I got an email the other day about one of my CFNM stories. They said they loved the story, thank you very much, but how could they make it happen for them in reaL life? There no quick answer to this question but you can make it happen in real life if you're serious about living the CFNM dream.

Your best bet if you're interested in anything fetish is to get a profile on Fetlife.com and find your local scene. There are always munches or meets that you can go to. I know that might sound scary but if you screw up your courage and go you'll find most of the people are very nice. Sadly in any group of people there'll always be trouble makers. Take your time, be a real person and get to know everyone. Don't just be a cartoonish list of fetishes. Be a real, honest person and make friends. Soon you'll find yourself invited to parties and meet play partners. That formula will work in you're interested in CFNM, dominant women or just about any fetish you want to live out in real life. It may not be the instant solution you were hoping to hear but if you're patient and a real person it'll work out better for you in the end.

Case in point.

I've moved to a new area and just two months ago I started going to the local munches. I've met people, some are friends, some are potential play partners. I've also gone to two femdom parties. Just last weekend I played an almost naked waiter to a full table of dominant women, got flogged and spanked to boot :-)

These things do exists in real life. Femdom, CFNM can all happen to you if you want them to. You just have to be brave, careful and smart. Get out there and enjoy yourself. Life is too freaking short!

I am still writing and editing my latest books. The pegging book is almost ready. It probably won't be published until the beginning of January. Expect another chastity book a month or two after that. The bonus chapter on that one is going to be HUGE! I've also got some new art coming. There's an animated pegging gif that I'll be releasing around the same time as the pegging book. I'm also working on an illustration to an orgasm denial story I found on the net. Lots to come. Be sure to check in now and then for updates :-)

Whew! I am hard at work. I'm proofing and editing a strap-on book that I hope to put out soon. Although, depending on when it's done I may wait until after the holidays. I'm trying to finish up a chastity play book but it's going waaaaaaaay long! Wait until you read this one!

I've also started on the December podcasts. I try to put out both the Ardorotica and Ardor's Erotic Reflections podcast out at the same time. I've got almost all of Ardor's Erotic Reflections podcast planned out. Once I get Ardorotica planned I'll start on recording.

There will be a bit of fun coming up this week. There's a BDSM meet on Thursday and a Femdom party on Saturday. The meet should be fun. Food, friends and a lecture on spanking. I wonder if they need someone to demo on? :-)

The Femdom party is a whooooole nother story. I'm looking forward to this one. I have a special holiday g-string to wear when it's time for the submissives to get into "character." I think I also might have the opportunity to play with two Dommes. One of them is into having her feet worshipped. It's been a long time since I'd had a pretty pair of feet to worship. She's also into discipline and the one giving the lecture at the meet so I'll be really interested in seeing what she has to say about it.

I got an email the other day asking if I planned on writing anymore Nude in Public stories. I love that genre. I do have ideas for a sequel to Kathy with Gina added in for extra naked fun. I laso have a series of Blanke Schande stories I want to do. The thing is I have some much going that I'm not sure when I'm going to be able to get to it all. I need to finish writing and editing the two books I'm currently working on and then I'll figure out what's next.

I'm so excited! I've met a new bunch of people and found a new group that's entirely Femdom. After speaking with the two women who host a monthly party I was invited to come play with them! With any luck I'll finally have some interesting stuff to post here from now on.

The first party I attended only had a handful of members. This actually turned out to be good for me though. I got to spend a lot of time with the head Dommes and really talk with the members that were there. It gave me a chance to get to know everyone and get comfortable with them.

The party worked liked this, everyone arrived and there was a meet and greet period. Then after it was clear that everyone who was coming had shown up the head Domme called protocol. That confused me for a moment only because I think of protocol as the way in which a submissive, or slave, should act towards their dominant. In this case what it meant was that all the submissives should get into sub attire.

All subs had to be in an outfit that denoted their position. The Dommes, of course, were free to dress as they liked. This meant that you either had to be naked, in panties or a submissive type of outfit. Men could cross dress. Baby doll nighties, garter belts and hose or other feminized wear was acceptable. Female submissives are welcome at these parties but as there were none I'm not sure what they would wear.

I had originally though of wearing a "sissy outfit" that I had put together. If you follow my Tumblr you know that I've been exploring the sissy fantasy. Well, I've been exploring it in my head anyway. As I've had no one to play with lately all I could do was think about it.

I mentioned on Tumblr that I'm thinking about writing a collection of sissy stories. I've got a bunch of ideas that I really want to get to. The thing is, I don't know if what I find exciting about sissies will be exciting to the rest of the world. The common theme I've run into is, guy gets caught with panties, gets sissified by wife/girlfriend, sometimes the guy is locked in chastity and then the well hung black guy shows up. He fucks the wife/girlfriend and sometimes he fucks the sissy. Or at the least he has to suck the black guy hard to get him ready for the wife/girlfriend.

Now, please don't take this as a judgement but, I'm not into cuckolding, race play or men. The tiny dicked, sissy, white guy who needs the giant shlonged, black guy to satisfy his wife/girlfriend just doesn't do anything for me. So, that makes it hard for me to write it that way. My sissy stories will be basically be about women dressing up guys, teasing them and then doing them with strap-ons. I've had this senario running through my head about a guy who gets caught jerking off wearing panties by a bunch of women. They tease him, dress him up in a sissy outfit and at least one of them takes turns using the strap-on with him. So would you sissy lovers like to read those kinds of stories? You can email me, use the anon question feature on Tumblr, or the anonymous comment boxes on any of the other pages on this site to tell me what you think.

So back to the party.

I do have a full sissy outfit but I decided that maybe I would start out slow with this group. I had bought a pair of "male panties" off of eBay a while back. If you use "male panties" as a key word search on eBay you'll get similar things. I couldn't find the same one I had bought up there now. They're basically silky panties with a little pouch up front to hold your dick and balls. Mine also has a tiny lace skirt sort of thing. It's the look of panties but more comfortable for a guy to wear.

When it came time for all the guys to change I went over to where my stuff was and went into the bathroom. Here's the funny thing. The bathroom door was open. I felt weird about closing it to get undressed. For some reason it seemed weird and the wrong thing for a submissive to do. They were going to see me mostly naked soon anyways, right? So I stripped and got into my panties with the door open. No one saw me as I changed anyway and when I went back into the main room my panties seemed to go over well enough.

As I said the party itself was kind of quiet. I spent most of the night talking with the Dommes and filling their wine glasses. So, I didn't get spanked, flogged or tied up that night. I did get an offer from one of the Dommes to play next time though :-)

I'm going to their December party so that's something to look forward to. I'm making a special holiday g-string for the night, complete with jingle balls :-) It should be fun. There are going to be women there I haven't met yet. You never know just what might happen :-)

What? Another new podcast in only four days? Nope, you're not hallucinating it's true! A brand, spanking, new episode of Ardor's Erotic Reflections is up and ready to listent to.

I just finished adding a new podcast to the feed. Hop on over to my podcast page and check it out! Episode 8 of my Ardorotica podcast. This episode I'm reading to you from my book, "The Giant Alien Women of Planet Zur."

Here's the easy to click on link I promised you: Kickstarter for The Giant Alien Women of Planet Zur

Don't forget the campaign isn't live yet. This is your chance to look it over and tell me what you think. Dose everything make sense? Do you like the pledge levels? What do you think of the bookmarks? What level would you pledge at? Tell me all!

Don't forget that if you can either leave a comment for me at kickstarter or do it here. Use the comment box on the podcast page or email me using the link in the upper right corner of this page.

I've been hinting at something for the longest time. I'm putting out the first feelers for it now. What do you think? Make sure you scroll down the page to see the full campaign.

Kickstarter for The Giant Alien Women of Planet Zur

Let me know what you think about the pledge levels. I really like the way the bookmarks came out. I'd love to get back into this world. I'd love to double the length of this book. I want to write more in this world. Let me know if you want to read it.

I saw yesterday that The Study has reached 10 positive reviews. I added the bonus chapter and republished it a few hours ago. With any luck it should be live sometimes tomorrow or Friday the 12th at the latest. Amazon has been really fast lately.

Thanks to everyone who bought it and especially to those who gave it a positive review.

I'll post here, tweet and you'll see a note at the bottom of the product description page saying that the bonus chapter has been added when it's up.

Someone was good enough to remind me that I was way behind in updating the file to "The Giant Alien Women From Planet Zur."

I get busy sometimes, or, I just loose track of things. I'm human, it happens. If you drop me an email and let me know I'll be glad to get right to it and publish the bonus chapter as soon as I can. I'll verify that it's in fact met it's quota and, assuming it has, I'll get right to it. Sometimes I may want to go back through the book and check for errors. So, it may take a few days on top of whatever Amazon needs to verify things but, if I promised you something, I will make every effort to come across with it as soon as I can. I do my very best to give you people your money's worth and keep to my word.

So, if you see something funny or you're owed a bonus chapter feel free to drop me an email and ask me what's up. Sometimes it's has to do with things beyond my control but if it's something I can fix I'll get to it as soon as I can. And don't worry, all conversations are confidential.

If you bought "The Giant Alien Women From Planet Zur" now is the time to get your bonus chapter. Don't forget to go here if you need instructions on how to get the updated ebook.

I've been so busy writing for you people. I should have two more books out soon. A book of pegging stories and another chastity book. Whew, writing dirty stories is hard work people. It's a labor of luv though :-) How sweaty luv :-)

I just got a message from someone asking if they could buy my books directly so that their significant other wouldn't know what they're reading. I am working on printing paper bound versions of my books. Once printed these will be available directly from me.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure when they'll be available. So for now all I can suggest is that you create a separate Amazon account. Form there you can use the Amazon cloud reader on your PC or an app for your smart phone or tablet. Sorry, but that's the best I have to offer at the moment.

Wow! Amazon worked fast with this book. I hit the publish button around 8PM last night and I got the email saying the updated version was live early this morning. So you may now get "Good Morning Neighbor" complete with the bonus chapter. Follow these instructions on how to get it if you've all ready bought the book. If you're buying the book for the first time you'll automatically get the bonus chapter.

Thanks again to everyone who bought, or will buy, the book. Super special thanks to everyone who left a positive response.

I got a message through the comment box about the "Begging For More series." Someone asked if there were going to be anymore books in this series. Unfortunately that series needs some love. If you want to see more books in that series leave some positive responses for it on Amazon. Anything 4 stars or higher would help. If I see enough interest, like 10 or 12 more positive responses for each book, then I would write more in that series. I know that probably seems like a lot to ask but that's what it would take to get me to write more in that series. I do have ideas for at least one more book. Think corporate training retreat :-)

And please, please, please, always remember that, no matter how many reviews a book still needs, your positive review always helps.

It's just been pointed out to me that I had only asked for 9 positive reviews for "Good Morning Neighbor." That seemed odd to me, because I usually ask for 10. I checked and, for whatever reason, I did only ask for 9 positive reviews for that book.

So, good to my word, I just finished uploading the book, with the added bonus chapter, to Amazon.

It will probably go live tomorrow or Tuesday. I'll post here, on Twitter and you'll see it mentioned on the bottom of the Product description on Amazon. When you see any of those three go ahead and follow these instructions to get the updated book.

Thanks again for reading and reviewing. I know you've all ready got your bonus chapter but positive reviews do help determine what I write next. I LOVE CFNM but but all my femdom stuff outsells it by leaps and bounds. More good reviews means more sales and that means I can spend more time on CFNM stories. It'll only take a minute or two to leave a positive response and you can do it anonymously.

I just got an email from someone asking about the bonus chapter for "Good Morning Neighbor." I tried to contact them but the email address they gave me was no good.

I know there are 10 reviews for the book. Unfortunately, only 9 of them are positive. When the books gets 10 positive reviews I will release the bonus chapter. We're almost there. I just need one more positive review. What can I say? Blame the one guy who doesn't seem to get it and made the rest of you wait.

I'm almost done with my next book. It's going to be another collection of strap-on stories. Wait until you read this one. If you liked "In Through His Backdoor" you're going to *LOVE* this new one. There's so much kinky, femdom, strap-on sex in this one you won't believe it.

So, I'm starting to think about my next book. I could do another chastity book. I've also been toying with the sissy fantasy idea. There's also some CFNM and Blanke Schande stories I've been dying to get to. Oh, and let's not forget naked little Kathy. There's more to write about there too. I've also really wanted to write a good femdom world story. You know, a world where women rule and all men are their naked submissives.

There's so much to get to. Email, or use the comment form above, to let me know what you'd like to see next.

Remember, if you use the comment box I'll have no idea who sent the message. If you don't want a public response please include your email address. Double check that it's correct because if it's not there won't be anything I can do about it.

I just put up a page that will help all you nice people help me out. It has detailed instructions on how to set your Amazon public profile so that you can review naughty books without it being tracked back to you. So check it out and start reviewing those naughty books!

I'm still working on finishing my next book. This one has some REALLY great pegging stories in it, if I do say so myself. Funny thing is I was just talking with a real life Domme about setting up an actual Pegging Party. I doubt it'll be as hardcore as "Melissa's Boy" but even if it's at a quater of the scale I'll be happy. These are fantasies coming to life people! It can happen if you work hard at it and be patient.

Of course I'll keep you posted if anything does happen. Sadly, I haven't had much true life stories to talk about. I've been keeping a low profile and writing my little heart out. That probably works out better for you anyways :-)

I've been so busy lately. I just published a new book, "The Study." You can find it on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles. It's a femdom chastity book with some kinky anal overtones. You're gonna love this one. You can read a sample at the links above or find it right here.

I'm also finishing up another pegging book. That one will probably take another few weeks before it's ready to go up. If you liked "In Through His Backdoor" this one will be more than worth the wait. I have to admit I've written some really hot stuff in this book. I can't wait to release this one!

I've got one more project in the works right now. I'm hesitant to talk about it until it's ready though. Let's just say that if you enjoyed "The Giant Dominant Women of Planet Zur" you'll find this news as exciting as I do. Hopefully I will have more to tell you about this project soon.

Lastly, I hinted on Twitter a while back that I've been having some real life CFNM fun. Well it's true! A friend that I used to "play" with about a year ago popped back into my life. She was looking for a naked house boy. I've been over to her place three or four times now, stripped stark naked the moment I walked in the door and had all sorts of fun. I don't have time right now to pos a full account of everything that's gone on over there but let's just say that a lot of naked foot fetish fun has been had.

While I wouldn't call myself a foot fetishist. I will say that since this woman has come into my life I've, um, come, to see the female foot in a whole new way. Lot's of fun. That's aal I can say about that! I'll try to find some more time to write a little more about it.

Just when I thought I was almost done with that strap-on book the last story I was writing for it took on a life of it's own. So I decided to make a completely separate book out of it.

So soon you will be getting the strap-on book and then a short while after that you will be getting a book about femdom chastity play. Or it may work out the other way around. I'm not sure yet.

This chastity story has really taken on a life of it's own. Wait until you read this one. It's tease and denial at it's finest. I'm almost at the end of it now. Once that's done I'll go back and finish up the strap-on book. So be patient there's more stuff coming from me soon!

I got a really fantastic comment in through email about my book, "The Alasti Building: Marty's Tale." I hope the person who sent it doesn't mind me putting it up here but when a writer gets praise like this it's hard to keep it to yourself.

Hi ardor,
I bought your story about Marty and the alasti building months ago. I enjoyed the read so much. I just want to tell you that it is one of my all time favorite cfnm stories and I have read almost every single story on the internet in this genre. The idea of a female led society ruling the building is really exciting and has so much potential to lead to different female domination scenarios. Also the characters are great. I especially like Rachel as the strong and confident woman introducing marty to the new world. She is caring but at the same time playing with marty and showing him who is in charge. My favorite situations are when marty is overwhelmed by the situation and even a bit embarrassed or humiliated. You are a very talented writer and I hope you will continue your outstanding story...

It was unsigned and sent through one of my anonymous comment boxes. So I just wanted to thank whomever wrote that email. Praise like that helps make all the time and effort I put into writing worth it. I'm glad you enjoyed the story so much and I would LOVE to get back to the Alasti Building and CFNM stories in general. I have some ideas for a collection of short stories about the Alasti Building and the germ of an idea for a CFNM town :-)

Don't forget that you can also leave comments on Amazon for any of my work. It's more helpful than I can say. Positive reviews will also influence what I write. So please if you want to see me write more of your favorite types of stories leave me some positive reviews for the ones you like best.

You can create a different user name for your reviews on Amazon so no one will know you like to read dirty stories. Which is funny because I'd be willing to bet that just about everyone we all know, male and female, has their own form of porn that they enjoy. Why it's such a stigma that we enjoy it I'll never understand.

Sorry guys, I know I've been kinda quiet lately. I've gotten all your comments and I have appreciated every single one. You've all been very encouraging about my books. I can't tell you what that means to me. I put a fantastic amount of effort into everything I write. I know it may not seem like it but writing is hard work. Every positive review I get on Amazon and Barnes & Noble is REALLY appreciated. It helps me continue to write and bring you more books.

Among all the very kind compliments I've received I got a question as to whether I'm working on anything new. I am in fact. I'm almost done with another collection of strap-on stories. I'm just finishing up the bonus chapter now. I gotta say I'm really happy with the way these stories came out. Wait until you read what I wrote today! :-)

Amazon has a mailing list that you can get on. Once you enter an email address they'll notify you of anything new I publish. You can find it here

It's my Amazon Author's page. In the upper right hand corner you'll see a "Stay Up To Date" link. I've highlighted it below.

Sorry but I haven't found anything like that on Barnes & Noble yet. You can also keep an eye on my Twitter . I usually post there before anywhere else mainly because it's easier and faster. I also publish both places at once. So if something goes up on Amazon it also goes up on Barnes & Noble.

I've gotten a lot of inquires about Kathy. I'm really excited that everyone is so into that story. I love nude in public fiction and I can't wait to write more of it. I haven't quite made my decision about what I'll write next, after the second strap-on book is out, but another nude in public book is a good contender.

I'd also like to get back into podcasting. It was fun but kind of difficult to do where I live right now. I'm working on solving some technical issues and then, hopefully, I'll be back up on the internet with more episodes.

So never fear, even if it looks like there's nothing going on I'm always hard at work for you.

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