The Mysterious Madam Zelda

Madam Zelda is a world famous hypnotist. With just one look into her mesmerizing eyes she can take control of you body and soul.

One night Madam Zelda is performing and she's heckled by a rude man in the audience. Madam Zelda brings him up on stage and teaches him a lesson in humiliation that he'll never forget. Madam Zelda recognizes something very special inside him and, more importantly, the woman he came with. A firm believer in female led relationships Madam Zelda decides to set this couple on a very different path in life.

After the show the couple goes backstage and tentatively knocks on Madam Zelda's dressing room door. What happens inside that dressing room redefines heir very lives. The man is hypnotically filled with a thirst, a deep-seated need, for his woman in a very special way that only she can provide. He is brought to places, filled with desires, that went unspoken for his entire life. Now brought the the surface he is slavishly devoted to her like no other. 10,865 words of hypnotic femdom fun.

Read the free sample chapter to get a hint of what this couple has in store for them. Once you have, you too will be taken in, and brought to your knees before the powers of, The Mysterious Madam Zelda. Once at her feet you will never, ever, want to leave.

This book is the free bonus chapter in the book 5 Femdom Stories.

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Be sure to read the FREE sample chapter. It will give you the best idea of what the story is like.

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