Hey! I was just interviewed on, The Swinging Milf podcast!

She was great and a really nice lady. We had a great time talking about kinky fun stuff. I'm not sure when the interview is going to come out but, it should be soon. I'll tweet and post once I know it's live.

I posted the second chapter of The Office of Decent Exposure.

Sigh, well, my Kickstarter has gotten off to a slow start. No one is more disappointed about that than me. Please, don't wait to pledge if you're thinking about it. After all, you won't get charged if the campaign doesn't make it's goal and, you can cancel it at anytime if you want. The more pledges people see the more confidant they will be in pledging themselves.

I posted the rest of Chapter 1 of "Southern Paternia University." The new material starts about half way down the page.

If you liked the first part you're gonna LOVE the second part. You'll never see a pizze place the same way again LOL

Oh my God! I did it! My Kickstarter project is freaking live! You gotta go check it out!

I'm so excited about this! I want so bad to get back into the world of planet Zur. I need you guys to help me though. Get in there and pledge so I can write you more how alien femdom stories!

There are only 35 early bird pledge levels available. Get the book for just $10 + $3 shipping!

But you've gotta get in there fast and pledge before they're all gone.

Two more new podcasts up and ready to listen to! Check your feeds, go to my Podcast page or listen to them right here.

Ardor's Erotic Reflections Episode #12
In this episode I talk about female sexual fluidity (no, not those fluids :-)

Ardorotica Episode #13
In this episode I talk about a HOT HOT HOT ass worshiping session I had at a Femdom party and I read for you from my nude in public story, "The Office of Decent Exposure."

In other news, stand at the ready people! I'm going to go live with my Kickstarter very very very soon! You really want to keep an eye on this page and my twitter for updates. Why?

Because the early bird reward is only $10 + shipping for the whole book, $10!

There is only 35 early bird book available. so you want to be at the head of the line when the Kickstarter goes live.

It takes three days for Kickstarter to approve a project so I will post and tweet when I hit the go button. I'll also let you all know when it goes live but unless you're fast that might be to late. The best way is for you to sign up at Kickstarter now so you can be ready when flag drops!

I've also put up the first chapter of another free bee The Office of Decent Exposure. This one is a nude in public store.

Two more new podcasts up and ready to listen to! Check your feeds, go to my Podcast page or listen to them right here.

Ardor's Erotic Reflections Episode #11

Ardorotica Episode #12

I'm also getting so close to going live with my Kickstarter. I'm really excited about this. I'm dying to write more in the world of Planet Zur and hopefully you all are dying to read it. I just redid the video. Take a look at it and let me know what you think.

The Giant Alien Women of Planet Zur Kickstarter.

Also, be sure to check out the CFNM story, "Meet the neighbors." It's going to be a regular freebee here on my sight and in the Ardorotica podcast.

If you've subscribed to my podcasts you may have noticed two brand SPANKING new episodes show up in your feed. If not, you can listen to them right here on my Podcast page. OR listen right here,

Ardor's Erotic Reflections Episode #10

Ardorotica Episode #11

I've also put up the first part of a freebee story, "Southern Paternia University." I read it in episode 11 of the Ardorotica poodcast. But here is where you can find the illustration and all future parts of the story.

I just uploaded two new podcasts: Ardorotica Episode #10, Ardor's Erotic Reflections #9

Both podcasts should be in your feed by now. If not you can use the links above or go directly to the Podcast page and listen to them or any past episodes you might have missed. Both episodes came out great but I'm particularly happy with the way I read the Mysterious Madam Zelda. Be sure to check that one out!

I'm hard at work on that Zur short story. It's coming out really, really well. In fact I'm thinking of putting it in the Kickstarter book with a bonus chapter of it's own! I really want to make this book something special. When I said I want to go all out for you people I meant it! I always do my best to give you your monies worth with my books. I want to make that doubly true with this book!

I'm also working on the new podcasts. They take me forever to record. Hopefully I'll have them ready next week sometime.

I know you're probably all out celebrating the birth of our fabulous nation. I'm at home writing dirty stories :-)

I just wanted to let you know that I published a new book, The Mysterious Madam Zelda.

It's a hypno Domme story. An annoying audience member heckles Madam Zelda. She brings him up on stage to teach him a lesson. Then after the show he and his girlfriend go backstage. Madam Zelda brings out the Domme in his girlfriend and the submissive in him. It's a good time for all :-) AND, since it's a short story, only 10,865 words, I'm selling it for a mere $0.99!

Buy it while you can because I may not leave it up forever.

I've started writing the Zur short story I was talking about before. I hope to have that done by the end of the month. Soon after that my Kickstart is going to go live! So things are going to get crazy around here real soon. I'm already working on another podcast. It's an Ardor's Erotic Reflections. I'm really in the mood to read a dirty story though. So expect another Ardorotica podcast soon after that.

I just uploaded a new Ardor's Erotic Reflections, number 8, if you're counting. It should already be in your feed or hop on over ot the podcast page and listen to it directly from there.

You'll have to forgive the thunder clap right in the middle of the episode. Somehow, I didn't hear it but my microphone did. It only lasts a second and isn't very intrusive.

In this episode I talk about the possibility of Doctor Who being cast as a woman. You'll see that I've posted several articles in the show notes of that episode. The first article is the one I saw at the time I was first working on the episode. It's actually a little misleading. When I saw that now I looked for the actual interview with Steven Moffat. I couldn't find an interview but I did find other articles that talk about his opinions on the matter. They have a slightly different view. He states that while he believes that gender is fluid on Gallifrey and, that the Doctor can and should be a woman at some point, now is not the right time for it.

None of these articles are actually the one that pissed me off and sent me podcasting about a female Doctor. That's a whole separate article and, as I said in the podcast, I'm not sure I want to give that one any traffic. I originally wrote a reply to that article that I was going to publish as a webpage here on my site. It has a link to the original article and takes it on point by point. I might put it up eventually. If you want to read it drop me an email or maybe a tweet and maybe I'll put it up.

I just republished a book that I had taken down a while back, The Queen is Wild. You might know it better as My Wicked Girlfriend or Slave to my Girlfriend. I'm trying something different. I've publishing this one as fiction rather than erotica. We'll see how that works out for me.

I got a question in my email the other day about Brenda: An Exhibitionist is Born. The emailer wanted to know when I was going to get back to that story.

At the moment I'm really focusing on my Kickstarter for The Giant Alien Women of Planet Zur and the work I need to do to get that rolling. I have a lot of free stories that I've working on for that. After the Kickstarter is over I'll see what I'm writing next. Although, I have to admit Brenda is kind of far down on the list. If anything I'd probably do the Kathy and Colleen spin off before I got back to Brenda. I did have Brenda's whole story planned out in my head though. So, you never know. She might show up eventually.

I'm also working on the next Ardor's Erotic Reflections podcast. What? Yes, it's true. I just posted a podcast and I'm all ready hard at work on the next episode. I hope to have a LOT more podcasts out. My main problem was that I didn't have a quiet place where I could record. All that has changed so you'll be hearing a whole lot more from me now.

I just posted two new podcast! Episode #7 of Ardor's Erotic Reflections and episode #9 of Ardorotica. You can listen, or subscribe, to them from my podcast page. Or the links below.

Ardorotica Episode #9 Subscribe
Ardor's Erotic Reflections Episode #7 Subscribe

I just looked and I see that I haven't published a new book in almost a year! I don't see how that's possible but it clearly is. I haven't been just laying around though. I have been so busy writing that it's crazy. There's going to be a TON of stuff to read around here soon. Just keep an eye on this page, Twitter, Tumblr and my podcasts for announcements.

I got an email asking for more Kathy. I do have plans for Kathy to reappear. It'll be more of a guest appearance in the spin off of Gina's story. I haven't decided how much of a role she'll have in Gina's story though.

At the moment I've been very busy working on my upcoming Kickstarter. It will go live at some point this summer. So there is a LOT for me to do. As soon as I can I'll be starting up the podcast again. There will also be more illustrations and free stories. So it may seem like I've been quiet but behind the scenes I've been busier than ever. It'll all come to fruition soon so stay tuned.

I just put up a new gif on my Tumblr. A poor submissive boy loses a bet to two girls and, well, hop on over and see for yourself :-)

So guess what I went to? A femdom party!

This particular party was hosted in a hotel room. There was space to play in three rooms. It started out with a meet and greet. Everyone had about an hour or so to get to the party and make small talk. Then at 7 PM the hostess called for the party to start. This meant that all the male submissives had to get into submissive "wear." That could be anything from naked to panties or some kind of leather outfit. The main idea being that each male was in something that marked them as being submissive.

The Domme I was with likes me to be naked so I didn't have a fancy leather outfit or frilly lace to put on. All I had to do was take everything off! This particular party had about 10 people. Four of them, including me, were male. So while it wasn't a CFNM party it certainly felt like one :-) I spent, pretty much, the whole night naked :-)

The Domme I was with that night is very sensual. Nothing against you pain sluts but I'm not into sadists. Not a judgement, a preference. I've played with sadists in the past and their low setting is still too high for me. I can take pain if needed, and my pain tolerance get higher when I'm turned on, but it's still not my preference. Someday maybe I'll talk about the scene I had with the sadist but, I wouldn't count on it :-)

So as soon as I was naked, and my clothes were put away, out came the toys. I have a small collection of toys. A flogger, a cane, a crop and a wartenberg wheel. If you've never heard of the wartenberg wheel before here is some quick info. It's mostly used for light teasing. Don't let those sharp points fool you. It doesn't draw blood :-)

There was also rope and a few other things that somehow found their way into my toy bag but they didn't get used that night. Not an impressive collection, I know, but for one reason or another I've never really needed a lot of toys. The Dommes I've played with in the past have had their own toys.

Anyway, there wasn't much in the way of equipment at the hotel so I just faced a wall and put my hands on the wall over my head. I stood there with my legs spread, almost as if I was going to be frisked. While the Domme spanked, teased and flogged me. There was hand spanking, different paddles and straps. There was also a nice piece of rabbit fur that she rubbed all over me. That felt really nice after she had reddened by behind. She even teased me half out of my mind by using it on my dick. All in a place that anyone who was attending the party could see. It was pretty exciting.

All in all it was a great night.

I really like playing with this particular Domme. She's nice, sensual and more important than anything there's no dramma or whacky behavior. She says who she is and she's actually who she claims to be. We had a long talk the other night and she's interested in pegging! I just might have another chapter for my real life pegging stories book!

Speaking of books, I've been working on some free stories lately. I want to finish one part on the story I'm currently working on. Then I'm going to post it in several places. I also have plans for a few other free stories so keep an eye on the usual spots, here, my twitter and my Tumblr.

So I just finished a lengthy chastity story. I now have two complete book's worth of writing and I'm just not sure what to do with them. A lot depends on what happens with my up coming Kickstarter. The first finished book is a collection of pegging stories. Added to an expanded version of my first pegging collection it would make a great printed book.

I'm going to start focusing on my Kickstarter soon. I'll have a small studio where I'll be able to record podcasts in peace and most importantly quiet. In fact I all ready have one podcast written. I just haven't been able to record it. That will all change very soon.

I'm also going to be writing some free stories for promotion. Be sure to keep an eye out for that. My Tumblr, Twitter and this blog will be your friends there.

Although, I'll give you a hint. I'm currently working on a story to post to one of these boards right now. IndianOutlaw's Stripping Story Board, Orgasm Denial Story Board, Nude In San Fransisco Story Board.

In real life I've also been busy. I found a woman who like rope! There are plenty of guys who like to tie up women but I haven't really met any women who like to tie up men, until now that is :-) I attended a rope tying class with her. There in a whole room full of people I was one of the rope bottoms for my top to experiment on. It was actually a lot of fun. I'm really looking forward to the next class. Although the GREAT thing is that she said we could do some more rope practice at the next femdom party! I'm really excited about this.

The femdom parties I've been going to are really great. The hosts are really nice and they throw a great party. Last time I went with her we had a really great scene. I didn't get to play with two Dommes as I thought I would but, believe me, the one Domme I did play with was equal to two :-) I got spanked and teased with an amazing foot job. Just as I was really getting into it she pulled away and laughed about how much of a tease she was. I was only disappointed that she didn't tease me longer.

Of course now that there's rope in the picture I've been imagining her tying me up and teasing me. One of the ties that we practiced at the rope class was the futomomo. It's a pretty effective tie to imobilize your leg. All I could think about is having one on each leg and another on my arms. Then spread at her feet and helpless as she teased me, yet never letting me go over the edge...

Sigh, aren't dreams wonderful :-)

WOW, look down at the bottom of the page at the archive. I've been doing this for six freaking years now. Where has the time gone? Well, I guess, nothing like a good dirty story to distract a fellow from the clock :-)

And distracted I have been!

Writing, writing, writing, the occasional femdom party and more writing. Well, a guy's gotta get his inspiration from somewhere :-) I haven't really said much about the parties because I don't want to give anyone's identity away. Some people in the "scene" have jobs or family that wouldn't appreciate the fact that they like to get naked, tied up and spanked. Frankly, that confuses the hell out of me but, I guess, I wasn't meant to understand everyone.

I think I can give you some general information about the goings on. I'm going to purposely confuse some facts to make it harder to tell who is who though.

The parties are hosted by two very wonderful people. They see to is that everyone is safe and that a good time is had by all. There is usually a general meet and greet for the first hour or so and then it's time to get the party started. At that point all the guys have to either get undressed or into a fetish outfit of some kind. The outfit is supposed to show off their status as submissives. Panties, or some type of lingerie is popular. I've seen a sissy maid outfit and just plain old naked works too.

For Christmas I put together a naughty Santa g-sting. It was kinda cool unfortunately the clasp gave way and halfway through the party I wound up naked :-) Naked is good with me. While these types of parties aren't really "public." It still feels kind of public to me and outside of being naked outside being naked in public is always fun. While these aren't clothed female nude male parties it does have the same sort of feel to it.

I didn't have anyone to play with for the first two parties. I mostly just enjoyed the female dominant "vibe" and provided service when and where I could. There was a Christmas dinner where I served food and played kitchen aide. I was also a naked wine steward too.

The last party, however, I found a play partner. We went into a private room and she stripped me naked. Then she tied me up to a St. Andrews cross and proceeded to tease and spank me in the most wonderful ways. Afterwards there was even talk of strap-on play! Sigh... I'm not sure if or when that will happen butt :-) when it happens it happens.

The next party is in a few weeks and I may, just may, be playing with two dommes! Be still my submissive little heart :-) I'm not sure what I can tell you all about that but if I can say something without letting any identities slip I'll let you know.

As I said in my last post I'm closing in on the end of my latest story. I've decided to let this one go as long as it needs to. It may be the first book I sell as a printed book only. Which bring something to mind.

I have an account on Hentai-foundry.com. I don't use it much lately. I have posted a some of "The Giant Alien Women of Planet Zur" there. Recently I got a comment from a reader who was upset that they paid for a story that they mistakenly thought they could have read there for free there. Well, all I have posted there, or anywhere other than Amazon or Barnes and Noble, are teaser chapters.

I respect and value you people as my readers. I ALWAYS treat you people fairly and honestly. I give you plenty to read for a mere $2.99 in most cases. I give you bonus chapters and never write something just for the money. I write what I'm passionate about so that you get good stories to read. So all I ask is that if something looks fishy or seems shady that you give me the benefit of the doubt. I'm not perfect so if there is a problem email me and if I'm at fault I'll take care of it as soon as possible. Some things are beyond my control. Some of Amazon's rules for instance. As long as I sell through them I have to do things their way. I'm not always happy about that but there isn't much I can do in most cases.

Still, I will always do my best to give you your monies worth and respect the fact that you chose to spend that money on my books, always.

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