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Posted 5/16/21

"Subby, I think it's time to start your training."

"But Goddess, you've been training me for months now," I said with a confused look.

"No, you silly naked subby," my Goddess said with a smile, "I mean your oral and anal training."

"Oh," I replied with a blush.

"Have you been wearing your butt plug," she asked.

"Yes Goddess, every day, longer and longer each day," I replied.

"So do you think you're ready," she asked.

"Oh, yes Goddess, yes," I said eagerly.

"You're such an eager little slut," my Goddess said with a smile. "OK, I want you to go to that little sex shop downtown. Find that cute salesgirl and tell her what you need and why."

"I have to tell her why I need them," I asked as I felt myself blush.

"Yes, I want you to look her right in the eye and tell her your Goddess sent you to get one dildo to practice deep throating and several dildos in different sizes to practice anal training, do you understand?."

"Yes Goddess," I replied hesitantly.

"Oh, don't worry, she works in a sex shop. I'm sure she's seen far stranger," she said with a smile.

My Goddess knew me too well. Even though it would be hard for me the embarrassment of telling the salesgirl everything would be an incredible turn on.

"Yes Goddess, as you wish. I will stop on my way home," I said hoping to get it over with quickly as much as I was both looking forward to and dreading the experience.

"Good Subby, and leave your butt plug in. It'll be a fun naughty secret."

"Yes Goddess."

"You have two weeks to prepare and then I will expect an impressive display of your skills," my Goddess said with a firm tone in her voice.

"Yes Goddess," I replied with a mixture of excitement and concern.

I would have to practice at least twice a day to ensure that I would meet with Goddess's standards.

"Excellent, I'll look forward to you telling me how it went with the salesgirl. In the meantime why don't you suck on my toes for a while."

"Yes Goddess," I said happily.