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Alien Femdoms From Outer Space

By Ardor

I sat back in a small inflatable boat on a lake in the middle of nowhere. I was sick with my stupid pointless job, my annoying whinny girlfriend and my whole irritating life. I needed to get away for a while and relax. I told my boss to fuck off, shoved some supplies and clothes in my backpack, didn't even say goodbye to my girlfriend and hopped in the car.

A five hour drive, a three hour hike and I was in a part of the country that hadn't seen anything but wild life since the dawn of time. Naturally the first thing I did, after making camp, was strip off all my clothes. I loved to be naked outdoors but I had never had the nerve to join one of those naturist clubs. I usually "enjoyed" the great outdoors all by myself.

I had a fleeting thought, before I left, about inviting my girlfriend up here for some naked fun but I knew she'd never go for it. So I did the next best thing. I laid out in my little boat and pretended to do some fishing.

It was really just an excuse to leisurely masturbate while laying out in the sun. Eventually I'd catch my lunch but at the moment I was content to just lay there quietly and slowly stroke myself while I enjoyed the gentle rocking motion of the calm water.

I was thinking about getting a little more serious about my masturbation when I had the weirdest feeling I was being watched. I sat up quickly and looked around, thinking maybe there was another hiker watching me, but I didn't see anyone or anything anywhere. I was about to sit back and relax when a shadow crossed over my boat. I looked up and saw a silvery disk shaped object above my head.

It was thicker in the middle with smooth rounded thin edges. There was a ring of white light around the bottom edge and a smaller ring of white light in the center. It looked just like something those crackpots who report UFOs claim to have seen.

The weird thing was it was only about six feet across and two feet thick at the center. If they were aliens they were really tiny aliens. As I tried to figure out exactly what I was looking at the lights at the bottom started to change.

They pulsed and changed colors. They went from white to blue to purple. As they did I suddenly felt funny. Memories started popping up in my head out of nowhere. It was like someone had made me relive every sexual encounter I'd ever had.

I saw each experience all over again and, almost, with more clarity than I had the first time I lived through them. There was my first fumbling experience with Jill in high school. Then there was my wild experiences in college with Stacy. Followed by all of the times that I fooled around with Heather on the beach. I even relived the ho hum sex I had been having with my current girlfriend, Andrea, and everything in between.

The experiences that were a little kinky or daring in some way seemed to get extra attention. I relived the time I spent naked on the beach with Heather like I had been transported back there again. Then out of now where I was pulled off the beach and dropped into Stacy's dorm room as she fingered my ass and slowly jerked me off until I begged her to finish me.

After she made me come I was thrown into the time Stacy and I got a little drunk and she brought out a strap-on. The other experiences replayed with vivid clarity but this one played back just as clear but, also, in slow motion. It was almost as if they wanted to be able to see, and study, every detail of the experience with a microscope.

I felt the same shock, and arousal, I did the first time I saw the strap-on in Stacy's hand. That moment seemed to be drawn out and my emotions, at the time, were relived one by one almost as if someone was analyzing them.

They studied the way Stacy cuddled up to me and seduced me into it. It was obvious to me now that after I got over my shock it didn't take much effort on her part to get me into the idea.

Things moved at normal speed again until Stacy and I started to undress. Once we were both naked, and she had the strap-on harness in place, things slowed to a crawl again.

Every emotion I had felt, as I looked at her with that cock between her legs, was pulled out of me one by one. I mean, I know I enjoyed that experience, I was there. Now that I was forced to relive it though I was stunned at how long it had been since I felt that kind of lust, that kind of desire, for a woman. Those few hours that I spent with Stacy made the rest of my life, before and after, seem dull and gray by comparison.

Things moved at normal speed again until she was on top of me and she gently pushed that fake cock up my ass. In slow motion every tiny thing I felt and experienced was pulled out of me and analyzed once again.

The vulnerability of the act and how much that turned me on. The way I loved the weight of her body on top of me and the way her breasts rubbed up against me as she fucked me. The humility I felt when she made me admit that I loved being fucked up the ass by a woman. God, it was all so crystal clear, now, how much and why all that had turned me on so much.

I relived the experience with a renewed understanding. As I laid on my back and experienced, once again, how it felt to be spread wide open and fucked up the ass Stacy's image started to flicker and change. She suddenly turned into an eight foot tall blue woman with large breasts. She had black hair and giant violet eyes that seemed to pierce right through me.

She wasn't fucking me with a strap-on anymore though. What she fucked me with a was a tail. She had a long prehensile tail that curled up from behind her, and out from between her legs, like a cock. The base of her tail pressed against, and between, the darker blue lips of her pussy and then went up to the tip that plunged in and out of my ass.

I was startled by the change but it only threw me for a moment. Then I became over taken by the alien beauty of the creature between my legs. She was obviously feminine and, to my eyes, beautiful beyond compare but the strange thing was that, while I could see her face, she was like a dream image.

It was almost like someone you saw on the street that you recognized but weren't able to place their face. Yet, even though I couldn't quite figure out our connection, I felt I knew her all my life.

Of course it's hard to really get a look at someone who just appeared between your legs and fucked you up the ass out of no where. I tried to focus on her face but eventually I gave up and gave into the intense feelings of pleasure I was getting from her tail.

Not only did it move in and out of me but it also wriggled deep inside me. God, it rubbed up against everything in just the right way. I loved the way Stacy felt in my ass as she fucked me but this? This was ten times better somehow.

When she first appeared she was rubbing her pussy up against her tail as she fucked me. Now she moved forward and up so that her pussy lips wrapped around the shaft of my cock. She was obviously used to having sex with a much larger cock than mine. I looked so tiny compared to her.

Her pussy felt so good as she enveloped, and rubbed up against, my cock. I was already hard but I quickly felt myself getting harder. It also felt like I was growing and I don't just mean getting hard.

I looked down at my cock and with each grind of her alien pussy I seemed to grow larger. My cock must have grown to about eighteen inches long and almost eight inches around before it stopped. My balls? My balls were just as huge.

I looked up from my almost comically huge cock and balls to see the alien woman smiling down at me. The look on her face was almost predatory. It both scared and excited me in a way nothing else had in my entire life.

"Come for me tiny Earthman. I wanna watch you come," She said with lust in her eyes.

Her tail started to twitch inside me, it was almost as if it was vibrating, She moved higher and rubbed her pussy up and down the shaft of my giant cock. The lips of her blue pussy spread over my shaft and felt like silk as she stroked the length of my cock with it.

Then, oh God, then she slid her pussy all the way up to the tip of my cock. Those lips felt like unearthly magic as they enveloped the head of my cock. She took me all the way inside her in one thrusting motion. She squatted over me so as not to crush me with her body weight and fucked me two ways at once. Once with her pussy around my cock and the other with her tail up my ass.

I didn't want this to end. Of course, as much as I wanted, there was no way I could hold back my orgasm. I gritted my teeth and held back as long as I could. When it became unbearable, when I could feel my orgasm had built to an unstoppable point I grunted loudly, squeezed my ass around her tail and thrust up into her.

"Oh no little man," she said as she breathed hard, "I said I want to watch you come and that just what I'm going to do."

She quickly moved forward and my cock flopped out of her. Then she squatted down and pressed the shaft between her lips again. Rubbing those soft blue lips right under the head of my cock her clit, which was huge, rubbed up against my cock as it went in and out of those incredible, silky, lips.

When I came my whole body spasmed and I showered both of us in more come than I'd seen in twenty orgasms nevertheless one. Yet each ripple of pleasure seemed to pump out more and more come until we were both dripping in it.

When I fell back from the exertion of it I dropped out of the altered memory and back into my little boat on the lake. I was panting and when I looked down at my stomach I saw my normal sized puddles of come that seemed like almost nothing now. I looked around and wondered what had happened. I thought maybe I had fallen asleep and dreamt the whole thing but then I looked above me.

There was the silver disk.

It hovered above me for a few seconds and then the lights went from blue and purple to green and yellow. I wondered what was going to happen next but then I realized that I wasn't in my boat on the lake anymore. Like magic I was in a strange alien room somewhere. Everything was either shiny chrome metal or sterile white. Was I actually on a space ship? Another planet?

As I tried to deal with what had happened to me everything suddenly started to fade to black and I passed out.

Chapter 2

When I woke up I was in the same shiny metal and sterile white room. Several devices had been moved around the table I was laying on. They seemed to be monitoring my vitals statistics without being connected to me in any way.

I looked down and saw that I was still naked. There were bracelets of a strange looking metal around my neck, wrists and ankles. They were made out of some kind of lightweight metal that reminded me of aluminum but looked more like steel. The one around my neck had a glowing red light on it right under my chin. They all just hung loosely off of me.

I grabbed the one around my left wrist to see if I could pull it off. I moved my thumb in close to my hand and tried to wriggle out of it. As I pushed it up it seemed to get smaller. When it started to get painfully tight I quickly stopped. When I let go of it the bracelet slipped down my wrist and grew back to its comfortable size.

Just then a giant humanoid figure walked up to the table. It shook its head no and smiled at me. This creature was blue, bald and hard looking. It looked similar to the female alien I saw in my altered memory but it was obviously male.

He was dressed in some kind of lab coat looking garment and loomed over me in a menacing way. When I started to back away from him in fear two more aliens came up behind him. They were both female with beautiful, kind looking faces, black hair and also dressed in the same kind of lab coats.

One of the female aliens spoke to the male in a harsh tone and then she turned and smiled at me. She said something in a soft kind voice, that I didn't understand a word of, and then caressed my thigh gently.

She spoke in some strange alien language that I couldn't understand of course. When she talked to me her tones were soft and soothing though.

Then she slipped her hand between my legs and wrapped it around my penis. I quickly got the idea that this wasn't going to be your standard medical exam.

The second female alien came around to the other side of the table and smiled down at me as her friend masturbated me. It seemed like the start of an intergalactic porno movie. Not that I was complaining mind you. I found both women, while very alien looking, very beautiful.

They both had large violet eyes and full lips that were colored to match. I couldn't tell if it was natural to their species or if the concept of makeup was universal but they also had long lashes and violet eye shadow. Their light blue skin made them look unlike any women I've ever seen before. That didn't stop their unearthly beauty from getting my cock stone, fucking, hard.

As it grew in her hand both of the female aliens smiled at each other and then me. My cock now fully erect she stroked up and down the length of it. When I spread my legs wider and arched my pelvis up to match the rhythm of her hand both of them smiled down at me.

The alien woman watching said something to her friend. Her friend looked at me and made some kind of cooing noise. It was soft and almost musical. It had a hypnotic effect on me and it felt so good in my ears. She stroked me a few more times and then took her hand off my cock.

It was quickly replaced with the hand of the second alien woman. Oh, God, their skin was so soft. Her large silky soft hand felt like heaven as it stroked my hard cock. She raised her hand higher and higher until it was clear to me that they both wanted to watch me fuck her hand.

I felt myself blush as I lifted my ass off the table and humped her hand. They smiled down at me as I made a lewd spectacle of myself. I felt the first alien's hand reach under me and cup my ass.

Her long fingers started to probe between my cheeks. Just as the tip of her finger reached my asshole, and started to play with my tight little opening, the male alien stepped up to the foot of the table.

He looked disgusted with what he saw and said something in a harsh unpleasant tone. Towering over me at nearly nine feet tall his disapproval was intimidating and my erection quickly wilted. He laughed at me and then said something to the two women.

Obviously upset with him the alien woman with her hand under me said something back to him. He laughed again and walked around the table behind me.

Both of the alien women started to gently stroke my naked body and coo at me in that soft hypnotic tone. All the tension and fear left me and I was putty in their hands. My cock started to get hard again as their silken hands stroked my body. They smiled at each other again as they saw my cock lengthen under the bright lights of the examination table.

They took turns petting and stroking my cock as they encouraged me to lay back on the table. When I put my head back I felt that there was a specially shaped pillow behind me now. It cradled my neck and supported my head but left the top of my head exposed.

As my head rested completely into it the male alien leaned over me and smiled. It was an unsettling look for him. He quickly leaned back though and put some kind of weird looking apparatus on my head. As he made some adjustments to it the alien women brought my attention back to them and the growing fear in me disappeared again.

One of them leaned down and kissed me while the other took my cock in her mouth. I could just see the male alien moving around behind me in my peripheral vision. It almost looked like he was watching the alien woman who sucked my cock. As I felt the tongue of the alien woman, who was kissing me, enter my mouth I stopped caring about what he was doing.

When my cock started to harden in the alien woman's mouth I felt the apparatus on my head start to tingle. It wasn't painful or unpleasant. In fact it added a strange sensuous pleasure to what the two alien women were doing to me. My mind and body seemed to be stimulated in a way they never had before.

The alien woman kissing me pulled back a little and smiled at me. She started talking to me in low soft tones. At first she spoke the alien language that I didn't understand but slowly it started to make sense. Then before I knew it I could understand her completely.

"Eosh amteg oo athra demtence atoo should be able to understand me now."

"I can, I can understand you completely," I said amazed that not only could I understand her language but, apparently, I could also speak it now.

Just to test myself I said a few words in English and then instantly was able to translate the words into the alien language. I started to say other words in English so I could test my knowledge of the alien language.

The alien woman looked at me and smiled. Almost as if I was a little boy who had made her proud. As a word in English came out of my mouth the alien male roughly pulled the apparatus off my head and said, "Don't speak that unpleasant sounding barbarian tongue anymore. You've been given the gift of a higher form of communication. Something a naked little monkey like you doesn't deserve. Since you've been given the gift use it. If I catch you speaking anything else I'll have your tongue removed."

"Asing! Stop that this instant. Your duties are completed here. Leave the room at once," The alien woman who had been kissing me said angrily.

My pleasure, it'll make it that much easier to keep my lunch down," he said as he walked out of the room with a disgusted look on his face.

Once he was gone she turned her attention back to me.

"Don't worry about him. He's all bark and no bite. He can't hurt you. It's been against the law for years now." She paused for a second and then smiled at me and said, "I'm Eautay. The woman greedily sucking on your little cock is Lorang." Eautay turned to look at Lorang and said, "She just loves sucking on them before the change."

There was something weird behind that statement but as Eautay started to kiss me again, while Lorang was still going down on me, I quickly forgot about it.

It didn't take long for the two of them to bring me close to orgasm. As I started to moan into Eatery's mouth she backed off and asked, "You're going to come soon aren't you?"

I shook my head yes unable to do anything more. Eautay tapped her friend on the shoulder. Lorang looked up at Eautay with my cock still in her mouth.

"He's going to come soon," Eautay warned Lorang.

With an excited look on her face Lorang let my cock slip out of her mouth and stood up. Then the two of them looked down at me.

"Finish yourself for us little man," Eautay commanded.

I laid there on the examination table with my legs spread and my hard cock just sat there on my belly and throbbed. I looked up at them questioningly and said, "You mean you want me to?"

"Oh come now little man. This is no time to be coy," Eautay said with a smile.

"Yes, we all know you like to tug on your little thing," Lorang said smiling like the cat who ate the canary. "We watched you do it for half the day."

"Except we didn't get to see you come," Eautay said with an exaggerated pout.

Lorang moved a little close to me and said, "We love to watch Earthmen come. Do it for us, now." Then she made that strange cooing sound and I found it impossible to disobey her.

My hand moved to my cock and I started to stroke myself while both women happily watched. While I jacked off Lorang stopped the hypnotic cooing sound but I didn't care anymore. I eagerly looked over both woman as I stroked myself for them.

They looked very similar to human women except for the blue skin, their enormous height and the tails. When Eautay saw me looking at her she undid the top of her lab coat and showed me some very impressive cleavage. She had large breasts, even for a woman of her size.

She cupped and squeezed her tits. It made them bulge out of the top of her lab coat. When I moaned she said, "That's right Earthman look at my big blue tits and stroke your little cock for me."

Then Lorang came up behind her and scooped Eautay's tits out of her lab coat. She had dark blue nipples that looked bigger than my thumb. As Lorang cupped and stroked Eautay's big alien tits I came all over myself.

They looked down at the mess I had made all over myself and Eautay said to Lorang, "I told you, not a bad sized load for a human."

"True but he definitely needs the treatment," Lorang said as she lifted the head of my half hard cock with one of her long graceful fingers.

"Oh, without a doubt. I can't wait to get my tail into this one," Eautay said with a lurid smile.

The mental image of me being fucked up the ass by the tail of a giant blue alien woman flooded back to my mind. My cock started to harden as it sat on Lorang's finger. Both women looked at each other, then at me, and smiled. Lorang took a firm hold of my cock and said, "Such an eager little man. I think he's going to make a great pet. Don't you Eautay?"

"Yes, we'll see to that, but first we need to start his treatment."

"I agree, this little thing is cute," Lorang said waving my hard cock at Eautay, "but hardly functional."

"W-what are you going to do to me?" I asked nervously.

"Don't you worry little man we're just going to rid you of some germs and bacteria that aren't friendly to our species," Eautay said.

"Then we'll boost your immune system so you can't get sick anymore. Finally, we're going to give you a little genetic therapy that will make you more compatible with us, sexually," Lorang said smiling.

"That doesn't sound so bad," I said trying to convince myself.

"Not that we're giving you a choice but, no, it'll all be very good for you," Eautay said as she started to play with my cock again. "Why don't you start with the injections?" Eautay said to Lorang.

Lorang turned around and opened a draw in a cabinet. She took out a large gun like thing and several different vials of liquid. Then she placed them all on a little table with wheels and moved them over to the side of the examination table.

When Eautay saw my reaction to the gun she said, "Don't you worry Earthman, it looks scarier than it is and I promise you won't feel a thing. Just focus on these," she said giving her tits a gentle shake, "and it'll all be over before you know it."

Between Eautay's hand-job and her tits I did get five injections by that scary looking gun and I hardly noticed a single one of them. Each time Lorang changed vials on the gun I watched Eautay's large tits sway back and forth. Eautay's silky soft hand slid up and down the length of my cock and drove me crazy. She had to remind me, more than once, to hold still.

When Lorang had given me the last shot she put everything back on the little table and pushed it aside. Then Eautay looked at Lorang and said, "Get the manipulator."

Eautay let go of my cock as Lorang walked away from the table to get the piece of equipment.

"I need you to roll over and get on all fours," Eautay said to me.

After I did as I was told I asked, "W-what's going to happen now?"

"Spread your knees a little farther apart," Eautay said as I heard Lorang come up behind me with the piece of medical equipment. "That's better," Eautay said caressing my ass gently.

My hard cock hung heavily underneath me and my asshole felt so open and exposed. I looked over my shoulder to see a big piece of equipment behind me. It looked like some kind of crazy sci-fi version of an x-ray machine. It was mounted on an adjustable arm and had a long, smooth, thick metal rod at the end with a blunt, round tip.

Lorang pointed it right at my asshole.

It was obvious what was going to happen next. I was about to get fucked up the ass with this strange looking machine.

Eautay came around in front of me. Those enormous blue tits distracted me with each gentle bounce. She stood in front of me with her tits at eye level and said, "I'm sure even you can guess what's going to happen next. I promise that you'll find the procedure quite pleasurable though. So just try to relax and enjoy it."

"What is it going to do to me?"

"It will alter your body chemistry a bit so that we don't have to worry about human germs and bacteria. Then we will encourage nerve endings to grow and multiply not only around your anus but also deep inside you. A, sort of, clitoris, if you like," Eautay paused, smiled and said, "It's surprisingly easy to alter Earthmen. Almost as if it you were meant to be our little pets."

She let that sink in for a few seconds and then said, "Lastly we're going to alter several glands inside you so that you can provide your own lubricant."

"W-what's going to happen when I have to, um, go to the bathroom?"

"You won't be doing that anymore," Lorang said from behind me, "at least not through this orifice. You'll still urinate normally but from now on you'll be fed a special diet that is not only better for you but won't leave waste. We have much better uses for that orifice now."

I was stunned at hearing this. I was about to be permanently altered. I felt Lorang rub her fingers over my asshole. They were coated with a slippery lubricant. She circled around it and then gently pushed her long fingers inside me. I looked straight ahead and moaned as she fingered my ass.

Eautay smiled at me and said, "If you think you enjoy anal sex now just wait until we're done with you."

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