Kathy The Nudie Girl

Kathy was a normal, shy girl. Then one day she started to experiment with her wardrobe. Before she knew it Kathy was doing all sorts of unusual things. You might say that Kathy "enjoys" the great outdoors in a way most nature lovers haven't even thought of. At first it started out in the privacy of her own home. Then, somehow, it got out of control. It got waaaaay out of control. Before long Kathy found herself doing things in public that she never, ever, thought she'd do.

Thankfully her good friend Colleen is there to keep lookout for her. Of course when the two of them got caught one day, in the mall, by another friend of Kathy's things jump to an entirely different level.

The problem is the more trouble Kathy finds herself in, the more Colleen embarrasses and humiliates her, the more Kathy likes it.

Kathy is exposed to things, and places, she's never even considered before. Kathy is exposed to all sorts of new things in the mall, in the park, in her very own neighborhood and then for the grand finale her old friend introduces her a brand new way to work.

Try the free sample chapter for a true feel of what Kathy is really about. The entire story is 40,095 words that will expose you to a whole new way to see the world.

The version of this story on Amazon is censored because of their rules. I had to change references to the main characters being stepsisters and I had to change a character at the end of the story from being their mother to a friend regardless of the fact that there is no real incest in this story. The original uncensored version of this story is available here through my site.


As a special thank you for buying directly from me this story comes with a free 13,525 word bonus chapter that is only available here on my website.

A former boss of Kathy's gets her to work as her naked assistant. Kathy takes a naked ride from her house to work and toys with public nudity the entire way.

Be sure to read the FREE sample chapter. It will give you the best idea of what the story is like.

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Kathy The Nudie Girl

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