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Do you enjoy dirty talking dominant women who like to bend their men over and take charge with their strap-ons? If so, then I've got some really hot stories you've gotta read!

Strap-on Threesome
A hot night of strap on sex starts with an enema for the little slave boy. Then he's told that a visitor is coming over tonight. A hot little punk girl who's going to be introduced to the wonderful world of pegging. Together the two women make him take it and take it hard until they come and he begs for relief. In the end he gets it but only in the most humiliating way. 9,287 words of femdom strap on fun.

This one Squirts
An adventurous couple visits an adult sex shop looking for a strap-on harness and dildo. The woman behind the counter shows them some different toys but when the wife finds a dildo that squirts she's turned on by the idea of coming on, and in, her husband. Then they find out there is a full photo and video studio in the back.

Needless to say hubby's first time with a strap on is also his first time on video! 6,237 words of strap on fun.

Only if My Friend Can Watch
Nick went out with Tammy a few times but it didn't work out. Tammy only dates guys who'll bend over for her.

At first Nick was shocked at the mere mention of strap-on play but after thinking about it he asks Tammy for a second chance. She agrees but only if he'll let her prove to her best friend that guys really do like strap-on sex. She wants him to let Penny watch!

Needless to say when they're done Penny believes there are some guys who like, no love, to bend over for their girlfriends! 7,494 words of exhibitionistic strap on fun!

Becoming Paula's
Little Willy is lent out to another Domme at a play party. Later, after he breakes up with his previous Domme, he contacts Paula and begs to be her slave. Paula and her female submissive puts little Willy to the test. Can he take it from both of them and become Paula's? 3,782 words.

Be sure to read the FREE sample chapter. It will give you the best idea of what the story is like.

All in total that's 26,800 words of humiliation, teasing, pegging, male submissive, female dominant, CFNM, exhibitionism, strap on, enema, vibrator fun!

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