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The Ring and the Devil

By Ardor

Chapter 1

ring2“As far as I’m concerned I wish I could stay this way forever.”

I remember saying those words like it was yesterday. It was far from yesterday though, and, just the beginning of my adventure.

My friend Betty invited me to stay at her family’s cabin by the lake for spring break. I love the outdoors and not only didn’t I have the money to go anywhere else but I was looking forward to the quiet of the woods. School had been so hectic that I needed a break. I figured a nice quiet week or two off was just what I needed. So Betty and I tossed our stuff into the back of her car and hit the road.

I was in trouble almost from the start. We hadn’t gotten two hours into the trip and suddenly I had to pee like a racehorse.

“Betty how far are we from the nearest exit?” I asked.

“Probably a half an hour or so. We’re pretty far out already, why?”

“I have to pee,” I said with an unhappy look on my face.

“No big deal, I’ll just pull over, you can go on the side of the road.”

“No way,” I said almost shocked, “someone will see.”

“Oh come on,” she said almost annoyed, “have you seen another car in hours?”

“Well, no,” I admitted.

“So then don’t worry about it,” she said as she pulled over.

When the car stopped I got out and suddenly realized that I was wearing jeans. I would have to take them off or I’d probably piss all over myself. When I hesitated Betty got out of the car and looked at me over the roof.

“Now what’s wrong,” she asked.

“I’m wearing jeans.”

“Oh come on, I wanna get to the lake sometime this year. I’ll watch out for you,” she said as she slammed the door and walked around to my side of the car.

She took my hand and led me into the bushes by the roadside. She found a spot behind some tall shrubs and trees and just looked at me. The impatient look on Betty’s face gave me the courage to get on with it. She was standing a few feet in front of me and my back was to the road. I kicked off my shoes and then started to unbutton my pants. I hooked my thumbs into my waistband and pulled both my pants and panties down  and off. I saw Betty’s eyebrows go up when I squatted down.

“Here give me those,” she said as she reached down for my jeans and panties, “you’re getting them dirty.”

Now I was squatting totally bottomless in front of my best friend and about to pee. I felt my face redden but my need to pee over took my embarrassment. I tried to relax and let nature take its course. I closed my eyes, leaned back against the tree and felt it coming. Before long the damn burst and I was peeing full force. Right in the middle of it I opened my eyes and looked up at Betty. She wasn’t looking out at the road. Her eyes were focused intensely on my pussy. I felt myself redden all over again but I also felt something else.

Something I wasn’t at all familiar with. I tried to ignore it and finish up so I could get my pants back. I squeezed out the last few drops and looked around for something to wipe myself with. Betty reached up and grabbed a few leaves off of the tree and said, “Here.”

I spread my knees a little wider and wiped myself slowly. It was harder then I thought being that leaves aren’t nearly as absorbent as toilet paper. When I was done I looked up at Betty.

Her nipples were as hard as stones poking out of her T-shirt right at me. I was about to say something when I heard a noise behind her. To my ears it sounded like someone stepping on a stick as they walked through the woods. I totally freaked and just bolted towards the car. I ran straight to the door and pulled on the handle. It was locked! It was friggen locked! In my panic all I could think of doing was yanking on the handle over and over again.

Suddenly I heard a beep and the door opened when I yanked on the handle. I jumped in the car and crouched down in the seat. The car thumped and then Betty opened the driver’s door and got in. Without a word she started the car and we drove off.

I just sat there with my hand over my pussy and my legs crossed at the ankles until my panic faded and my mind started working again. I suddenly realized that I was wet and it wasn’t because I had just peed. What the hell is that about I thought? We were about five minutes down the road by now.

“Betty, where are my pants?” I asked.

She laughed and said, “Since you like streaking so much I just tossed them in the trunk.”

“You did what,” I asked in disbelief.

“Oh relax, if you weren’t so uptight in the first place you wouldn’t be sitting here half naked now. Besides we’re so far out now that we won’t see another person until we leave to go home. And even if we did they can’t see anything unless you stick your ass out the window.”
For some odd reason my mind pictured the unusual position I’d have to get into in order to stick my ass out the window. I just started cracking up and before long Betty joined me.

“Oh my God,” I said with a laugh, “I’d have to be a contortionist to do that.”

“Yeah,” she agreed, “like you could even do that.”

“Hey,” I said indignantly, “I do yoga three times a week you have no idea the positions I can get into!”

“Uh huh, sure you can Donna,” she said with a condescending half smile.

I admit, I sat back in my seat and just pouted for a few minutes. I have no idea why. Why did I care? Why was it pissing me off so much that Betty thought I couldn’t stick my ass out a car window? It was stupid and childish but I found myself saying, “Oh yeah? Watch this.”

I rolled the window all the way down and got up on the seat on all fours. My ass was just a little to low to fit out the window so I backed up. I found myself with my right foot on the floor so that I could raise myself up and my left leg bent at the knee for balance.

Positioned this way I leaned forward, moved back and my ass went right out the window. My eyes flew wide open and I said, “Ohhhh...”

“What?” Betty asked.

“The, um, wind is, it feels good.”

“Really,” she asked with a smile, “then go on, do what you have to I won’t tell anyone.”

I looked at her like she had just offered me a plate of golf balls covered in peanut butter and anchovies but after a few seconds my hand actually started to reach for my pussy. I had just lightly touched my clit when I saw headlights coming in the opposite direction. I dove down flat on the seat and found my face in Betty’s lap. She petted my head and said with a smile, “Oh baby, I had no idea you went that way.”

I laughed at her, bit her thigh and sat up.

“Ouch, that freakin’ hurt,” she said as she rubbed her thigh.

“Oh please, I didn’t bite you that hard. Besides, I know you like it rough. I heard you having sex with your ex.”

“Oh that,” she said with a smile, “it wasn’t me who liked it rough. It was David, if you know what I mean.”

“Um, no, I’m not sure that I do,” I replied with a curious look.

“Well, he got off on me being a little dominant.”

“No way,” I said stunned, “what did you two do?”

I sat with my back resting on the passenger door. My right leg was on the floor and my left leg was bent at the knee so that I was sitting on my foot.

“He used to like it when I, spanked him,” she said with a barely contained smile.

“Really,” I asked in a quiet voice, squirming so that my asshole rubbed against my foot.

I had leaned back and arched my back just a bit. My right hand rested on my thigh but it was inching closer to my pussy as I thought about Betty spanking David.

“Yeah, promise never to tell anyone?” she asked.

“I swear I won’t say a word as long as you promise to keep this,” I motioned at her with my naked hips, “a secret.”

“Deal,” she said as she smiled at me. “He liked me to force him to strip naked and call him a bad, naughty boy. Then I’d make him bend over my lap and spank him.”

“Mmmmmm,” I moaned.

My hand was lightly stroking my pussy now.

“Once, I even... Swear never to breath a word about this?”

“I swear, I swear,” I said breathing a little faster.

“Once I even fucked him up the ass with a strap-on!”

“No way,” I said in disbelief.

“Yep, buggered him but good, and he loved it.”

“Tell me about it, please,” I begged with two fingers slipping deep into my pussy and my thumb rubbing my clit.

“I made him strip naked and then I tied his hands behind his back. Then I made him undress me with his teeth. It took him forever and got me so fucking hot to watch him struggle with my clothes as his hard cock bounced up and down.”

“MMmmm,” I moaned as I rubbed my pussy.

“After I was naked I strapped on my cock like it was a gun belt. Then I picked him up and threw him over the edge of the bed. I was so fucking
turned on.”

“Oh yeah,” I said leaning back just a bit so that my head was out the open window.

“Then I picked up the tube of lube. I wanted so badly to fuck him like the little slut he was but I also wanted to make him beg for it. So I squeeze some lube out on my finger and then spread his ass. I caressed his little hole with my slippery finger and then gently pushed it in.”

“Oh God, “I moaned.

“My slippery finger slid in him easily. In fact he actually moved back to meet my thrusting hand.”

The wind in my face, my fingers deep in my pussy and the fantastic visuals Betty was describing to me were all too wonderful. I leaned my head back out the window, arched my back, pressed my thumb hard against my clit with my fingers wiggling deep inside me and came my brains out. I don’t even remember what I might have said or thought after that because the next thing I knew Betty was whispering in my ear.

“Come on sleepy head time to go inside,” she said.

I opened my eyes slowly to see an upside down Betty who smiled at me sweetly.

“Huh?” I asked confused.

“We’re here at the lake house.”

“I guess I must have fallen asleep,” I said a little embarrassed. “I’ll help you bring in the bags.”

“All ready taken care of.”

“Aw Betty, I’m sorry, you should have woken me.”

“Don’t worry about it. We didn’t bring that much stuff and it was a cheap price to pay for the show you gave me.”

I felt myself blush all the way down to my toes and didn’t know what to say. I just sat up and turned around to get out of the car. When I opened the door Betty stood back and just looked at me. I blushed again as I remembered that I was naked from the waist down.

“What did you do with my clothes?” I asked hesitantly.

“They’re inside on your bed.”


“Donna there’s no one around here for miles and miles. You have nothing to worry about, watch,” she said as she reached down and lifted her shirt right off her back.

Completely topless she grabbed her boobs, one in each hand and gave them a squeeze. Then she threw her hands skyward letting her T-shirt fly and spun around squealing like a little girl.

“See? Completely safe, now come in the house.”

After that display what could I do? I hopped out of the car, closed the door and followed her up to the cabin. I have to admit it felt pretty good to be nearly naked outdoors. Never having tried anything even remotely like this before I was a little surprised at how good it felt. I stopped for a second a few feet from the door and Betty turned and asked me, “What’s up?”

“Nothing,” I said, “just enjoying the outdoors.”

“Ohhh, if you liked that then wait until you try skinny-dipping.”

Chapter 2

The cabin was pretty basic. There was a simple living room, small kitchen with a dinner table and some bedrooms off to the side. I looked into two empty bedrooms and then saw all of our stuff in the third.

“This place is amazing,” I said.

“Yeah, my Dad bought it when my brother and I were kids. We spent summers and school vacations up here for ages. I’ve always loved it up here.”

“I can see why, it’s gorgeous.”

“Yeah it is,” she said from behind me.

I looked at her over my shoulder and wasn’t sure if she was talking about the cabin or my ass. There was an awkward minute of silence and then she suggested we get something to eat. Suddenly I realized that it was late afternoon and I hadn’t had a thing to eat since breakfast. We went into the kitchen and opened the fridge. Betty must have already put all the food in there because it was pretty well stocked. As she bent over to look through the fridge I couldn’t help letting my eyes wander over her still naked back down to her ass in her tight jeans. There was that feeling again that I couldn’t place.

I’ve never had sexual feeling for a girl before so this was kind of weird. When she suddenly stood up and turned around with sandwich stuff in each hand I was confronted with her boobs. They were round and firm and her nipples pointed out at me. I suddenly wondered what they would feel like in my mouth. I wondered what her soft breasts would feel like crushed up against my face.

“Donna? Donna? Earth to Donna!”

“Huh? Oh sorry, I was lost in thought for a minute there. What did you say?”

“I said stop staring at my tits and tell me what you want in your sandwich.”

“Um, ham?” I said embarrassed at being caught.

“That’s good because we have turkey and roast beef. I do have some breast of Betty though,” she said as she practically pushed her boobs in my

I jumped back and fell over on my butt. I looked up at her flustered and out of reflex said, “I didn’t, I mean I wasn’t, I...”

“Oh relax Donna, I was just teasing you. Besides I know you caught me staring at your pussy before so now we’re even.”

“I guess,” I said as she helped me up.

We made sandwiches and drinks. Betty grabbed a big bag of chips and said, “Grab the drinks and follow me.”

I did as she asked and watched her walk in front of me not even realizing where we were headed until she opened the back door. She walked out onto a little patio and set the food down on a table and said, “God, I love it out here. It’s so beautiful.”

Then she kicked off her shoes, unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them and her panties off in one tug. She tossed them over by the door, sat down in the sun and started eating her sandwich. I was a little stunned as she just sat there completely naked without a care. After a minute she looked up at me and asked, “Well are you going to stand there and stare or are you going to join me?”

I shrugged pulled my T-shirt and bra off and then sat down next to her and took a bite out of my sandwich.

She looked surprised but then laughed and said, “Now you’re getting into the spirit of things.”

“It is a little weird,” I confessed, “but it does feel amazing to be naked outside.”

“MMMmmmmm, tell me about it. I’ve been going naked out here since I was about 16.”

“No way! And you never got caught by your folks?”  I asked.

“They were always sound a sleep. I used to go on naked midnight hikes.”

“Holy shit, you’re kidding?” I asked.

“Nope I used to wander around the woods stark naked.”

“What was it like?” I asked fascinated by the idea.

“Well,” she said pausing to think, “the big risk was sneaking out of the cabin. Once I had done that I was home free. Like I said, there’s no one around here for miles.”

“So you hid your clothes somewhere after you snuck out?”

“Mostly,” she admitted, “but a few times, feeling really brave, I stripped under the covers and snuck out of the cabin naked as you see me right now. It was a real thrill. In fact, I got so worked up I masturbated lying in the grass back there. The funny thing is a few days later my Mom wanted to have picnic on the same spot.”

“No way,” I said in disbelief.

“Yep, I had this goofy smile on my face for hours. I almost gave the whole thing away. My Dad told me a couple of times that I looked like the cat that ate the canary. He figured I was up to something but I’m sure he had no idea what. Still, I played it safe for the next few nights just to be sure.”

“And how often have you come up here since then?” I asked.

“Whenever I can. I dragged David up her a couple of times but he was no fun. He didn’t get into being naked outside,” she said munching on some chips. “How about you? Wanna go for a walk?”

“Really? Right now?” I asked.

“When we’re done eating, yeah,” she said.

“There’s really no one around here for miles?”

“Nope, my Dad bought the property about twenty years ago for almost nothing. He got it so cheap he bought all he could get his hands on. There are no neighbors and the only road up here is that dirt road we drove up on. The nearest hiking trail is on the other side of the county. I think Dad gets some kind of tax break for preserving the land as it is. There are no bears or anything like that but there is wild life out there. They’re naked so
why shouldn’t we be?”

“Are you a closet naturist or something?”

“Nah, nudity is to much of a turn on for me. I mean I get the whole naked is natural thing but I’ve been to nude beaches. They’re just weird to me. People are either trying to look or trying to hard not to look. Out here I can just relax and enjoy.”

“You make it sound fun,” I said a little turned on.

“It is, you’ll see,” she said with a wink.

We finished our sandwiches and chatted, mostly about school stuff. Then after we were both done eating she said, “Come on let’s go hiking.”

By that point I had almost forgotten I was naked. I was relaxed and felt pretty natural. There wasn’t a sound to be heard that wasn’t made by Mother Nature so the fear of being seen was practically gone.

“OK sure,” I said excited by the idea.

Betty stood up and grabbed what was left of the chips and plates.

“Let me just toss the stuff inside. Otherwise the raccoons might get to it.”

“OK sure,” I said sitting back.

Once she was inside I was alone and naked outdoors for the first time in my life. It surprised me how wonderful it felt simply to be naked outside. The wind, the sun all felt too good to believe. I stood up and stretched out. I spread my legs a little and raised my hands above my head. Then for some reason I did a little twirl. My breasts bounced and swayed as the wind caressed me. It felt like cool velvet on my skin.

“Uh hum,” Betty said as she interrupted my little dance.

I popped my eyes open and saw Betty standing just outside the back door.

“Having fun?” she asked.

“Actually, I really am,” I said. “Let’s go for that hike.”

“Awesome,” she said smiling. “I’ll show you my favorite trail.”

“Oh wait can I get my digital?”

“Sure, just hurry it up,” she said with a smile that seemed

especially bright.

“K,” I said as I bolted indoors.

I ran to my bag and fished out my camera. As I checked it over real quick I noticed my shirt and bra on the bed. Betty must have dumped them there when she took in lunch. Feeling safe and not really having time I just left them there and ran back out to Betty. When I got back out to her she said, “I wanted you to rush but you didn’t have to bounce your tits off.”

“It is funny running naked. I don’t think I’ve been without a bra since I was twelve,” I laughed.

“Yeah,” she said as she lead me towards the hiking trail, “but it gives you a good excuse to hold onto your tits.”

I just laughed at her and asked, “Why’s this trail your favorite?”

“For one thing it’s not rocky, mostly just soft dirt and grass. So it’s easy on the feet. For the other the view is amazing!”

“That’s why I ran back for my camera.”

“And here I was hoping it was because you wanted to take naked pictures of me,” she said turning to look at me with an exaggerated pout.

Without skipping a beat I took off my lens cap and pointed the camera at her.

“That’s right pout for the camera baby,” I said imitating what I thought a fashion photographer might sound like.

She immediately started to pose for me and I clicked away like crazy, glad that I had a large memory card.  At first the poses were cutesy cheesecake type pictures but after she ran out of those she started to get sexier. She grabbed her tits and squeezed them together, she pinched her nipples and then she put her hands between her legs. It just rested on her shaved pussy for a second and then she said, “Would you mind taking some really naughty pictures of me?”

“Are you serious?” I asked constantly being surprised by this woman I thought I knew like a sister.

“Sure, I always wanted to try and what better time? I’m in a gorgeous setting, I have a photographer I trust and love and, well, frankly I’ve been horny as hell since I watched you get off before.”

I felt my face flush a little after the last part. Some how being reminded that I had masturbated in front of her made me feel that I owed her, or maybe she owed me. I have to admit I was also kind of curious to see how she’d pose so I said, “OK.”

She grabbed me by the hand and led me a little further down the path. We came out from between the trees and opened up into a beautiful little clearing. It was covered with soft grass and shaded by tall trees. She lay down in the grass and said, “I’m ready for my close up Mr. De Mille.”

It started out with more cheesecake pictures. First she lay on her back and then on her side. After that she rolled over on her stomach and I got a really nice butt shot. Then she got up on all fours. I was behind her so I got another nice shot of her behind but then she spread her knees, put her head down on the grass and her right hand on her pussy. She looked so sexy, so wanton...

“Don’t move I want to get this pose from different angles,” I said looking at her from behind the camera.

I took a few shots from different angles then I got up close behind her and asked, “How naughty do you want to these to be?”

She hesitated for a second, smiled and then said, “Really fucking naughty.”

“OK, then finger yourself,” I said quickly before I chicken out.

She didn’t say anything but her fingers began moving. They teased her lips and circled her clit and then finally slipped gently inside. She was almost dripping wet and I caught every second of it.

When I had gotten all I could from that pose I backed up and told her to roll over in another position. She flipped on her back and spread her legs wide and went back at it again.  She arched her back and the summer sun shone through the trees and played across her body.

“You’re beautiful,” I said still clicking away, “don’t stop.”

“Mm,” she said between strokes, “do you really think I’m beautiful?”

“With out a doubt,” I said as I snapped away.

She rolled around in the grass as I clicked away. After I got all the obvious angles I started to get creative. I got up close by her side and snapped a picture of her face drenched in pleasure and framed by her tits. When she brought a hand up to play with her tit I got a really nice shot of that. She wasn’t really posing anymore. She was openly masturbating and I was just recording it for her. Not being able to resist the main act I moved down her body and took pictures of her hands busy in her pussy.

Then I moved around and got down in the grass between her legs. I laid down between her legs, my head so close to her pussy that I could almost taste it and I snapped away. I was almost hypnotized by her busy fingers. An urge slowly grew in me to just push her hand away and press my face into her. I was becoming more and more tempted as time went on but she was getting closer and closer to orgasm and I didn’t want to ruin it for her. I’ve had enough clumsy boyfriends to know how horrible that is. So I slipped back quietly and kept snapping away and as she came.

After she came Betty just lay there breathing softly for a few minutes. She looked beautiful so I took a few more pictures. When she lazily opened her eyes it was to look right in my lens. Then I noticed her eyes flick downward and realized I was squatting right by her head. Suddenly I realized that I was wet and excited. I wanted to move but I couldn’t find the strength.

At last she broke the tension, looked up at me and said, “Glad you enjoyed the show.”

“Wait until you see the pictures,” I replied with a naughty smile.

“Oh, let me see,” she said as she quickly sat up.

As I turned on the camera’s picture preview mode she leaned in close to me. I could feel one of her breasts press up against my arm and her thigh touch mine. Her skin was warm and soft but her nipple was still hard. I pushed the button that displayed the images saved in the camera. Betty moved up against me gently as she watched me flip through the images. Her body shifted slightly up and down or back and forth. I tried to pretend that I was paying attention to the pictures as I flipped through them. I said things like, I like this one or that pose was really hot.

The truth was that all I could feel was her thigh against mine and her breast against my arm. At one point she put her left arm behind my body and twisted her upper torso a little. That put my arm right between her tits. Suddenly I could understand what men saw in titty fucking as both of her soft warm tits caressed either side of my arm. It felt good, but I wished it was my face not my arm she surrounded.

We came to the end of the pictures and the really explicit close ups I took of her fingering herself. Even though the pictures were small on the tiny preview screen you could see everything.

“Holy shit,” she said, “did you crawl up between my legs?”

“Well, you said you wanted really fucking naughty pictures didn’t you? Besides, I think they’re hot. I’ve never seen another pussy that close up before. It looks like pink candy on the inside.”

“Really,” she asked a little worried, “you weren’t grossed out?”

“I have to admit I’m not sure what to make of it but, nope, not in the slightest.”

Then taking me completely by surprise she hugged me and said, “We’re going to have so much fun this week. I can’t believe I finally found a naked friend.”

Then she grabbed me by the hand and said, “Come on lets take a dip in the lake. I could use one.”

“OK,” I said a little confused.

She pulled me along by the hand. The two of us ran until we were back on the path. Then a little farther down it wound around a bit and opened up again to the lake.

“Oh, Betty it’s beautiful,” I said in awe.

The lake was wide and calm. The trees surrounded it in parts and in other places there were what looked like a small beach. On the left the ground seemed to rise and there was a sort of cliff that ended right on the edge of the lake. On the cliff was a huge old tree with a limb that hung over the edge. A thick rope had been tied around the limb with a knot at the bottom. It was postcard picture perfect and it was all ours.

I found a tree near by that had a broken limb. I hung my camera strap over it as Betty ran for the lake. She just jumped in and swam out like a fish. When she finally popped up she looked around for me and screamed, “Come on in Donna, the water’s fantastic.”

I’m no fish but I can swim well enough to keep from drowning. So I walked out into the water until it was about waist high and then swam out to her.

“This is absolutely gorgeous Betty. I can’t believe this place.”

“I know,” Betty said with a smile, “don’t you just love it?”

We swam around for a while playing in the water like kids. It felt so good. Swimming naked is as different from swimming with a suit just like bowling is different from nuclear physics. It’s something about the way the water flows over your completely naked body, fantastic. I wouldn’t have passed this up for anything in the world. Finally tiring out some Betty suggested we head towards shore. I swam off after her and found her waiting for me in the shallow end.

“Come with me, I want to show you something,” Betty said as she offered me her hand.

I took it without question and we walked through the water. She led me over to the cliff that towered high above us. When we got closer I saw that there were some rocks on the other side of it. The water got a little deep there so it was a little tougher going.

“Where are you taking me?” I asked.

She looked at me and said, “To my secret hide away.”

“Come on, really,” I said because I thought she was being a tease.

“Seriously, I found this place as a kid and it’s just beautiful. Wait until you see it.”

“OK, where is it?” I asked.

“Just a bit past these rocks is the opening to the cave.”

The water got deeper so we had to swim. After a few minutes she said, “It’s just over here follow me.”

She swam off to the left and I followed her. I couldn’t help notice how her ass would bounce in and out of the water, muscles flexing strongly, as she swam. We came up to what looked like a solid wall of rock. She stopped and said, “OK, about four feet under is the opening to the cave. Then we’ll have to swim about another six feet until we can come up for air. Do you think you can handle it?”

“How the heck did you even find this place?” I asked.

“Leave a very board kid alone with nothing to do and you wouldn’t believe what they’d get up to,” she said with a smile. “Now take a deep breath and follow me.”

I did as she asked and then followed her under the water. It was surprisingly clearer then I expected it to be. I could see Betty’s naked body cutting through the water with more grace then I could manage.

We swam down and just as she said the entrance was right there. Then quickly forward and after about six feet, as she said, the bottom came up to meet us. The water got too shallow to swim in so I happily stood up. It wasn’t a long swim and I still had plenty of air left but not being able to see the surface made me feel a little claustrophobic. When I stood up and looked around what I saw made it more then worth it. There was a sort of sandy beach on the right side of the cave and there were little pools of water, some of them deep enough to swim in, others kind of hot tub like.

The roof of the cave domed high above us and had a skylight a little off center. It let in just enough light to let you see but it was a soft dim light that made everything seem safe and womb like. It was like a private beach by moonlight lit up for just Betty and I.

“Betty, it’s amaz-”  As I turned to look at her the words caught in my mouth. I saw her softly lit and reflected in the pools of water.

“What,” she asked worried.

 Betty looked around like I saw something dangerous.

“Nothing,” I looked away.

She came up to me, took me gently by both shoulders, turned me to face her and asked, “Really, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong,” I said shyly as I looked up at her. “You just looked so beautiful standing there in the light it kind of took me by surprise.”

We were stood very close, her body almost touched mine.

“Donna, have you ever kissed another woman?” she asked me looking into my eyes.


She pulled me to her first pressing our bodies together and then pressing her lips against mine. It was one of the most amazing kisses I’ve ever had. As I leaned into it though I moved my foot and stepped on something. Betty pulled me to her harder and I needed to keep pressure on that foot to keep us from falling over. It hurt but not in anyway enough to stop me from kissing her. Eventually we had to come up for air.

“How was that?” she asked.

“It hurt my foot,” I said as my head spun.

“What?” she asked confused.

“Oh, I mean it was fantastic but I’m stepping on a rock or something,” I said as I came out of my hormone induced coma.

“Oh my God I’m sorry,” she said and started to pull away.

I pulled her back and kissed her hard this time.

“Don’t ever be sorry for that. It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced.”

She smiled and said, “We should probably see if your foot is OK though.”

“Yeah, we should,” I said as I looked into her eyes.

“It’s probably just a rock or something,” she said as she stepped back.

I moved my foot and looked down. What I saw in the clear water didn’t look like a rock to me. It looked colorful and shiny. I bent down and picked it up. It was a ring, a large silver ring with a shimmery blue and purple stone. I held out my hand, and in a trance, I slipped it on. Somehow it seemed to adjust to fit me like it was made for my hand. Betty came up behind me, looked at it over my shoulder and said, “It’s beautiful, I

wonder where it came from?”

“This cave was used by a tribe of Indians that lived here before recorded history. They were a small group but they were very knowledgeable in the mysteries that govern the universe. This was the magic ring of their high priestess and this cave was part of their temple. They considered these waters their sacred baths and a path to spiritual and sexual enlightenment.”

Betty turned me around so that she could look me in the eye and asked, “How did you know that?”

“I don’t know, when you asked the information just appeared in my head.”

“Maybe you’d better take it off Donna. This is kind of weird don’t you think?”

“Nah, don’t worry about it. It’s just a pretty piece of jewelry that I found in a cave.” I stopped, smiled and then said, “But that’s not all I found in this cave.”

I kissed her again and she melted into my arms. We made out for a little while and when we came up for air and that’s when it happened. I looked at the ring over her shoulder as we stood there embracing.

As it shimmered in a beam of light I said, “I’m so happy right now, as far as I’m concerned, I wish I could stay this way forever.”

A shimmer that was somehow different from the way it shimmered a moment ago rippled through the stone. I felt funny for a moment but then it passed.

“What was that?” Betty asked.

I felt so good as I stood there naked, horny and hugging the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I leaned back a bit so I could see Betty’s face and said, “Ah, it was probably nothing... You know, there are a lot of other things I’ve never done with a woman before. Do you think you could help me with that?”

She smiled and said, “What do you think I brought you here for?”

“Oh I see, you just brought me here to seduce me. To put me under the spell of your womanly charms and have your way with me huh?”

“Well, basically yeah, that was the plan.”

“Then I think you’d,” I paused for a kiss, “better get on with the plan.”

She took me by the hand and led me over to the sandy beach area of the cave. We started kissing again as we dropped to our knees. Once kneeling I felt her hands roam all over my body. She squeezed my ass with one hand and a breast with the other. I put both my hands on her ass and squeezed pulling her to me. Our breasts rubbed together feeling like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

“Has,” she asked as she kissed my neck and her hands cupped my ass, “anyone ever played with your ass before?”

I was hot and only getting hotter. The way her soft lips fluttered over my skin drove me wild.

“No,” I said breathlessly, “an old boyfriend wanted to try but I was too scared.”

“Will you trust me? I promise I won’t hurt you.”

“You can do anything to me you want.”

“Mmmmm, I like the sound of that. Lay down on your back.”

I did as she asked and she started to kiss her way down my body. She sucked on both of my tits as her hand kept moving it’s way downward. The first touch of my pussy was electric and felt fantastic. Her slim fingers slid gracefully inside of me and against my clit. I don’t think I’ve ever been wetter or more excited.

I thought she was going to bring me off with her fingers but after a few minutes she quickly moved her head down to my pussy. Her tongue slithered around my clit as her fingers continued to work their way in and out of me. I was going to come soon but I had no idea how hard. With my orgasm clearly in sight she stopped licking and told me to get on all fours. I quickly did as she asked wanting to do anything that would help her bring me off. I wasn’t prepared for what she did though.

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