a fork or two of eggs and then asked, "Have you eaten yet."

"No Ma'am you didn't say anything about me eating so I only prepared breakfast for you," I replied.

"Very true, good boy" she said before eating a bite of toast and then taking a sip of coffee.

A moment or two later she held a fork full of omelette to me and said, "Open up."

I took the bite off the fork and from there on after she took a few bites she offered one to me.

"Now, as I said we will be having company for lunch. Would you like to know who it will be," she asked.

"If you would like me to know Ma'am then yes of course, I replied."

She smiled at me, popped a piece of toast in my mouth and said, "My friend Mary (not her real name) will be coming over. I want you to fix us a light lunch and get out that wine she likes so much."

"Yes Ma'am, I replied."

Mary was an old friend of my Domme. She is very vanilla but they are close enough that my Domme will occasionally give her glimpses into our life. She's never had me do anything really sexual in front of her but she is always filled with questions that end up embarrassing me.

I knew there would be a TON of chastity questions and each one will probably have me blushing to my toes.


So, I managed to get a few tweets off Saturday but it was a busy, busy weekend for me.

My Domme had me arrive at her place early in the morning. I asked how I should dress. She said it didn't matter what I wore because as soon as I got there I was to strip and she would lock up my clothes. All I would be wearing for the next two days was my cage.

That was exciting and a little nerve wracking. As much as I love her control over me this would put me very much in her power. My dick locked in a cage to which she has the only keys and my clothes, wallet and car keys locked away where once again she would have the only key. I would truly be naked and dependent on her. And even now, three days later, just the idea makes me swell against the walls of my cage. That mix of excitement and vulnerability is really what drives me crazy. And don't forget I had locked up Thursday night so by the time I got there Saturday it would be almost a day and a half since I was able to masturbate. Not very long I admit but it was already ramping up my libido. Especially since she had been teasing me almost since I had locked up.

I arrived around 9AM Saturday morning and knocked on her door. I wish I could tell you something super kinky like, she made me strip on the doorstep before I was allowed in. This is real life though and she has neighbors. Someone is always looking even when you think they're not.

What she did do was reach out, grab a handful of my t-shirt and pull me roughly to her. She kissed me hard forcing her tongue into my mouth. It was a small, and very welcome, sign of her ownership of me.

Her hand left the front of my shirt and reached up into my hair as she kissed me. And make no mistake she was kissing me. She gripped a handful of hair firmly in her fist and pulled me to her. My dick throbbed against the cage's walls helplessly.

After a few moments she pulled my head back a little, waggled it around by the handful of hair she held and then said, "Get your sweet little ass in the house and strip. I want to inspect my property before you get to work."

"Yes Ma'am," I said happily.

She let go of my hair and stepped aside so I could come in. I walked into the living room and waited for her to sit down on the couch. She sat down on the couch and put her feet up on the coffee table. She wore and oversized black t-shirt of Louise from Bob's Burgers. It said in very large letters I smell fear on you. It was her sleep shirt so I couldn't be sure what was on underneath it. She might have been naked or she might have been wearing panties. It was unlikely she had a bra on though.

At the end of her long legs were her naked feet. Goddess I loved those feet. I have worshipped them for hours at a time and loved every second of it.

She cleared her throat to remind me that I wasn't doing as told. Then she spread and wiggled her toes for me. I whimpered quietly and began undressing. Since we live in a warmer part of the country I chose not to wear much. I had on an oversized t-shirt, a baggy pair of shorts and a pair of sandals.

I pulled the t-shirt over my head and off, folded it and placed it on the coffee table that stood between us. A simple push and my shorts fell to the floor and my cage was revealed. She smiled as it came into view. I picked up my shorts, folded them and placed them on top of my t-shirt. Then I stepped out of my sandals.

"Come here, I want to inspect my property," she said.

I walked around the coffee table and she lifted one leg so that I could stand in front of her. As I did she put both feet on the floor so I stood between her spread legs. She leaned forward and took my cage in her right hand.

"Any problems? Discomfort? Chafing," she asked.

"No Ma'am, everything is fine," I said with a slight whimper in my voice.

"Cage feeling a bit tight," she asked with a smile.

"At the moment yes Ma'am," I said as she caressed my balls with her other hand.

There are little slots going all around the sides of the cage to allow some fresh air in. She stroked the bulging skin as it pressed out of the side of the cage.

"Such a good, good boy," she said as she teased me.

Then she leaned down and made an exaggerated kissing sound as she kissed the tip of the cage. There is a hole at the tip large enough for mw to pee through. Her tongue snaked into the hole as much as it could as teased the tip of my dick.

I just whimpered quietly.

She giggled, looked up at me and said, "I'm going to take a quick shower. Clean up around here and in about twenty minutes make me some breakfast, eggs, toast, juice and coffee. Then get back to work. We are going to have a guest over for lunch."

"Yes Ma'am," I said in an uneven voice.

"Good boy, continue being a good boy and I may even give you the opportunity to come tonight."

"Yes Ma'am, thank you," I said knowing it was way to soon for that and there would be some kind of catch.

"Excellent," she said with a smile.

Then she gave my balls a little squeeze before grabbing my clothes and sandals and bouncing out of the room.

I'll have to continue this tomorrow as it's so late it's technically already tomorrow.


So as the new year begins I find myself locked in chastity for almost 24 hours. I locked up last night around 10pm.

I've finally come up with a very workable design. The great thing is that I can very easily customize it for nearly any size. I've also made some space to personalize it. It can be personalized with one to four small words, a name or an adjective. It could say Ms B's Property, bitch boy, or Owned like I chose for mine. I've also incorporated a lock holder so that you don't have to worry about rattling lock sounds.


My goal here is to create a unique affordable custom cage for people new to chastity. This will give you the chance to try it out for yourself and see if it's a type of play you'd want to get more involved in.

I've gone through my standard day with no problems. I did some wood working, took a shower and peed with it on all with no problems. Of course my Domme is having a blast sending me obscene texts and teasing me like crazy. I've gotten some mouth watering feet pictures.

At first this was just going to be a test of the cage. If you'll look closely at the photo you'll see two screws. They make the cage a solid unit so there's no pinching. it also makes the lock necessary only for security. And I suppose you could make things a bit more permanent by putting some lock tight or super glue in the screw holes before you screw it shut :-)

And once my Domme heard that the cage was ready to test she insisted on the lock AND having all the keys for herself. Now I get teased daily and she says she has some interesting plans for this weekend for me and her strap-on!

Make sure you keep up with my Twitter for daily posts and the odd picture.


Holy crap! 15 days have gone by since my last post? Somehow I've lost all control over time. What the heck?

So since I last posted I had to start my chastity count over from zero. I had a little chafing problem that needed a day or two to heal. I didn't orgasm in those two days but since I was free I decided it was only fair to start from zero again. So it's 32 days since my last orgasm and 5 days locked up.

And I've gotta admit it's starting to get to me. And here's the part about chastity that most people don't get. It's not about locking someone up and heartlessly torturing them. It's about building a level of sexual intensity and holding it there as long as possible.

Now, I suppose different people have different thoughts on what chastity should be. I just prefer what I'll call erotic chastity play.


I am a bad bad blogger. I haven't written here for ages. I missed 2018 completely! What the hell? I should be punished! I should be locked in chastity and not let out!

Well, as those of you who have been following my Twitter already know, that's actually sort of what's happened.

If you'll look back in this blog you'll see once upon a time I started to tell you about the night I spent with two Dommes. Domme 1 and ! still keep in touch and wouldn't you know it? When I asked her if she had ever played with chastity she jumped all over the idea. In fact she said she had asked me about it years ago and I said no.

I remember something about the conversation but not much. The long and short of the story is that she asked if I had a chastity device and when I said yes she told me to put it on right that second!

That was months ago now and I wish I could say we've been doing chastity play since then. Sadly it didn't work out that way. A while back I posted an article I wrote on Twitter about cheap overseas chastity devices. I still do believe that they serve their purpose but none of the cages I tried were a long term device. Every single one I tried failed on me in one way or another. The one that I bought when we first started playing with chastity didn't fit right because I didn't really understand how to measure myself for a device. I also decided to go smaller for the ring that held the cage on thinking that would make it more secure. After a week or so I started to get hard in my sleep. Being too small the ring would painfully strangle the base of my dick when I got hard. And unlike some chastity fantasies you might have read it was no fun.

The device I bought after that wasn't much better. Since the device was a solid tube with no holes for my skin to breathe through I had a bad case of stinky dick. I had to remove the device and wash regularly just for hygiene sake. Also the cage itself was loosely fitted to the back ring. As it had so much play it would pinch me and it broke the skin up and down the shaft of my dick.

I tried to modify those devices to make them fit better or fix their short comings. I don't have the right welding equipment and that didn't work out. I was toying with a way to make a device out of copper wire from a home store but it wasn't strong enough to handle daily wear. Besides, it might have turned my dick green :-)

That's when I started thinking about 3D printing them. I have been fooling around with 3D modeling for years and printers have gotten WAY cheaper. I've gone through several designs, and I'm working on new ones all the time, but I finally have a device that I've been wearing for 19 days now! 19 days, I can hardly believe it.


This is the current design I'm wearing now. It's very sturdy but like most guys I overestimated the length of my dick :-) It's actually too long. I have a new design I'm printing out now. It's looking really good but it's hard to tell until it's finished and assembled. I hope to have something good to say about it in my next post.

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