Hardwick Taken HARD

Tv host and television personality Chris Hardwick is relaxing in his dressingroom after a long day of taping when he's told that the new studio big wig wants to see him. Little does Chris know what's in store for him when he meets a power dinoman. All male from the neck down but all tyrannosaurs rex from the neck up. And that's not the only thing animalistic about Rex Jurassic. He's an insatiable sex machine. A sex machine that has set it's eye on our favorite Talking Dead host!

Will Chris succumb to the powerful dinoman's animal magnetism?

Only by reading this free short story will you know. Just be ready for all the hardcore man on dinoman action you can handle!

P.S. This short story is written a little tongue in cheek in responce to an @Mighnight broadcast.

Male Dominant, male submissive, gay

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