Begging For Even More Book 2

James's adventure in office slavery continues in the second of 2 parts.

Book 2 continues where Book 1 left off. James is sent bound and naked across the alley way to get lunch for the office. There he's used by a whole new set of women who know how to get what they want from a man.

Thrown naked in a back room bathroom James is used by every woman in the joint, in any way they desire. Then when he get's back to the office he has to deliver lunch in the most humiliating way possible. To make matters more difficult for naked little James he has to show his worth as a slave to the female head of human resources of the corporate office!

Only then is he teased and made to beg even more before he is allowed to make what may be the last decision of his life.

He doesn't complain and neither will you in Book 2 of Begging For Even More. Sample Chapter

23, 042 words of naked, begging, Femdom fun.

Femdom, male submissive, CFNM, analingus, golden showers, suspension bondage, bondage, tease and denial, spanking, public nudity, humiliation

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Begging For Even More Book 2

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