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Begging For Even More

Book 2 By Ardor

Chapter 1

The bathroom was simple. It had a single toilet and a sink. It almost looked more like something you would see in someone’s home rather than in a
public restaurant. Then again this bathroom wasn’t for the public so maybe that explained it.

I knelt on the tiled floor and waited for Ms. Tiffany. Being the owner she got first use of me when I came over. She must have been stuck with a customer or something because she showed up right away last time I was there.

With nothing to do I looked around the small bathroom. I found the bottle of antiseptic mouth wash that Ms. Tiffany spoke of before. The ladies like to watch me use it so that they can be sure I’m clean. Even if they didn’t though there was no way that I could open the bottle with my hands tied to my legs.

My helplessness was a huge turn on to me. Especially in front of women who hadn’t seen me before like Ms. Mandy. The vulnerable exposed feeling was really exciting. Of course, the fact that she enjoyed herself was a huge part of the turn on for me too. If she hadn’t gotten so into it I wouldn’t have enjoyed it at all.

I wonder if she’d be interested in borrowing me for a night? It would be fantastic to see more of her. I would have to try and think of a subtle way of suggesting it when I see her.

I looked around some more. I saw a small wooden chest in the corner that wasn’t there last time. It didn’t take much to figure out what was in there. It was probably full of sex toys and spanking implements. Dildos, vibrators and paddles, oh my.

I didn’t know for sure that’s what was in there. It seemed the most obvious thing though. My hard cock twitched and my asshole clenched around the rope that was shoved deep up it. It was a very good thing that my hands were tied to my legs or I’d probably be furiously masturbating again right now.

I was lost in a fantasy where I was the casual sex toy for Ms. Mandy, Ms. Julie and Ms. Sandy when the door burst open and Ms. Tiffany came in.
She closed the door behind her and then reached behind herself to unzip her skirt.

“God damned customers,” she said to herself while she shook her head unhappily, “sometimes you just can’t make them happy.”

She slipped out of her skirt and then hung it neatly over a towel rack that was attached to the wall. I was a little surprised to see that she wore an old fashioned garter belt and stockings. Her long shapely legs were covered in Dark smoky colored hose. She looked fantastic in them.

She took off her panties and laid them over her skirt. Then she lifted the cover and the seat off the toilet. She sat down and spread her legs widely over the bowl so that her upper thighs supported her. With an evil grin she crooked a finger and told me to come to her.

When I was kneeling between her legs she said, “You better get ready to eat some serious pussy and ass boy. I wanna come and I wanna come nice and fucking hard. Do you understand me?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Good boy, oh I almost forgot,” she said as she reached for the mouth wash.

She opened the bottle and poured a little of it into the cap. Then she looked at me and said, “I want you to swish and gargle until I tell you to stop. When I do I want you to spit it into the toilet being extremely careful not to get a single drop on me, understand?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Good boy, now open up.”

I did as asked and she poured it into my mouth. I immediately swished the mouth wash around in my mouth. It was cold and unpleasant tasting. I looked between her spread legs at what I would be rubbing my face in once I was allowed to spit. Her pussy was shaved and already open and wet.

I tilted my head back and gargled for a few seconds and then closed my mouth and continued swishing the antiseptic mouth wash around again. She caught me looking at her pussy and teased her lips. She wasn’t masturbating she just lightly caressing herself and ran her fingertips up and down the length of her lips.

“Oh, I think I have to pee. Ready? Watch closely,” she said as she spread her lips slightly with her thumb and fore finger.

I continued to swish the mouth wash around as I watched her pee. Once she was going full stream she ordered me to spit out the mouth wash.

When I looked down at the bowl I saw that I’d have to get very close to her in order to spit out the mouth wash. My face would be so close to her stream of pee that she’d only have to make the smallest move to pee right in my face.

I quickly leaned forward and put my mouth in the small space between her pee stream the the edge of the bowl. Then I carefully spit out the mouth wash. I was so close to her stream of pee that it splashed on me.

After I had spit out the mouth wash she said, “Stick out your tongue like this.”

I looked up at her with my eyes to see that she had opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out pointing down at her chin. When I copied her so that my tongue was pointed at my chin she angled her pelvis up just a bit. Her pee hit me directly on my tongue.

“How’s that taste? No, no, don’t answer just enjoy the tangy flavor of my hot piss while you can.”

She continued to pee on my tongue for another ten seconds or so. Then when her stream started to die out she said, “Quickly take a mouth full of my pee but don’t swallow it.”

I pulled my tongue back in and stuck my mouth under her stream of pee. She got a little on my chin but I managed to get a comfortable mouth full before her stream of pee died out completely. I closed my mouth and looked up at her as if to say now what?

“Swish it around your mouth a little. Really savor the flavor of my pee like a nice wine,” she said looking down at me as she cupped her breasts and squeezed them firmly.

I swished it all around my mouth and over my tongue several times. After a minute she put her hand under my chin.She tilted my head up so that she looked at me right in the eye. A slow smile grew on her lips as she looked at me.

“You love having a mouth full of my pee don’t you? Shake your head yes,” she ordered as she answered her own question for me.

After I did she asked, “You want to swallow it don’t you boy?”

I shook my head yes again.

“Beg me with your eyes.”

I did my best to look pleading and eager to swallow her piss.

“Now make a pathetic little whimpering sound,” she said as she reached for her clit with her fingertips.

As she circled her clit with her fingertips I thought of a dog begging for a treat and made the most pathetic whimpering sound I could think of.

“Oh, God yes, do it again,” she said as her fingers went into her pussy.

I whimpered again around a mouthful of her pee. I begged her to let me swallow it.

“Oh, yeah, now swallow it, swallow my pee,” she said in a breathy voice.

Once I had she asked, “Did it taste good? Do you love the taste of my pee?”

“Yes Ms. Tiffany it tasted delicious.”

“Then you’re gonna love this,” she said as she took her fingers out of her pussy and held them up to my mouth. “Suck on ‘em. Give them a nice
sloppy, wet, blow job.”

I took her fingers in my mouth and moved my head back and forth over them.

“Yeah, that’s right bitch, suck on ‘em, take them in deep. Do you like they way they taste boy?” she asked.

When I shook my head yes she said, “Of course you do, the delicious flavor of piss and pussy juice mixed together. It’s a taste tailor made for
someone like you. Would you like more? Right from the source?”

She took her fingers out of my mouth and said, “Beg for it boy.”

“Please, please Ms. Tiffany may I lick your pussy?” I begged sincerely.

She smiled again and then slid down a little so that her pussy was over the edge of the toilet. Then she spread her lips open and allowed me to see inside her.

“Look at it, so pink and juicy, so open and ready for your tongue. Beg for it again.”

“May I please, please, please taste your pussy Ms. Tiffany?”

“No,” she said with a self satisfying smile, “you may not, just kneel there between my spread legs and drool all over your bound cock while I masturbate right in your face.”

Her long graceful fingers slid between her pussy lips and then went deep inside. I just knelt there and knew that she might go through with it. She was just enough of a controlling bitch that she might not let me do anything more than watch. My bound cock ached and throbbed for her.

I watched her fingers go in and out of her pussy a few times. I watched her asshole open and close as she played with herself right in front of me. I took it all in until it became to much for me.

“Oh God, Ms. Tiffany, please, please, please,” I begged sincerely with large soulful eyes, “let me taste your delicious pussy.”

She didn’t say anything. She just looked at me smiling with her fingers deep in her pussy.

“Then at least let me stick my tongue up your ass. You made me promise to stick my tongue farther up your ass then I ever have. Allow me the honor of licking your ass, please.”

Her smile changed. It faded slightly but a hint of compassion was added to it. She took her fingers out of her pussy and pressed them to my lips. I greedily sucked on them. When they were licked clean she took them out of my mouth and put them back in her pussy. I could hear how wet she was. Her fingers made loud squishing sounds as they moved around inside her pussy.

She took them out, dripping wet, and held them above my face. I watched as a single drop gathered at her fingertip and hung there. I opened my mouth, stuck out my tongue, held it underneath her fingers and waited for it to drop.

It just hung there, defying gravity, teasing me beyond what I could take. I begged her with my eyes, because I didn’t dare move my mouth, to let me have it. Her compassionate smile widened and she shook her finger just enough to let it drop.

It hit my tongue and the taste seemed to spread throughout my body. Her pussy filled me up but left me aching for more. I closed my mouth and spread that drop over the flat of my tongue savoring the taste.

When it was gone I looked at her face and then back up to her fingers.

“You want more but you won’t take it, you need permission don’t you boy?” she asked.
I looked at her and shook my head yes unable to speak the words.

She smiled at me again and put her wet fingers in my hair. She pulled my face into her pussy and said, “Lick my cunt naked slave boy. Suck my clit and tongue fuck me.” She paused, grabbed the back of my head by the hair and with my face still in her pussy she looked into my eyes and said, “When I tell you to I expect you to stop and stick your tongue father up my ass than you ever have, understand? Of course you do. Now lick my juicy wet cunt bitch.”

I licked her cunt all right. I sucked on her lips, I stuck my tongue as far into her as I could and licked her pussy clean. I lapped at it until the last tangy drop of piss was gone and all I could taste was pussy juice.

Then I licked her clit. I dragged the flat of my tongue across it, I circled it with the tip, and I sucked it deep into my mouth. I flicked my tongue across it when she stopped me and in a breathy voice said, “Tongue fuck my ass slut, and do it now.”

I moved my mouth down and pressed my face between her cheeks. Her legs were spread as wide as they could go and she angled her pelvis upwards so I had pretty easy access to her. I needed to get as close to her as I could so I wiggled my way into her. I worked my face tightly up against her so that I could really get my tongue up her ass. She wanted it deep and that was exactly what I was going to give her.

I licked the outside of her asshole first. Ms. Tiffany had a tight clean asshole that was a pleasure to lick. I loved this. I loved being surrounded by a woman, overtaken and saturated with her. Every sense, sight, touch, taste and even sound filled with her. It’s what I live for. It’s why I was born. It’s my only reason for being.

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