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The Mysterious Madam Zelda

By Ardor

The Mysterious Madam Zelda stood up on stage in front of a crowded audience. A gorgeous red head dressed in a dark green evening gown she was world renown for her almost magical feats of hypnotism. Her large blue green eyes seemed to have a power in them that no one could resist. Her voice, sultry with just a hint of a European accent, held everyone in a trance.

Everyone, but some jerk two tables in from the front. He heckled her, made rude sexual comments about her. He showed no respect to madam Zelda or the woman he was with.

This guy obviously thought he was the life of the party regardless of the dirty looks he got from every corner of the room. Finally, Madam Zelda had had it with him and said, “Sir, since you seem so intent to compete with me for the audience’s attention why don’t you come up here on stage?”

“Yeah, right, what are you gonna make me cluck like a chicken?” he asked in an obnoxious tone of voice and then laughed in disbelief.

“Actually,” Madam Zelda said with a seductive smile, “I find making guys like you bray like a jackass much more appropriate.”

The audience laughed and an angry look came over the obnoxious guy’s face. Madam Zelda enjoyed the crowd’s reaction for a moment or two and then her face turned serious. She stared at the guy intently and then, with a graceful wave of her hand, she seemed to pull him right out of his chair.

“Come to me little man,” Madam Zelda said as she pulled her hand backwards.

Like a marionette who’s strings had been tugged upon the obnoxious guy was yanked forward. He walked towards Madam Zelda, climbed up on stage and stood next to her. When she put her hand down at her side he looked out at the audience as if he was confused as to how he got there.
He laughed awkwardly, pointed to the audience and said, “You think I’m a jackass? What about all these jerks who actually paid to come see this nonsense?”

“They came to see a show. So let’s give them one,” Madam Zelda said with a sexy smile at the audience.

Then Madam Zelda turned to face the obnoxious guy. She looked deeply into his eyes. He dismissed her stare at first but the smile quickly faded from his face as her eyes bored holes into his very soul. She waved her hand in front of his face, snapped her fingers and said, “You are in my power.”

His eyes glazed over, his mouth dropped open and he just stared blankly forward. With a victorious grin Madam Zelda turned to the audience and said, “Tell everyone here why you feel the need to be so obnoxious.”

“I have a tiny penis.” the obnoxious man said in a daze.

The audience and Madam Zelda laughed at the obnoxious guy’s confession.

“Of course you do,” Madam Zelda said with a smile. “That should have been obvious.”

The gorgeous redhead walked in front of the obnoxious guy and, with her body blocking the audience, she opened his pants and looked down into them. Then she looked at the audience over her shoulder, held up her hand and with a smirk waved her pinkie at the audience. When the laughter died down Madam Zelda looked at the woman he came with and said, “Oh honey, I hope he knows how to use his tongue because that little thing can’t possibly do you any good.”

The woman in the audience blushed bright red and shook her head no.

“Oh sweetie,” Madam Zelda said with a compassionate look.

Madam Zelda left his pants open but his penis covered. Then she stood next to him and said, “Now, little man, as punishment for being so obnoxious to myself, the audience and your girlfriend I want you to turn around, bend over and spank yourself ten times. Each time your hand lands on your ass I want you to say I’m sorry for being a naughty boy with a tiny penis. Do you understand me?”

“Yes Madam Zelda,” he said in a monotone voice.

“Excellent, begin,” Madam Zelda commanded with a wave of her hand.

Without a word of complaint he turned around, bent over and began to do as he was ordered. The audience laughed at him as he spanked himself.
What was more interesting to Madam Zelda was that the woman he came with laughed at him as well. She hid her laughter behind her hands but she laughed all the same. The instant Madam Zelda saw that she recognized some exciting possibilities in the woman.

When he was done spanking himself Madam Zelda had him turn around and face the audience again. She told him that anytime anyone smiled or laughed at him he would smile back and wave happily or offer to shake their hand and thank them.

She quickly whispered in his ear that he and his girlfriend should come to her dressing room fifteen minutes after the show. Then she sent him back to his seat.

After that Madam Zelda continued her show uninterrupted. She performed miraculous feats of hypnotism that astounded and amazed the audience. The whole time the obnoxious guy just sat there quietly and enjoyed the show. Every now and then Madam Zelda would smile at him. The formerly obnoxious guy would happily smile back and wave at her.

After a wildly successful show, that the whole audience gave a standing ovation to, Madam Zelda relaxed in her dressing room. She had changed out of her evening gown and into a long silk robe. She sat in a chair and sipped a glass of white wine as she thought about what had happened at the show earlier that night. A smile came to her lips and not long after that a knock came to her door.

“M-Madam Zelda? We came as you asked,” the formerly obnoxious guy said nervously through the door.

“You may come in,” Madam Zelda bid the couple who’s lives she was about to change forever.

The door opened and the formerly obnoxious guy came in followed by his girlfriend. There was only one other chair in the room besides the one that Madam Zelda sat on. She pointed to the woman and said, “You, sit in the chair.” Then she pointed at the formerly obnoxious guy and said,
“You, take off all your clothes and kneel on the floor next to her. You will not speak unless spoken to.”

A surprised look came over the girlfriend’s face that was quickly replaced by a smile as she watched him do as he was told. The girlfriend sat down and looked at Madam Zelda nervously.

“What’s your name?” Madam Zelda asked the woman.

“S-Suzette,” she replied nervously.

“And what’s his name?” Madam Zelda asked as she pointed to the formerly obnoxious guy who had just stepped out of his shoes and pulled down his pants.

“Um, his name is Larry,” Suzette said nervously.

“Larry,” Madam Zelda said to herself as she watched him remove the last of his clothing.

The dressing room wasn’t very large so Suzette sat two feet in front of Madam Zelda. In order to kneel next to his girlfriend Larry would have to walk past Madam Zelda. As he did so she stopped him.

“Now that it’s out in the open I want a closer look at this tiny penis of yours,” Madam Zelda said as she grabbed Larry by the hips and turned him to face her.

She unashamedly looked right at it. She seemed to study it, scrutinize its tiniest detail. After a moment or two she looked up at Larry and said, “It certainly is a little thing.” Then she looked around his naked body at Suzette and asked, “Does it get any bigger than this when it’s hard?”

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