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Good Morning Neighbor

By Ardor

Chapter 1

Dan woke up with a start. He turned to his side and looked at the alarm clock and saw that he had another half an hour before he had to get up. Try as could though he just couldn’t seem to get back to sleep. After lying there for another ten minutes he sighed and got out of bed.

Dan got up, not bothering to get dressed, and went to the bathroom. When he was done he saw that the bathroom trash needed to be taken out. Dan had meant to take care of the trash for days but just kept forgetting. He figured that he’d better do it now while he thought of it or it would never get done.

Dan pulled the bag out of the trashcan, tied it off and walked over to the front door of his apartment. He walked naked and didn’t think twice about opening the front door of his apartment to put the bag outside. It was really early in the morning and there was only one other apartment on his floor.
Dan lived at the top floor of a four floor walk up in New York City. It was a small building with only eight apartments.
He opened the door and put the bag down in the hallway but it kept flopping over. He kept trying to stand it up so that it was out of the way. He would take the trash out later on his way to work.
He was getting annoyed after his fourth attempt but his entire world changed when he suddenly heard a female voice say, “Stubborn trash huh?”
Dan froze where he was. He was mostly out in the hallway with only one foot in his apartment to hold his door open.
He turned his head slowly, to his left, where he saw his next-door neighbor. She leaned in her open doorway and drank a cup of coffee. He tried to say something but the words got caught in his throat. Dan’s next-door neighbor was a thirty-five year old single woman. Dan had seen her in passing once or twice. He’d even said hello to her but that was about the extent of their relationship.
Dan looked right into her face to stunned to speak. He watched her eyes move down his naked body. He knew just what she was looking at. As he thought about it he started to get hard. His cock grew to its full length right there in the hallway in front of this total stranger.
When she giggled at him Dan suddenly found the strength to move and scurried back into his apartment. He was embarrassed but in the safety of his apartment he had to admit to himself that it was an exciting experience.
Dan quickly went into the bathroom to take his morning shower. Under the hot water he couldn’t help but masturbate to the thought of what had just happened. When it came time to leave his apartment for work he cracked the door and looked down the hallway. He wanted to see if she was there waiting for him again. She wasn’t so he quickly stepped out into the hallway, locked his door and took the trash on his way down the stairs.
Dan did the best he could to put the whole incident out of his head but late that night, as he lay naked in bed, he couldn’t help think about what had happened. He jerked off twice that night and twice more that week thinking about it but was careful to check the hallway each time before he left his apartment.
Towards the end of the next week Dan was downstairs checking his mail when he heard a polite, “Excuse me,” from behind him. He turned to look and sure enough it was his neighbor smiling at him. When he just stood there and stared she said, “I’d like to check the mail if you don’t mind.”

“Oh, uh, sure,” he said stepping to the side.
Being that they lived next door their mailboxes were also right next to each other so Dan just stood there as she opened her mailbox and took out her mail. Feeling incredibly awkward but thinking that he had to say something he stammered, “About the other morning. I’m really sorry about, um, you know. I didn’t think anyone would be awake let alone standing in your doorway.”
She turned to look at him and smiled.

“Don’t think twice about it,” she said casually. “In fact, I enjoyed the show and my girlfriends enjoyed hearing about it too.”
Dan just stood there with his mouth open as she walked away. He wondered if she had really told her friends about seeing him naked in their hallway. As she walked away from him Dan couldn’t help but think she was kinda cute for a woman who was about ten years older than him.
A week after the mailbox incident Dan was again taking out his garbage but this time he was wearing an old pair of sweat pants. He placed the bag against the wall and sure enough when he looked over he saw his neighbor looking at him.

“Aw, only half a show with my morning coffee today? That’s no fun,” she said with an exaggerated look of disappointment on her face.

“I, um, maybe tomorrow,” Dan said flustered.

“Oh, promise?” she asked with a teasing smile.

“Are you serious?” Dan asked thinking she was just messing with him.

“One hundred percent,” she said with a smile and a glint in her eye.

“Um, OK then,” Dan said not believing his own ears.

“Promise?” she asked with a tilt of her head and a sexy smile.

“Sure,” he said with an awkward chuckle.

“Can you make it a little earlier? Say, six thirty instead of a quarter to?” she asked after she had looked at her watch.

“Yeah, sure,” Dan said in a daze.

“OK then, it’s a date,” she said happily. “See you tomorrow morning neighbor.”
Then she went back into her apartment and closed the door. All Dan could think to do was to say quietly, “See ya then,” as her door closed.
Dan tried to concentrate on anything else for the rest of the day, even later that night, but it wasn’t much use. All he could think about was being naked in front of his next-door neighbor the following morning. It kept him hard and distracted most of the day.
When he got home he wasn’t sure if he wanted to run into his neighbor or not. She, on the other hand, knew exactly when Dan got home. The building was old and the walls were thin. She could hear him walking up the steps. Not wanting to ruin the fun of the next morning she didn’t say hello but she couldn’t resist looking out the peephole at him.
Her apartment was on a right angle to his so her door looked right down the hallway. She watched through the peephole, her body pressed against the door, as he walked up the steps. Dan was looking right at her door the whole time. For a second she thought he could see her somehow and was afraid she had ruined the anticipation. Then she realized it was only her imagination.
She looked at him through the distorted view of the peephole. He walked towards his door but his head looked her way the whole time. She moved her hand down between her legs and rubbed herself through her pants.
As she felt the material between her fingers and her wet pussy under that she thought she’d have to pick something more appropriate to wear for him the next morning. In the mean time she rubbed herself hard as she watched Dan take his keys out of his pocket. He brought them up to his door and then stopped. He turned towards her door and it looked like he was going to walk up to it but then he stopped half way.
Dan was going to knock and ask her if she was really serious about him being naked for her tomorrow morning but then he changed his mind.
For one he didn’t know how he would bring the subject up and two he didn’t want her to call it off. At that exact point he had to admit to himself that he really wanted this to happen. He shook his head and smiled to himself before going back to his door and then inside his apartment.
Jesse wondered what that was all about and hoped he wasn’t going to back out. She was really looking forward to this.

The next morning Dan got up early. He had set his alarm so he’d wake up in plenty of time but once again he’d woken up before it went off. He had about a half hour before he was supposed to meet his neighbor. A half an hour before he was supposed to meet her naked, without a stitch of clothing.
Dan lay in bed looking up at the ceiling. He thought about what had happened the first time and was about to happen in a little while.
The first time it was an accident but this time it was going to happen on purpose. He was going to walk out into the hallway, of his apartment building, and show himself, naked, to his next-door neighbor.
As he thought about it his cock got hard. Unconsciously his hand went to it and he started to stroke himself. He stopped himself before he got too excited. He didn’t want to come before he saw her.
Dan looked over at the clock he saw he still had twenty minutes before he was expected to meet her in the hallway. He decided to get up, shower really quickly and brush his teeth.
Dan washed himself very thoroughly and then shaved carefully. He regularly shaved his face and crotch but wanted to be especially clean today. Then he got out of the shower, toweled off and brushed his teeth. When he was done he looked at the clock in his living room and saw he still had a few minutes.
Dan leaned against the door and tried not to think about what he was going to do. His dick was still stone hard. He wondered if he should try and make it go soft. Would it be rude to show up hard? Dan laughed to himself at the ridiculousness of the question.
Rude or not, Dan thought to himself, “Unless I take a cold shower, and there’s no time for that now, she’s gonna see me hard.”
He checked the living room clock one more time and saw it was actually a few minutes after six thirty. He rushed back to the front door and, after a few seconds to gather up his courage, he just opened it.
 Dan stepped out into the hallway, looked towards her door and saw she wasn’t there. He was both relieved and disappointed. Just as he was about to head back into the safety of his apartment he heard her door open and her warm, soft voice say, “Good morning neighbor.”

Chapter 2

With the door knob still in his hand he looked up at her and said, “Morning.”

“Not chickening out on me, are you?” She asked with an exaggerated pout on her face.
Dan carefully pulled his door so that it was resting on the open latch. If he closed it all the way, without his keys, he’d be locked out. Resting on the latch he’s safe though. Well, as safe as a naked guy can be in the public hallway of his apartment building.

“Um, no, I wasn’t,” Dan said as he turned towards her. “I didn’t think you were gonna show.”

She just smiled at him and said, “That’s one thing you never have to worry about.”

“Oh, OK,” Dan said awkwardly.

“And I can see you’re happy to see me,” She said as she smiled and looked directly at his hard cock.

“Oh, that, I can’t seem to help it. I hope you’re not offended or anything,” Dan stammered unable to look at her.
She giggled and said, “Not at all. I would be a little disappointed if you weren’t hard.”

“Really?” He asked as he looked at her and wondered what this was going to lead to.

“We should get one thing straight though,” she said seriously. “We aren’t going to have sex. I just like seeing a good looking man naked and hard. Are you OK with that?”
Dan looked at her almost guiltily. She looked pretty damned good that morning. Jesse had on a tasteful skirt that showed enough of her legs, but not too much, a nice blouse with a few buttons at the top undone and a sexy pair of high heels. She was a little older than he usually went for but he wouldn’t pass up the chance if she offered it, which she obviously wasn’t.

“Um, no, it’s not a problem,” Dan said.

“There are some other things I like as well but we’ll get to that later OK?” She said with a cheerful lilt in her voice.

“Yeah, sure, whatever you like,” Dan said not exactly sure what to do with himself.

“Oh, I like the sound of that. First things first though, I think formal introductions are in order. My name is Jesse,” she said as she held out her hand but otherwise stayed still.
Dan looked at Jesse as she held out her hand to him. The space between them couldn’t have been more than ten feet but it meant walking away from the safety of his apartment door.

He wouldn’t be able to duck inside and hide if for some reason he had to. That’s of course exactly what Jesse wanted. Not only did she like seeing a man naked and hard but she also liked him to be vulnerable and helpless as well.

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