The Unwritten Rules

Blanke Schande College is a unique school of higher learning in the warm sunny climate of California. What makes it so unique you ask?

Every single female on campus, from first year student to senior professor to the highest member of it's administration, is completely, and totally, naked.

None of the women on campus are allowed to wear clothing of any kind or hide their nudity in anyway whatsoever. Not only are they naked but any male on campus may request any female student to "present" any part of their body to them that they'd like to see in intimate detail. No matter how private or personal that body part might usually be considered.

What's more the policy of total exposure extends to the bathrooms, showers and even their dorm rooms. There are no doors allowed on any of them.

Other than that Blanke Schande is a typical college. One much like one you would find anywhere in the world.

The reasons why any red blooded male would want to enroll, teach or work at such a school might be obvious but why would a woman choose to attend, teach, or work completely naked for any and all to see?

Blanke Schande College is known world wide for turning out graduates of an unusually high caliber. The women who attend BSC are some of the most successful and powerful women in the world.

What then is Blanke Schande's secret of success?

"The Unwritten Rules" takes you to school and shows you just how they can turn out such incredibly well adjusted and intelligent graduates.

Joan Harper is just eighteen years old and a recent graduate of high school. She's already an accomplished artist and graduated in the top ten percent of her class.

You'll follow her naked journey from the moment she finds out she's been accepted to Blanke Schande through her struggles with her mother, who doesn't understand her reasons for passing over "legitimate" schools, to Joan's understanding of how Blanke Schande College will change her life forever.

This isn't a hard core sex story. These women aren't sex slaves to the men. Although there is an unusually liberal attitude towards female sexuality at Blanke Schande. The women are encouraged to help and support each other as they all learn to adjust to living life completely naked. And trust me when I say Blanke Schande women take a great deal of comfort in each others arms!

If you're a fan of female exhibitionism, clothed male nude female, bisexual women, lesbian sex, female masturbation and a whole new way of thinking then you gotta check out the free sample chapter! Blanke Schande College will blow you mind and make you wish you could go back to school!

This story is 116890 words, that's 284, 8 1/2 x 11 pages!

Thanks to the kind support of my readers this story now includes a free bonus chapter! It picks up several years after Joan has graduated and gives you more of her mother's back story. It also includes a sexy stripping scene which inducts yet another woman into the naked ways of Blanke Schande College. The free sample chapter will show you just what you can expect from this cutting edge institution of higher learning.

Be sure to read the FREE sample chapter. It will give you the best idea of what the story is like.

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The Unwritten Rules

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