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The Party

By Ardor

Chapter 1

I was sitting back in my chair looking over the guest list and making some final arrangements for the party that I was having in a few hours when I heard a knock at my office door.

"Yes?" I said in a stern voice.

"I'm here to work the party, Master." A weak female voice said through the door.

I stared at the door and thought for a second before I realized who this must be. A woman had answered the ad. I took out in  "Submissive Fantasies" a local bondage magazine. She was inexperienced but sounded eager so agreed to give her an interview.

"Come in!" I said almost angrily.

The door opened slowly and she walked in. She was attractive with a nice body that I knew my "guests" would enjoy. I leered at her making no attempt to hide the fact that I was staring at her body.

"I've told you what I expect of my servants but I'm going to tell you once more so there will be no misunderstanding. If accepted you will be a servant at a large upscale party. You will be given a costume to wear that will expose more of you then it covers and you won't be allowed any undergarments. You will serve drinks and food to the guests with perfect grace and poise or you will be punished. You're also expected to do anything a guest asks you regardless of their sex. You would be an absolute servant existing only for their pleasure. You will be expected to perform sexual acts with or on anyone that asks you regardless of their sex. You will be expected to perform orally, vaginally and anally with or for any guest that asks you to. Do you understand and agree to this?"

She looked at me and I could see her shaking but I couldn't tell if it was with desire or fear. Her nipples were hard and I wasn't sure but I thought I could smell her arousal in the air.

"Yes, sir." she said in a shaky voice "I understand and agree completely."

"Excellent." I said showing a little smile for the first time since she came in the room. "The only other formality is this." I said as reached into my desk drawer and took out a piece of paper.

"Read this form carefully, it says just what I told you. This is your only chance to back out. Once you sign it you're contractually bound and there's no turning back."

She looked at me wide eyed and then gently picked up the piece of paper. I gave her plenty of time to study it. I don't want a servant that has second thoughts about what she's doing. I saw her look up at me over the paper. Her eyes round and pleading then she asked for a pen. I gave her one and after she signed the form I took it from her and filed it carefully. Then I sat back in my chair again and calmly, almost as if it was nothing, told her to strip. I watched as she took off her clothes her fingers trembling as slowly more and more of her naked body was reveled to me.

"Your name is Terri correct?"

"Yes Sir."

"From what you've told me you don't have any experience in bondage and submission games is that correct? It's all been fantasy up 'till now?"

"Yes Sir."

"I bet you've laid awake at night in bed playing with your wet pussy as you imagine yourself naked at the hands of some stranger."

"Yes Sir, I have,” she admitted blushingly.

"I'm glad to hear that but I don't want you to worry about being a novice at this. In fact it may attract more attention to you once I let it be known that you are a novice. Many of my guests like to initiate a new comer. I will have to test you though to see if you can really go through with it. I don't want you panicking in the middle of the party and ruining it for the others. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir,” she said as she took off the last of her clothes and put them on the desk before me.

"You have a lovely body Terri." I said as I gathered up her clothes and put them into the bottom drawer of my desk and locked it. "You won't have any need for these for the rest of the night so I'll just keep them here where they'll be safe. Now turn around, face the door, bend over and spread your ass cheeks for me.”

She did what I said giving me a beautiful view of her asshole and pussy from behind.

"Have you ever been fucked up the ass before Terri?"

"Yes Sir, after I got used to it I enjoyed it very much."

"I like to hear things like that from my servants. Here take this tube of K-Y jelly and lube up your asshole for me.

She turned around just enough to grab the tube off the desk but other wise did move. She has great potential I thought! Then she opened the tube and put some lubricant on the end of one of her slender fingers and rubbed it into her exposed asshole.

"Get it deep into you! I want you to be really lubed up!" I said.

As she was sliding her finger in and out of her asshole I got out my Polaroid and took a few shots. At first I was just going to pass them around the party but then I thought it would be an even better idea if I pinned them to the back of her uniform. I smiled thinking of the humiliation she'd feel.

After she'd gotten herself ready I had her sit on top of my desk in front of me and spread her legs wide. I took some more shots as she fucked herself with a long dildo. What a beautiful picture of lust and submission she was. I had just begun to test her though. I helped her off the desk telling her to be sure to keep the dildo in place. Then I opened the office door and told her to come with me. She just looked at me scared. Sometimes a submissive needs a little help to realize what she can truly be so I gave her an angry stare and pointed at the door. She carefully walked out into the hallway and I followed close behind with my Polaroid in hand. Even though the dildo was deep in her ass it was so long that a good four or five inches stuck out from between her pretty cheeks. I grabbed the end with my hand and used it to steer her through the hall she made a little sound of surprise that caused me to smile.

I made her walk slowly so that I could really enjoy using the dildo on her. Also I wanted the few people that passed us to be able to see what I was doing to her. As we walked I looked down the end of the hallway and saw Cindy coming towards us. She's one of my partners in the "entertainment" business. I had told her about Terri but she was skeptical.

Cindy looked ravishing in her long, black evening dress. It was revealing but very tastefully so. I knew she'd help me test Terri very well. I stopped her in the hallway so that Cindy could come up to us. At first she didn't even recognize that Terri was standing there with us. We talked about party matters. Making sure that everything was arranged and ready.

"I've just come from the ballroom,” Cindy said. "The servants have set up everything wonderfully. It looks beautiful."

"I was just taking Terri over to them as a reward for their hard work."

Cindy looked at Terri as if she just came into existence and then smiled at her warmly.

"So this is the one you told me about?" she said as her hand rubbed the flat of Terri's stomach.

"Yes what do you think?" I asked.

“Well, she is pretty but is she eager?"

I looked down at Cindy's hand to see it covering Terri's pussy. Cindy's sleek fingers gracefully slipped between the lips of Terri's pussy to feel her wetness.

“MMM," Cindy moaned in approval. Then she brought her fingers up to Terri's nose.

"Have you ever eaten a woman?" Cindy asked her.

"No Ma’am," Terri answered.

"Do you enjoy the smell of your own pussy?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"How about the taste?"

Terri started to answer her but before she could get the first word out of her mouth Cindy put her wet fingers into it. As Terri was forced to lick Cindy's fingers clean I gave the dildo a little turn and moved it in and out of her tight ass. Cindy smiled and then looked at me as if to ask me if she could go further. I nodded my head in approval.

"Get on your knees." Cindy ordered.

Cindy took her fingers out of Terri's mouth and pushed her to her knees. Then she undid a few buttons and the already high slit in her skirt went all the way up her thigh! She moved the front of her dress aside and then grabbed Terri by the back of her head and pushed her face into her pussy.

"Eat me,” Cindy ordered as she humped Terri's face right there in the hallway.

Terri seemed to be doing her best but I thought she needed some more encouragement. I ran my hand over her smooth ass and then I started to spank her. As her ass turned red I couldn't resist the urge to take out the dildo and fuck her. I pulled on the end of it and it slid out smoothly. She was probably surprised that I took it out but Cindy had Terri's head pushed firmly in her crotch so there was no way she could turn around to see what I was doing.

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