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Posted 5/11/21

It was Saturday night and my Goddess had teased me all week about the upcoming play party. She wouldn't tell me exactly what she had planned she'd just tease me relentlessly about the event.

"Subby, we're going to have such fun Saturday night. Of course you'll be spending the entire night naked, on your knees leashed by your balls but that's nothing new for you is it?"

"Who's Jessica? Oh she and I were roomies in college. She's the one who introduced me to the fun of strap-on play and I'm sure she's bringing her toy bag."

"The entire party is going to see your little dickie," she'd say in a sing songie voice.

She'd come up behind me, lick my earlobe and whisper, "You'll be naked, on your knees and leashed by your balls in front of the entire party."

"Subby, I just found out Lady Barbra is coming to the party. She just loves to spank naughty boys. I'd be on your best behavior at the party unless you want to find yourself with a very red bottom."

All week she kept up with stuff like that. I had been put on orgasm restriction for the entire week so it was driving me crazy.

Finally the night of the party came.

I was told to shower, shave and clean myself thoroughly inside and out. Then I was to present myself to her in the living room. I knelt naked in front of my Goddess and waited for her orders.

"Edge yourself for me Subby but, do, not, come."

"Yes Goddess," I said as I reached down and began stroking myself.

"Good boy, we're going to have a lot of fun tonight. I intend to introduce you to all of my friends and even let them have a bit of a taste of you. I intend to embarrasses you, ask you to do things for me in a public setting that would make most men shrivel up and want to disappear. So I will give you one last chance to back out. If you like you can stop masturbating, your orgasm privileges will be revoked for another two weeks but I will allow you to spend the evening with your tongue between my legs. Or, leash your balls up for me and we go out for a very memorable evening. The choice is yours."

Then she tossed the leash over my hand as I stroked my aching hard dick.