2 Subs 2 Switches

A collection of short stories about women who are submissive or switches. Download the free sample chapter. You won't be sorry. 20,176 words in total.

Anything After That
When she really wanted it nice and hard she gets down on her knees and sticks her butt up in the air for him. This time she got a little more then she bargained for as he made her beg for it. Afterwards she invited him into the bathroom to watch her "clean up." He gets a front row seat and winds up servicing her orally as she takes control. She gives him his turn but not until he begs for it. Then he get to play top in the shower as the kinky games wind down for the night. 3,406 words.

Female sub/switch, ass play, teasing, sex, pee, come play, oral worship, male sub/switch, switch, light spanking.

A Night To Remember

While doing his exercises late one night Carrie, his girlfriend, comes on to Tom. He agrees to skip the rest of his routine if she'll agree to doing something special. She agrees and winds up tied naked to the bed. He teases her, uses every sex toy he owns and keeps her on the very edge of orgasm until he gets what he wants, and believe me he gets it. 3, 385 words.

Female submissive, male dominant, bondage, dirty talk, sex toys, tease and denial.

Pay the Checkout Girl
Alex goes to a bondage club just to check out the scene and take in the sights. He gets the surprise of his life when a woman in a little black dress makes a play for him. After flirting with him she says she wants to play a game. He gets to top her in the club and he gets to use her in any way the rules of the club allows, until he comes. Then it's her turn. The odd thing is even when she gets her turn he never really loses control. 8,250 words.

Sex toys, public nudity, bondage, teasing, anal, intercourse.

Have I Scene You Before?
While shopping at a local supermarket Alex comes along a girl he's met somewhere before. Then he remembered. This was the girl given to him for a night of fun at the bondage club. This was the girl whom he proved, without a doubt, was in no way frigid. 6,135 words

Bondage, teasing, sex toys, sex for an audience, female sub, male dom.

All in total that's 21,176 words of humiliation, teasing, pegging, male submissive, female dominant, CFNM, exhibitionism, strap on, enema, vibrator fun!

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Subs and Switches

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