Still working on the new Chastity book. I went nuts on this book. The bonus chapter is actually longer than the main story itself. You're really going to want to buy this one directly from me or you will be missing out.

Although, I'm not sure what I'm going to tittle it for the Google Play Store. They are being super anal retentive with me on one of my other books. I've renamed it twice and they've still rejected it. This is why I like selling my books here. All the other stores are nothing but hassels.

But you probably don't care much about my problems do you? You just want to hear more about my 2 Domme play scene.

So when I left off last Domme2 asked Domme1 if she could make me try to suck my own dick. (Earlier parts of the story are down below. Go back to date 11/01/16 for the beginning.)

Domme1 laughed and said, "Sure it'll be funny to see him try."

Domme2 gently pulled her big toe out of my mouth, looked me right in the eye and said, "You know what I want you to do now don't you?"

I looked right at her and said, "You, um, want me to try and suck my dick."

"That's right," Domme2 said as she brought her right foot down and grazed it up the length of my hard dick, "and I want you to try your hardest."

"oh, yes Ma'am," I said as I quivered with pleasure.

"You do want to suck your dick for me don't you?" Domme2 asked as she continued to tease my dick with her foot.

I bit my lower lip and grunted yes.

"Good, now get to it," she said as she gently poked me in the belly with her foot.

I looked around the room to find the best spot to give this a try. I'm not exactly the most graceful person in the world so I knew I'd need a little room to get in the right position to even try. The best place seemed to be right in front of the couch but there was a coffee table in the way.

"Can I move this," I asked pointing to the coffee table, "so I'll have some more room."

"Sure," Domme1 said, "just drag it up against the wall."

I got up off my knees, hard dick bouncing all the way, and pulled the coffee table to the side of the room. Then I laid down on the floor with my head pointed towards the couch. The idea was to pull my feet up and over my head so that my dick would be pointed down right at my mouth. The first try was a miss. I didn't get my legs up high enough to go over my head. They sort of veered off to my right and I flopped over. Domme2 laughed and said, "Missed it, missed it, now you have to kiss it."

"He's trying," Domme1 laughed.

"Oh my God," Domme2 laughed, "he missed again."

"I told you he couldn't do it," Domme1 said with a smirk.

I tried a few more times but all I did was expose myself in the worst way. Half bent over, my legs flying around mid air and my dick flopping left and right all I did was embarrass myself as Domme1 and 2 giggled at me.

"Here," Domme2 said as she came towards me, "let me help."

She came over on my right and grabbed my right foot as it waved around in the air. She couldn't catch my left foot though as it fell to my side. Domme1 quickly got up and caught it. Now that both women had a foot in each hand they were able to steady me and bring them to the ground over my head. This bent me in half and put my hard dick just over my face. It was close but the head was still a few inches from my mouth.

"Aw, look at that, so close but so far," Domme2 said disappointed. "Try harder, reach for it."

I tried to stretch my head up and pull my legs farther down but I still couldn't reach. Domme2 put her hand on my ass and pushed down.

"Come on, you're almost there," Domme2 said eagerly.

I stuck out my tongue and stretched as far as I could. I still couldn't reach my own dick.

"I'm sorry, I can't do it," I admitted in defeat.

"Try harder," Domme2 said as she spanked me.

Her hand hit my exposed ass and made a loud slapping sound. It was like the sound made her realize what she had done.

"Oh my God," Domme2 asked Domme1, "was I aloud to do that?"

"I don't know, was she allowed to do that?" Domme1 asked me.

"Yes," I said as I looked up at both of them.

"Ask her to spank you again," Domme1 ordered me.

I looked up at Domme2 and said, "Please, spank me again."

I'll post more soon.


I've started working on the new chastity story. This is a damn looooooong one. The full story is over 83,000 words. And, damn, wait until you read this one, HOT! A guy is stuck for a place to live so two female friends allow him to use their empty room, if he'll agree to wear a chastity device. It just goes CraZy from there. Wait until you read it.

Because of the length this one might take me a while to proof read and edit. With a little luck it might be published by the end of December sometime, maybe early January? I'll have to see how it goes. I'll keep you posted.

If you look in the Misc section you might see a book that's a little unusual for me, "Hardwick Taken HARD." It's a gay dinomale on male book. Why the heck would I write such a thing?

Does that answer your questions or only bring up more? LOL

In totally other news I wanna thank everyone who's bought books directly from me. I'm really humbled at how many people have chosen to trust and buy directly through me. With Amazon, and other outlets being so unfair to erotica authors it really means a lot that we can take our books else where.

Really, seriously, thank you.

So where was I in my retelling of my last play session? (Lok down at previous entries to catch the beginning of the story)

Ah, yes. I was laying naked on the floor at Domme1's feet. She had just wiped up my pre-come with her naked toes and had me lick her toes clean while Domme2 watched. Domme2 giggled in shock and disbelief.

"Will he, lick up his actual come?" Domme2 asked hesitantly.

Domme1 looked down at me and asked, "Will you?"

With Domme1's toes still in my mouth I shook my head yes.

Domme1 carefully pulled her foot from my mouth and asked, "You've actually begged to jerk off on my feet and lick it up haven't you?"

"Yes Ma'am," I replied.

"No way, he really did that?" Domme2 asked.

Domme1 looked down at me and said, "She doesn't believe you. Go over there and convince her."

I got up on my knees and was about to crawl over to Domme2 when I thought I should make sure I understood what Domme1 had meant.

"You want me to," I said as I made the jerk off motion with my right hand.

"If that's what she wants to see. As long as you understand there's no way you're coming this early in the evening, if at all tonight," Domme1 said.

"Yes Ma'am," I said as I turned to go towards Domme2.

"Wait," Domme2 said as I crawled towards her, "I can make him do that?"

"You can make him do almost anything you want. Just tell him and he'll do it," Domme2 said.

"Really," Domme2 said as she looked down at me.

By then I had crawled up to Domme2. I looked up at her as if to ask, now what? She looked at me for a second and then said, "Get up on your knees and, you know, touch, it."

I stood up on my knees and reached down to grab my dick. I was still hard so I wrapped my hand around it and stroked my dick for her. She watched me for a minute or so and then told me to stop. My dick was rock hard at that point. There was a shinny drop of pre-come at the tip. She saw and said, "Clean that up."

I wiped it up with my index finger and then brought it up to my mouth to lick clean.

"Can I make him suck his own dick?" Domme2 asked to Domme1

Domme1 laughed and said, "You can make him try but I doubt he'll be able to do it."

"Start jerking off again," Domme2 said.

I took my finger out of my mouth and started to stroke myself again.

"Can you suck your own dick?" Domme2 asked.

"No Ma'am," I said.

"And do you know that because you've tried?" she asked with a smile.

"Yes Ma'am, once when I was a kid," I replied.

"Stop jerking off. How did you try to do it?" she asked.

"I laid on my back and brought my feet up over my head."

"and how close did your dick get to your mouth," she asked.

"Not close enough, maybe, 4 inches away."

She looked at me for a second, then she pulled off her shoes and socks. She brought her feet up and kicked away my hand with her left foot. Then she pressed both feet against my dick. She trapped my dick between the soles of her feet and my own body.

"Don't move," she said, "how bad do you want to hump my feet right now?"

"Oh God, so bad," I whimpered as I looked at her.

"And if you were allowed to come would you do it all over my feet and then lick it up? she asked.

"Yes," I said in a breathy voice.

She giggled and then said, "You can hump my feet a little."

I thrust my hips and rubbed my hard dick up against the soles of her feet. She let me do that for what seemed like about two minutes. Then she told me to stop. It was difficult but I did as I was told. She took her feet off my dick and looked at them.

"Uh oh, looked like someone made a mess again. Ask me if you can lick it up," Domme2 ordered as she held her feet up to my face.

"May I please, please, lick your feet clean?" I asked.

"How bad do you want to taste my sticky toes?" Domme2 asked.

I gave her a pleading look and said, "So bad, please, I beg you."

She moved her right foor closer to my face and said, "Go on."

The sole of her foot was inches from my mouth. I stuck out my tongue, leaned forward and licked up the bottom of her foot. When I got up to her toes I took the big one in my mouth and sucked on it. I looked her in the eye as she giggled at me.

"Can we make him try and suck his dick? I don't care if he can do it or not I want to see him try," Domme2 asked Domme1.

I'll post more in a week or so.

I just published my first new book!

Strap-On Stories 2 is now available on my site. You won't be able to get it anywhere else until January. And I have to say, it's some of my hottest stuff ever! Be sure to check out the sample chapter to see just what I mean. 4 new stories PLUS an 8,562 word bonus chapter you'll only get here on my site.

And now that this story has been published I will start working on editing, proofing and the cover design for my unpublished chastity story. I'm not sure when I'm going to publish that one just yet though. So just hang on for more details and I get to work on it.

Now, I believe I promised you more details about my two Domme play session :-)

So last I told you I was naked and doing housekeeping for two women, one dominant, one curious about what it meant to be dominant. Domme1 came into the kitchen now and then to check on me. I also had to check in with her from time to time when I had a question about how she liked something done.

Domme1 has always been very particular in how she likes certain things done. When I lived closer to her I would come to her place. I would also do naked housework for her there before our foot worship sessions. I often did her laundry which in itself was a weird turn on. There I was naked, my clothes taken away from me, and I was "forced" to wash her clothes. It always added to the turn on that she took my clothes from me. It made me feel that much more vulnerable, in her power. I would have to load her clothes in the washer and dryer, then I sat there on the floor and folder her things just the way she liked while she sat on the couch and watched. It's not the extreme kind of thing you see in BDSM porn. But then again like most porn it's not really an accurate portrait of reality. Not that crazy kinky things don't go on in real life. They do, and I have even been a part of some of them but it's just not my day to day reality.

After I finished cleaning the kitchen I reported back to Domme1. She sat on the couch drinking her wine while she talked with Domme2 who was playing on her laptop. I was told to sit on the floor while they decided what I was to do next. Domme1 spread her legs and I sat down on the floor between them. Once I sat down she put her right leg over my shoulder. Her foot hung there tempting me. She swung it back and forth gently as I watched it out of the corner of my eye. I could see Domme2 watching me. I wanted so badly to take off that shoe and kiss that foot. I thought about Domme2 watching me and it excited me as much as it embarrassed me. My dick got hard. As it did Domme2 gasped. I looked at Domme2. She looked at my dick and bit her lower lip trying to hide a smile. I felt the humiliation burn through me and my dick got even harder.

Finally, I looked up at Domme1 and asked, "May I, please?"

She smiled and said, "Yes you may take off my shoe."

She wasn't wearing anything fetishy. She was dressed in normal street clothes, a blouse, jeans and a pair of sneakers. Domme2 was dressed similarly. This wasn't a fetish event. I was in their home. Well, their vacation home.

I untied Domme1's sneaker and carefully took it off. Then I gently pulled off her sock. There it was, her bare foot. She has such pretty feet. Long graceful toes, smooth soft skin. They made my mouth water. I gently massaged her bare foot.

"You really love feet don't you?," Domme2 asked.

Unable to speak I shook my head yes.

"He loves it down there. That's where you belong, naked at my feet," Domme1 asked me.

"Yes Ma'am," I said before I bent my head and placed a gentle kiss on the top of her foot.

Having her talk like that about me in front of her friend drove me crazy. My dick was so hard it almost hurt.

"Oh look," Domme2 said with a giggle, "he's so into it he's leaking."

We all looked down at my dick to see it leaking pre-come.

"Lay down, let's show her how we clean that up," Domme1 said to me.

I hesitated but only for a second. Then I laid down along the front of the couch under her feet. Domme1 takes her bare foot and rubs it up and down the tip of my hard dick. Ido my best not to react or moan. Not even thirty-seconds into it I moaning and squirming under her soft foot. She concentrates on the head of my dick. She gets her toes covered in my pre-come. Then she brings them up to my mouth. As she holds her sticky toes over my mouth Domme2 says, "No way."

"Oh yes way, and he'll beg for it won't you boy?" Domme1 says as she looks down at me.

"Yes Ma'am, please let me lick your foot clean," I begged.

"Open your mouth and stick out your tongue," Domme1 said.

I did as she asked. Slowly she lowered her foot until her big toe touched my tongue. Then she rubbed it around and told me to suck on it.

"Oh my God," Domme2 laughed.

"And we're just getting started," Domme1 said.

More of the play session in a few days. And if you enjoyed that be sure to check out Strap-On Stories 2, it's got even hotter stories!

I am hard at work editing a new compilation book of strap-on femdom stories. If I say so myself, it's my hottest work yet. All I need to do is proof read, edit it a bit and design the cover. So, I'm hoping it will hit my store in a couple of weeks. About two months after that it will hit the other stores, minus the bonus chapter. Remember, this is the only place you'll be able to get bonus chapters from now on. And I will try and make them nice and hefty to make it worth your while. As usual, keep your eye here and on my Twitter for the latest information about when my new books comes out.

Enough business, let's talk kinky femdom fun time. And this is real life not a fiction. A little while ago I had the pleasure of serving two women in a CFNM, femdom, foot fetish scene. I got to spend almost a whole day as the naked servant to these two incredible women. Believe it or not this was the fantasy of your Domme exposing you to her friend. Well, OK, she wasn't really my Domme. She is a woman I've played with often though. We usually did CFNM and foot fetish stuff and this day wasn't any different. However, it was new that she exposed me to her friend. In order to keep things anonymous though, I'm going to call her Domme1 and her friend Domme2.

Domme1 is actually the woman who gave me a real taste for foot worship. I mean, I had sucked on toes before I had met her but it became a much bigger thing for me after I played with her. We no longer live near each other though. However, she happened to be spending the weekend near me with a female friend. They had rented a vacation condo for the weekend. She asked me if I was available to serve her and her friend one day that weekend. Of course, I eagerly agreed.

I drove out to them one Saturday and knocked on the door of their condo. Domme1 greeted me at the door and led me into the living room. Domme2 sat on the couch doing something on her laptop while waiting for us. She looked excited but a little nervous. Previously, I had been told by Domme1 that Domme2 was new to this and had never been served by a naked male submissive. It made it exciting for me but also a bit more embarrassing. I knew what this woman, a complete stranger to me, was probably going to see me doing. I wasn't sure what Domme2 would take part in but I knew very well what Domme1 liked. I would be naked, I would be on my knees and I would have Domme1's feet in my mouth all while Domme2 watched. What would Domme2, a woman who wasn't used to submissive guys, think of me as she watched me do what Domme1 ordered? That's what made it exciting and more embarrassing for me. I would be Domme2's introduction to male submissives and probably what she thought of when the subject came up.

Domme1 sat down on the couch and I stood there in front of the two women. Since I knew how I was going to wind up I hadn't worn much for my visit, shoes, baggy shorts and an oversized t-shirt, that was all I had on. I stood in front of them like that and we made small talk for a few minutes. Then Domme1 one said, "So this is how today is going to go. You will remove your clothes, then you will clean up around here. There are dishes in the sink from last night and the kitchen could use some tidying too. While you're doing that it will also be your job to make sure that our wine glasses are always full. Now undress and get to work."

There was no foreplay or ceremony to it. They just sat there, comfortably on the couch, fully clothed, while I stripped naked for them. As I undressed I folded my clothes and placed them neatly in a stack on the floor next to me. When I was done Domme1 walked over to me and asked me to hand her my clothes and shoes. Once I had she thanks me, swatted me lightly on the butt and said, "Get to work."

Domme2 giggled and then, as I walked to the kitchen, went back to whatever she had been doing on her laptop.

Some might find service, such as doing chores, the boring aspect of being a submissive. While it's not as exciting as some of the more sexual aspects of submission I find there is a subtle pleasure to it. And of course being naked, as I almost always am around Domme1, not only made me feel more submissive but added a little thrill to it. To top all that off I was naked around two women that time. One of which I didn't even know.

I'm not really sure what it is about mild humiliation that I find such a turn on but it's like female domination, just something I respond to whether I want to or not. And I want to underscore mild humiliation. If it goes too far than it has the opposite effect on me. And I understand that's a gray that's hard to define but that's what safe words are for :-)

I'll post more on my 2 Domme experience in a few days.

Well, it's been quite a while since you've heard from me. As you can see a lot has been going on behind the scenes. It's taken a lot of time and work to go through my books and redo this web site. I've spent most of the last year working on it. I've restored the original covers and content that Amazon wouldn't allow. I have changed a few of covers because I'll soon be offering good old fashioned paper books. I need high res image files for the covers and I want my books to be consistant throughout. The good news in all of this is that you'll no longer have to wait for bonus chapters.

From now on all bonus chapters will be available when the book is first published but, only through this website.

I will still be publishing to the Amazon and Barnes and Noble stores. I also recently started publishing to the Google Play store as well. I'm also considering publishing with smashwords. I've had an account there for ages that I've done nothing with.

However, not only won't those stores be getting bonus chapters but they will be getting my books a full two months after they are published here. And in some cases, like Google or Smashwords, my books will be cheaper here. My FAQ explains why. So from now on, this is the place to buy my books. You'll still be able to read my books on your favorite device though. I've created a page here that shows how easy it is to put my files on almost any device.

You can, of course, still buy from those other guys if that's what your more comfortable with. However, if you buy directly through me you will get the same great quality eBooks and the safety of Paypal for your transactions.Not to mention uncensored content and bonus chapters that can't be found anywhere else. And, while paying the same price, or less in the cases of Google or Smashwords, I will actually be getting more of the money. So you'll be helping me bring more books to you while saving some cash.

So, this is a win for everyone!

I hope you'll choose to buy your books from me. I promise to do my very best to make it worth your while.

It hasn't all been hard work. I have managed to get in some play as well. I've been to a few Femdom partys over the year and had a very exciting long weekend where I was the CFNM servant to two Dommes! That was a great weekend. I'm not sure if I'm going to talk about it here or write it up as a story. If I do make it into an eBook I'll fictionalize it, a bit, so it'll be a coherent story with a beginning, middle and end but it'll be based on my real life experiences :-)

I have been toying with writing another book based on my real life experiences. This would be a pegging book :-) In fact, becoming an independant gives me a chance to write some types of stories that Amazon wouldn't allow. Mind you, I'm not talking about anything shady or illegal. My stories will always be safe, sane and consensual. However there are a few types of fantasies I've wanted to get into that I couldn't before. So if all goes well you can look forward to all sorts of exciting things here :-)

I've also been making with the art.

Locked For Her Locked For Her

Locked For Her is a chastity strip that I started at the beginning of the year. Now that I'm done with the restructure I hope to have time for that and other art projects. You'll be able to find my art work on Hentai-Foundry and my Tumblr.

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