The Ring And The Devil

When sweet little Donna takes a trip with her best friend Betty to the family's cabin things quickly get out of hand. Donna learns things about her best friend that change their relationship forever.

The adventure starts out with some naked lesbian fun outdoors. Alone in the woods Donna and Betty get back to nature by running around in it without any clothes. Masturbation, nude photos, strap-on sex and kinky bondage play is just the beginning. The real trouble starts when submissive Donna finds a magic ring.

By accident she makes a wish that leaves her unable to wear clothes for eternity. Donna finds herself naked in public, unable to do anything about it and secretly enjoying it.

As if learning to deal with her new found bisexuality and being exposed naked in public isn't enough the devil himself starts tempting poor naked little Donna. She finds herself doing things she never thought she would.

Over 70,000 words of nude in public, exhibitionistic, kinky, lesbian fun. Read the sample chapter you won't be disappointed.

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