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Kathy The Nudie Girl

By Ardor

Chapter 1

Kathy was just sitting around the house watching TV when the phone rang.

“Hello.” Kathy said as she answered the phone.

“Hey sis, it’s Colleen. I’m going to the mall to do some shopping. Do you wanna come?”

“Um, sure,” Kathy said as she looked down at her naked body.

Kathy had been going naked around the house for about a week now. She always kept the curtains closed and no one knew or saw a thing about it. However, it was always a subtle turn on for her when she talked to someone on the phone while she was naked.

“Cool, I’m in the neighborhood. I’ll be right by,” Colleen said and then hung up the phone.

    Kathy slowly put down the phone and then looked at her naked body. The idea came into her head the minute she heard Colleen say that she was in the neighborhood. She could just sit there and watch TV, naked, until her stepsister came over. When Colleen came in Kathy could pretend it wasn’t a big deal and get dressed when it was time to leave. That way she’d actually be naked in front of someone.

“Am I really going to do this?” She thought as she tried to get up her nerve.

    Kathy just sat there and stared at the TV in a daze. She sat there for so long, wrapped up in her own thoughts about her nudity, that she actually jumped when the door bell rang. This was her chance.

    It was also her only opportunity to back out. If she got dressed quickly, made some kind of excuse as to why she had kept Colleen waiting then her naked time at home would remain her secret.

    Kathy got up and walked towards the front door, naked.

    She stood behind the door and thought about opening it. Then she realized that it might not even be her stepsister. “God,” she thought, “what if I opened the door stark naked and it turned out to be a stranger? It could be the mailman, the paperboy or who knows on the other side of that door.”

It was a really exciting idea but too much for Kathy.

“Sis? Is that you?” Kathy asked hesitantly.

“Yeah, it’s me, open up already.” Colleen said impatiently.

    Quickly, before she could change her mind Kathy just reached out and turned the door knob.

    When she opened the door the bright, late morning light and a cool breeze flooded in and surrounded her. Her stepsister, Colleen, stood there dumbfounded for a second.

“Kathy, you’re naked,” Colleen exclaimed in disbelief.

“Y-yeah, I um, hang around the house like this during the day sometimes,” Kathy said shakily.

“What are you a nudist or something now?” Colleen asked in disbelief.

“No, and no one knows about this. You’re the first, and only person, who’s ever seen me, like this,” Kathy said looking down at her naked body.

“Well then, you’d better let me in and close the door or the whole neighborhood will be in on your secret,” Colleen said as she laughed at her stepsister.

“Oh my God,” Kathy replied in horror.

    Kathy quickly grabbed Colleen by the arm, pulled her inside and then slammed the door shut.

    Colleen just laughed some more and then said, “You’re too much. You run around the house naked, open the front door like that and then are shocked by the idea that someone could see you?”

“I, uh,” Kathy stammered as she leaned with her back against the door as if she was trying to hold back the fifth brigade, “didn’t think. Maybe this was a bad idea after all.”

“Nah, relax,” Colleen said. “We’re sisters, it’s cool. Besides, I’ve already seen you so I know your dirty little secret.”

The phrase, dirty little secret, echoed in Kathy’s head.

“If only she knew,” Kathy thought.

“Y-you won’t say anything will you?” Kathy asked, a little scared that she might have bitten off more than she could chew.

“Yeah, like, I’m gonna run and phone CNN right now,” Colleen joked. “Woman finds sister naked at home, film at eleven.”

    Visions of being shown naked on the 11 o’clock news swam through Kathy’s head. Images of her as she stood naked in her open front door as dozens of cameramen filmed her.

    Kathy would be humiliated as the whole world saw her naked body and knew her dirty little secret. The idea excited and terrified Kathy so she quickly snapped herself back to reality. Then she saw her stepsister was just teasing her so she relaxed a little.

    As Kathy walked towards Colleen, who had planted herself on the couch, she started to feel self-conscious again. Kathy was Colleen’s stepsister. She had been adopted by Colleen’s family when she was very young. They’d been together so long though that they thought of each other as real sisters. So much so that, even though they both knew the truth, they very rarely refereed to the other as a stepsister.

    Colleen was very pretty and had an amazing body. Kathy always felt that, even though she was the older sister, she was second best. It wasn’t that Kathy was ugly or had a bad figure. Kathy was actually very cute and had a nice body but she just never felt as good, or as pretty, as her younger stepsister.

    As Kathy walked in front of Colleen she felt like every inch of her naked body was under her stepsister’s scrutiny. She also felt that she couldn’t stand up to her stepsister’s standards even if Colleen was fully clothed and she was naked. Kathy sat uneasily on the couch next to her stepsister and tried to think of something to say but words wouldn’t come out of her mouth.

    Colleen on the other hand enjoyed every second of this. For some reason she was getting off on seeing her older stepsister, not only naked but, embarrassed. The two stepsisters just sat there on the couch pretending to watch TV for a few minutes until Colleen finally said, “I can’t stand it anymore. I’ve gotta ask, how long have you been doing going naked?”

“Um, I don’t know, for a while now. Whenever I know I’m gonna have the house to myself for a few hours.” Kathy said shyly.

“Well, I guess it’s not a big deal. All you’re doing is getting naked right? I mean it’s not like you’re fucking yourself with vegetables on the kitchen floor and then serving them for dinner, right?” Colleen asked laughing.

“Colleen,” Kathy said shocked.

“Hey,” Colleen said with a laugh, “how do I know what my nudie sister gets up to unless I ask?”

“Nudie,” Kathy said under her breath secretly enjoying the way her stepsister said it.

“Anyway, do you still wanna go to the mall with me or would you rather hang out at home naked?” Colleen asked with a little smirk that Kathy felt all the way down to her clit.

“Um, sure... Just let me get dressed,” Kathy said as she got up and walked towards her bedroom.

    As she walked away Colleen said, “Oh, shake that ass baby! Let me see you workin’ it good.”
    Kathy put a little extra shake in her butt that made Colleen laugh and scream out, “Wooo hooo!”

    Kathy walked into the safety of her bedroom and stood there alone for a minute not believing what she had just done. She was stark naked in front of her stepsister. Without a thought about what she was about to do Kathy reached for her nipples with both hands. She played with them thinking about how Colleen had talked to her. One hand had started to move down her body when she heard her stepsister at the doorway ask, “Do you mind if I drive?”

“Um, no, sure,” Kathy replied quickly dropping her hand to her side as she tried to pretend she hadn’t been caught.

    Colleen had seen every second of it and was shocked, and amazed, at how much this whole thing must be affecting her older stepsister. She decided right then and there that she could have a little fun with this.

Chapter 2

The ride to the mall was pretty uneventful. Colleen chatted about this and that while Kathy just sat there and ether nodded yes, no or gave short answers to whatever question she was asked.

    Kathy still couldn’t believe she had actually done it. She was naked in front of perfect little Colleen. Not only was she naked but Colleen saw her playing with her nipples. Kathy just knew she did.

    What was even worse was that if Colleen hadn’t had said anything she would have seen a whole lot more. Kathy rubbed her legs together and wished she had the chance to get off before they left for the mall. Now she was horny and all she could think about was being naked.

“Kathy, are you coming?” Colleen asked.

“Huh?” Kathy asked as she looked around.

    Once again she had gotten so lost in her own naked little thoughts. She didn’t realize that they were, not only at the mall, but parked and Colleen was standing outside of the passenger door waiting for her.

“Oh, sorry, I guess I wasn’t paying attention,” Kathy said as she got out of the car.

“Yeah, you were probably thinking about getting naked again I bet,” Colleen teased.

Kathy blushed a little but didn’t respond.

“Hey, have you ever gotten naked outside of the house?” Colleen asked a little louder than Kathy would have liked.

“No,” Kathy lied.

    She thought about a time a few nights ago when she had walked out naked into her backyard really, really late.

    It had been about three thirty in the morning on a Tuesday night. Kathy was sleeping when for no apparent reason she just woke up. Not able to go back to sleep she went in the living room to watch some TV.

    Dressed only in a pair of panties and a t-shirt she walked quietly out of the bedroom. Kathy wasn’t sure why she bothered to be so quiet though. Her husband slept like the dead. If a jumbo jet had crashed into their backyard the explosion might have woken him up. Most likely all he would have done was rolled over and gone back to sleep though.

    Kathy walked quietly through the dark house, went to the living room and was about to turn on the TV when she saw the sliding glass door to the backyard. She stepped up to the glass door and looked through it. The nighttime backyard was lit up only by the pale moonlight. It seemed so quiet and peaceful.

She stared out into it for a while and then opened the door. The cool night air felt really good and standing there in the darkness she felt hidden, protected, in a way.

    After a few minutes she just stepped out into the backyard and closed the glass door behind her very quietly. At first Kathy kept close to the safety of the house but eventually she wandered carefully into the backyard.

    Neither Kathy nor her neighbors had fenced in their yard and she could see down the entire block. A wicked little idea crept into her head and Kathy looked around. When she saw there was no one to be found anywhere Kathy wondered if she could get away with it.

    Every light was out, drapes were closed in every house, everyone in her neighborhood was fast asleep. Kathy quickly grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and lifted it up to her chin and then back down again. Frozen stone still Kathy looked around to see if the world around her had changed somehow.

    All the lights in all the houses remained off. All the drapes in all the houses stayed closed. There wasn’t a sound to be heard anywhere in the neighborhood. Kathy had flashed her naked breasts at the world and nothing had happened. She did it again but this time a little slower. Afterwards she looked around again. There was no perceivable change in the world around her.

Kathy lifted up her t-shirt again but this time left it up under her chin. She cupped her tits in both hands and waved them at the house directly behind hers. Once again nothing happened.

“This is fun,” Kathy thought. “Silly, but fun.”

    She just stood there in her backyard and played with her tits in the quiet moonlight. After a minute or so Kathy started to think about what else she might do.

    Already wet and excited she looked down at her panties. “Do I dare? Could I really do it?” Kathy asked herself.

    She knew she wanted to but could she? Kathy’s hands wandered down her body to the waistband of her panties. She looked around carefully and then she pulled them down, just a little.

    Once again nothing happened.

    No lights turned on, no drapes opened. No one leaned out of their window to scream at her. Kathy’s right hand went between her legs and she pressed her palm against her pussy. Still nothing changed in the quiet darkness of her neighborhood.

    Kathy rubbed her palm firmly against her clit. She bit her lower lip and made a quiet little noise of pleasure. Kathy froze stone still with her t-shirt still pulled up to her chin, her panties pulled down just a little and her hand in her crotch. At that time of night even that little whimper of pleasure sounded like a cannon blast. That’s just how quiet her neighborhood was at night.

    But nope, nothing had changed. No lights turned on, no drapes opened. No one pointed and screamed at the naked girl who stood at the back of her house as she played with herself.

    Of course, this only put more ideas in Kathy’s head. Careful not to make even the slightest sound Kathy pulled down her panties until the waistband was pressed up against her clit.

    It felt so good and no one was there to see it. Kathy stood outside almost naked and, while there were people in houses all around her, everyone slept soundly through her little exhibition.

    So, in an impulsive move Kathy pulled down the waistband of her panties until they fell around her legs and then to the ground. She was now standing naked from her chest down to her toes out in her backyard. Breathing heavily Kathy bent down to pick up her panties.

    As her fingers touched the panties she realized that she was mooning her own house. Kathy thought it would be much more fun to moon the neighbor’s house. She turned around and wiggled her naked butt at the darkened house behind hers.

    She almost laughed to herself as she did it but Kathy kept it to a broad smile. She didn’t want to make a sound. She did reach back and spread her cheeks though. She spread her cheeks as wide as she could and thought, “Take a good look. Take a good look at everything I have.”

    Kathy almost laughed to herself again as she thought of the saying about where the sun don’t shine. Well, she thought, “The sun don’t shine there but with me the moon sure does.”

That’s when she knew exactly what she wanted to do next. Kathy stood up straight and looked at the big full moon. The moon was the only witness to Kathy’s nakedness and she wanted to expose herself completely to it.

    Kathy stood up straight and tall and waved her tits up at the moon. As she did Kathy thought about the most explicit exposed pose she could get into. Kathy squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples as she thought. Then she got down on her knees in the grass and put her face and shoulders on the ground. Her ass stuck right up in the air and pointed at the moon. Kathy spread her knees as wide as she could and then reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart.

“Look at this Mr. Moon,” Kathy thought in her head. “Take a good long look and memorize every last little detail.”

    Instead of people looking up at the moon through a telescope Kathy imagined the moon looked down at her through one. A telescope so strong that it could see everything. It could see everything clearly and even record it in perfect detail.

    Kathy imagined the moon taking naked pictures of her and passing them around to the other planets. All the planets in the solar system and maybe even the stars in the galaxy.

    They all saw Kathy’s naked pictures and loved her for it. She knew the idea was ridicules but it got her so excited that she rolled over on her back, spread her legs wide, bent her knees and thrust her pelvis up at the moon. Then she spread her pussy open and thought, “Here’s something else for you Mr. Moon. Take a look at this.”

    Kathy imagined the moon took close up pictures of her as she laid spread open in the middle of her backyard. The idea got her so hot that she started to masturbate right there out in the open.

    Kathy fingered her wet pussy as she imagined the moon took picture after picture of her. The idea brought her to a quick muffled orgasm. She squeezed her eyes tightly shut and clenched her teeth as she tried not to make a sound.

    After it was over she fell back into the grass panting. She just laid there in the moonlight. Her t-shirt was up over her breasts and her panties were somewhere in the grass next to her. She just laid there feeling the cool night air all over her naked, satisfied body.

    Eventually Kathy sat up and looked down the row of backyards to the end of the block. She was tempted to take a little stroll but decided she’d done enough for one night. Kathy grabbed her panties and headed back inside.

    Just before going inside she looked up at the moon one more time and felt a little silly about her fantasy but then she smiled despite herself. She waited until she was just outside of her bedroom door to step back into her panties and pull down her t-shirt. Then she quietly, and quietly, got back into bed and feel right asleep.

Chapter 3

“Are you sure you’ve never been naked outside the house?” Colleen asked Kathy as they walked into the mall.

“No way, never,” Kathy lied. “What if I got caught? I’d never live it down.”

“No, I guess you wouldn’t,” Colleen agreed, “but I bet you’d get off on it though.”

Kathy looked at Colleen like she had somehow seen into her soul.

“What would make you think a thing like that?” Kathy asked nervously.

“We both know I caught you playing with your nipples when you went back to get dressed. We both know where your hands were headed if I hadn’t spoken up.”

    Kathy tried to get words to come out of her mouth but all she could manage was a strangled incoherent sound and a blush.

“I thought as much. You’re no innocent nudist. Going naked isn’t natural, or why ever the hell they do it, you get off on it,” Colleen said with a smile, “my older sister Kathy, the nudie girl.”

“I, uh,” Kathy stuttered as they walked through the mall.

“Wow, you really do get off on it don’t you? Well, don’t worry sis your dirty little secret is safe with me, sort of,” Colleen said as she walked into a clothing store.

    Kathy stopped dead in her tracks wondering what that meant as she watched her sister’s perfect ass disappear into a clothing store. After a few seconds she gathered her wits and followed Colleen into the store. She eventually found her in the back looking through a rack of clothing.

“What did you mean by that?” Kathy asked her stepsister.

“Huh?” Colleen asked as she looked up from the clothes rack. “Mean by what?”

“Sort of, what did you mean by sort of?” Kathy asked.

“Oh that,” Colleen said as she went back to flipping through the clothes on the rack. “I’m not gonna tell on you if that’s what you’re worried about.”

Kathy actually breathed a sigh of relief hearing that.

“But,” Colleen said almost stopping Kathy’s heart, “I think I should help you explore this dirty little secret of yours.”

“What?” Kathy asked as she quickly moved around the clothing rack so that she stood next to her stepsister. “No, no, I’m fine really, please.”

“Nonsense, I’d be a horrible sister if I didn’t help you all I could. Besides you’re probably juicy just thinking about it,” Colleen said with a wicked smile.

    The truth was that as scared as she was Kathy, just like her stepsister said, was excited by the idea.

“What did you have in mind?” Kathy asked carefully.

    Colleen smiled to herself as she continued to look through the clothes. Then she just laughed and said, “Well, for a starters look at you. A big baggy t-shirt and sloppy sweats. That’s not how a girl who likes to be naked dresses. Clothes, that’s where we’ll start, your clothes.”

Kathy, sort of stunned, just stood there and then started to look through the clothing rack next to her sister.

“W-what do you think I should be looking for?” Kathy asked quietly.

“Something a little more revealing, something sexy,” Colleen replied.

“I don’t have your body Colleen. I can’t-”

“Stop it,” Colleen said as she interrupted Kathy. “You have a very cute figure.”

    Kathy looked at Colleen like she didn’t believe her. Colleen looked very seriously at Kathy and said, “You absolutely do. You’re just going to have to trust me on this.” Then breaking into a smile she said, “Come on, this’ll be fun, and you know you want to do it anyway so you might as well enjoy it. Now, let’s see if we can find you something sexy to wear.”

    Kathy went back, looked through the clothing rack and wondered what the hell she had gotten herself into. What she couldn’t deny was how exciting the idea was. Her beautiful younger stepsister, Colleen, was going to force her to…

    She couldn’t even complete the thought it was so exciting. She flipped through the clothing not even looking really. Kathy was lost in her thoughts when Colleen quickly came up behind her, reached under her baggy t-shirt and yanked down her sweat pants!

    Kathy stood frozen in place as the cool air of the mall swirled around her naked legs. The t-shirt hung down around her mid thigh covering all the important parts but that still left Kathy standing in the back of a mall clothing store in just her sneakers, t-shirt, bra and panties.

    It was unbelievably exciting to Kathy but it was also terrifying. She was about to reach down and pull up her pants when a salesgirl came up to her from the other side of the clothing rack.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” The salesgirl asked Kathy.

Kathy straightened up, moved a step closer to the clothing rack and said, “N-no thank you.”

    As she did Kathy felt Colleen’s hand as it lifted first her right foot and then her left. Not only did Kathy let her do it but she almost helped.

“OK, you let me know if you need anything,” the salesgirl said.

“Thank you,” Kathy said as the salesgirl walked away.

    Once the salesgirl was gone Kathy looked around for her stepsister. She searched the store but couldn’t find her. Then something caught her eye by the exit into the mall.

    It was Colleen waving Kathy’s sweat pants in the air. Kathy watched stunned as Colleen laughed and then disappears into the mall. Kathy’s hands immediately went to the bottom of her t-shirt to see how much it covered her.

    She tugged it down a little and saw that it came down far enough to cover all the important parts. Not knowing what else to do Kathy went back and flipped through the clothes on the rack so as not to look suspicious. Hyper aware of every sound and movement in the store Kathy looked to see if anyone was suspicious of her. Thankfully, no one seemed to notice anything was wrong.

    Maybe if she just acted like she had shorts on under her t-shirt she could get away without getting caught. If she acted confident enough maybe she could walk right out of the store in nothing but her t-shirt, bra and panties

    As Kathy got more comfortable with her situation she also realized how exciting it was. She was standing in the back of a public place without pants! Then an idea popped into her head. She couldn’t even believe she thought of it but now that she had there it was.

“Could I really do it though?” Kathy asked herself.

    As she looked around the store Kathy could see that no one was paying attention to her. Quickly, before she really even thought about what she was about to do, Kathy reached under her t-shirt and hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties. Then she pulled them down mid thigh and from there they just fell to the ground. She stepped out of one leg hole and used her other foot to bring them up to her hand.

    She grabbed the panties and quickly balled them up in her hand. Then she continued to  look through the rack. Her eyes darted frantically around the store to see if anyone had seen anything but no on seemed to have.

    Kathy flipped through the clothes and had come to the end of  the rack. There was a salesgirl about seven feet away but she wasn’t looking in Kathy’s direction. There was another rack about five feet away from where Kathy stood. She’d have to make a break for it out in the open to get to it though.

    Kathy decided to go for it but at the last minute she had another naughty idea. She took the panties balled up in her hand and hung them from the last hanger on the rack she had looked through. Then after she checked to see if the salesgirl was looking she bolted to the other rack.

    As Kathy ran she felt the back of her t-shirt fly up and the cool air of the store air conditioning on her bare ass! Panting from excitement more than anything else, Kathy looked around to see if anyone had noticed her. Once again they seemed to have ignored her completely.

    What she did see though was her panties hanging from the clearance rack. It got her so hot and she squeezed her legs together but that wasn’t not enough. Reaching down between her legs she pressed her hand against her pussy through her t-shirt. Just then she heard Colleen ask, “Hey sis, find anything good?”

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