Good Morning Neighbor

When Dan gets caught out in the hallway of his apartment building naked Jesse, his sexy next door neighbor leads him into an adventure that he never would have dreamed of. Soon he finds himself naked and eager to expose himself to this surprisingly dominant woman in every conceivable way possible.

In the hall way of their apartment building Jesse examines Every inch of Dan's naked body and sets down the rules for their relationship. He'll be naked, she'll give the orders and he'll do what he's told.

He agrees to come over to her place that weekend and when he does Jesse literally holds his naked, vulnerable, fate in her hands. Dan is teased to the edge and beyond. Then just hen he's at his most vulnerable Jesse leads him even further into her control by introducing him to her sexy friend Marie.

Marie lives two buildings over and the ladies sneak Dan to Marie's apartment naked and ready for anything. Believe me when he gets there he's more then willing to deliver.

The ladies have a contest to see who can masturbate Dan the longest without making him come. He's brought to the edge and back so many times that when he finally goes over it he explodes.

After Dan recovers he treats the ladies to yet another sexy show that you have to read to believe. Foot worship, anal play, masturbation. It's all in there as Dan exposes himself to both women in every way humanly possible.

This teaser can't even begin to hint at how hot this story gets. If you like Female Domination and CFNM download the sample chapter. You won't be sorry!

24,020 words of hot, sexy, Female Domination fun.


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The ladies take Dan to a female run adult toy store. Dan is the naked center of attention at a class that teaches women all about the joys of strap-on play. So hot!

Be sure to read the FREE sample chapter. It will give you the best idea of what the story is like.

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Good Morning Neighbor

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