So I haven't written a post for almost an entire year. Wow, time sure flies. Let's get the business out fo the way first.

I just published a brand new book, Femdom Marriage Counselor. Make sure you read the sample chapter. The sample chapter on this one is HUGE, raunchy as hell and you get it for free. Don't bother looking for it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, you'll only find it here.

So, I know this is a weird time for it, but how about a little more of my Two Domme Experience?

Domme2 had brought out her hair brush and some liquid soap. the brush she brought out looked something like this.


The handle shape was almost perfect to use as an anal toy. The bump in the middle would be enough to keep it inside me and the head of the brush wouldn't let it get sucked up into me. No one wants that awkward trip to the emergency room.

I was still bent in half with my head on the floor, my ass over my head and my hard dick pointed right down at my face. Domme1 was on my left with the brush in her hand and Domme 2 stood over me on my right with the liquid soap. I looked up at Domme2 excited face and then over to Domme1.

"Ask me for it," Domme 1 said.

I took a deep breath and said, "Please, put it in me."

"You really want her to stick that brush up your ass," Domme2 asked.

I looked up at Domme2 and shook my head yes.

Domme1 held the brush by the head and rubbed the handle up and down the length of my hard dick and said, "Answer her with words."

I moaned a little, looked up at Domme2 and said, "Yes, I really want her to stick that brush up my ass."

"Suck on it a little first," Domme1 said as she brought the handle down to my mouth.

She pressed the end of the handle between my lips. I opened my mouth so that the handle would slide between them. She moved the brush in and out of my mouth like I was giving it a blow job.

"Look at you, not only are you about to be fucked up the ass but you're also a cock sucking slut aren't you," Domme1 asked.

I shook my head as best I could and hummed, "Mmm hmm."

"Good boy," Domme1 said with a smile. Then she looked up at Domme2 and said, "Squirt some soap on his butt."

Domme2 giggled and did as she was asked. Domme1 continued to move the handle in and out of my mouth. After she saw that Domme2 had finished she gently pulled the handle out of my mouth and brought it up to ass. She pressed the length of the handle up against my back door and rubbed it around. I whimpered in desperation.

"Damn, look at him, he really wants it," Domme2 said.

Domme1 smiled and pulled the handle up until the tip was was at the center of my little hole. Then she pressed down just a little. It moved inside me but just a bit. Domme1 looked down and me and smiled.

I looked deep into her eyes as she toyed with me. She pressed the handed in and out of me a little bit just waiting for me to break. Eventually I couldn't take it anymore.

"Please," I begged, "please just put it in me."

Domme1 pressed harder and the handled sunk deeper inside me. I whimpered in pleasure.

"Do you want more," Domme1 asked.

"Yes please, please," I begged.

She pressed just a little harder and the handle sunk all the way inside me.


So, I've been asked by one of the Dommes I've played with to continue the story of our night together. If you missed the first parts or just want to reread it look for the blog entries 11/01/16, 11/11/16, 11/22/16, 12/07/16.

Domme2 giggled to herself and then raised her hand high. Then while I laid there on my back with my spread legs bent over my head Domme2 spanked me again. Unlike the first spanking she really laid into me this time. Her hand hit my exposed and vulnerable butt hard with a loud slapping sound. It was a good hit and I grunted as I tried to keep from falling over.

"Ow," Domme2 exclaimed as she shook her hand in the air, "that hurt, me."

Domme1 smiled and said, "That's why most people use a paddle or something to spank." Then Domme1 looked down at me seriously and said, "Apologize for hurting Domme1's hand."

I looked past my hard dick, up into Domme1's face and said, "I am so sorry for hurting you Ma'am, please forgive me."

"Well," she said looking at my butt, "we'll have to find a way for you to make it up to me. But, since I did leave a nice red mark on your butt I'll let it go, for now."

"Thank you Ma'am, you're too kind to me," I said.

"I know, I am," Domme2 said.

"You seem to be getting the hang of this," Domme1 said to Domme2.

"I've got to admit, it's fun to have a guy you can boss around make do embarrassing stuff. What else can we do with him in this position?" Domme2 asked as they both looked down at me.

I was as exposed as I could be in that position. With my legs spread wide my balls hung right out in the open and even my butt hole was exposed. Domme1 knew I liked having my butt played with but I wasn't sure if she'd say anything or not. I couldn't bring myself to say anything. It would be so embarrassing to be penetrated in that position while two fully dressed women knelt over me. Plus I knew it would make me really horny which meant there was a chance that I might come in my own face if I wasn't careful. The temptation was too much. While I couldn't bring myself to speak the words I could flex my butt hole at them. So, on an impulse I did it.

"Oh my God," Domme2 said, "his butt hole just winked at me. Why did it just wink at me?"

Domme1 smiled and said, "Because he likes butt stuff."

Domme2 looked confused for just a second and then a shocked look came over her face.

"You mean," Domme2 asked.

"Uh huh," Domme1 said.

Domme2 looked down at me, smiled and asked, "You like being fucked up the butt?"

"Y-yes Ma'am," I stammered.

"Tell me we have something we can stick up his butt," Domme2 said.

"Did you bring any toys with you?" Domme1 asked me.

I shook my head no, as much as I could in the position I was in.

"Sorry, I don't think we do," Domme1 said to Domme2.

"We've gotta have something, a carrot, a plunger, something," Domme2 said.

"Sorry, we don't have any vegetables in the fridge and a plunger could be dangerous," Domme1 said.

Domme2 thought for a minute and said, "A hairbrush, what about a hairbrush?"

"You're not using mine," Domme1 said with a laugh.

"We'll use mine, I'll buy a new one tomorrow," Domme2 said eagerly.

"Let me see it," Domme1 said.

Domme2 jumped up and ran to her room.

"And bring the liquid soap too," Domme1 called out as Domme2 ran away.

Domme1 looked down at me, cupped my balls and squeezed just enough to get my attention and asked, "Having fun?"

"Yes Ma'am," I replied.

"Good boy," she said with a smile.

A few seconds later Domme2 came back with her brush and the soap. She handed the brush to Domme1 who looked it over. It was a black plastic brush with an oval handle that thinned at the brush head. Basically it was a slim butt plug shape. Domme1 ran her hand over the handle.

"This is smooth we could use it," She said to Domme2.

As Domme2 smiled down at me I could feel myself blush.


Welcome to a brand new kinky year! Well, I guess I'm a little late with that huh? I hope you have a kinky good one all the same! And, to start you off I just published a brand new book!

Three's Chastity

This is the giant chastity book that I've been talking about the last few posts. And when I said it was long I wasn't kidding was I? 84,522 words! That should keep you knee deep in kinky chastity erotica. be sure to read the free sample chapter.

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