The Party

Terri answers an ad in a local bondage magazine for a "party servant." She's asked to strip completely naked masturbate herself as proof she can handle the responsibility of being a servant. Horny Terri is used in the hallway and then is led out into the party area to prove she's willing to anything to make the party guests happy. She services six servants, both male and female, in a mini sex party that is just the warm up to the main event.

After she's kissed each servant "good bye" she's led to the groomer who gets her ready for the party. She's showered, shaved and dressed in an outfit that reveals more than it covers and a flashing light that lets everyone know she's open for business. She also adored with pictures of every sex act she performed so all the guests can see just what kind of service she can perform.

The guests pluck the naughty photos off of Terri's outfit leaving it a shredded mess. However, that only makes it that much easier for her to serve them as they please. Terri is tied and teased until she begs everyone at the party for release.

The only female submissive story I've written. 15,700 words of kinky public sex.

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Male Dominant, Female Submissive, humiliation,

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The Study

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