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The Queen Is Wild

By Ardor

Chapter 1

I was tied down naked to a modified weight bench. The bars that would normally hold the barbell had been cut off and welded back on at a 90-degree angle. Instead of weights they now held my arms stretched straight out and very tightly in place.

My feet were tied to the lower legs and right in the middle, underneath my cock, there was a four-inch hole cut in the bench. Through that hole, my sadistic bitch of a girlfriend, had attached weights to my balls.

They hung at least six inches off the ground. They pulled and tugged on my balls as they swung slowly back and forth underneath me. She has an evil mind that I can’t help loving her for.

It wasn’t her mind I was focused on at the moment though. As she walked around my naked, bound and helplessly venerable body the only thing she wore was a pair of black leather thigh high boots and black velvet evening gloves.

They were a beautiful contrast to her silky smooth skin and made her seem even more naked than she was. Her full, round, firm tits, moist, shaved pussy with their thick lips and large clit, her ass, her gorgeous round sexy ass made me want worship her more than anything.

Her beautiful body was highlighted and framed by her simple outfit in a way that being merely naked never would have done. She could tie me down and tease me for hours, in fact that was probably about to happen, but I still couldn’t ache for her more.
She was my heavenly Queen of absolute perfection and she owned me completely and utterly without hesitation. I was hers and we both liked it that way.

In fact the way she walked around my naked helpless body only seemed to prove that fact. It wasn’t that I had willingly let her tie me up, it wasn’t even the confident stride in her step or the way she let her fingers trail over my skin as she surveyed me like a piece of land she owned. It was just a simple fact that we both knew and understood from almost the moment we met without speaking about it.

Her fingers tickled me as she trailed them along my ribs. I couldn’t help but squirm and wiggled under her touch. Each movement sent the weights hanging from my balls swinging madly back and forth. I giggled helplessly as she tickled me until she continued walking.

She stood behind my head and looked down at me. I tilted my head back and looked up at one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen. Her legs were slightly parted so I could see the inner lips of her pussy and her erect clit.

She was wet and open and made my mouth water. Above her heavenly pussy I could see the undersides of her perfect breasts and beyond that her hard nipples. Between those I could see her angelic face smiling down at me.

“You just love staring up into my cunt don’t you?” she asked knowing perfectly well what the answer was.

“Yes my Queen.”

“You can’t get enough of my cunt can you?”

“No my Queen, never.”

“Say it, I wanna hear you say it.”

“I love your beautiful, delicious cunt and can’t get enough of it. It takes my breath away.”

At that she started laughing and then she said, “You must have read my mind.”

She took two steps closer to me and spread her legs a little farther apart. Her cunt was mere inches above my face now. She spread her lips with one hand and teased her clit with a finger of the other hand. God she was so wet and pink. She looked like candy. Sweet, delicious pink candy...

“Please,” I squeaked out quietly.

“Please what honey lamb? What do you want?” She asked in a sickly sweet voice.

“Your cunt, your beautiful wet cunt in my face. I need to taste you. I need to be smothered in you, please.”

“Aw, baby,” she said in a sickly sweet voice, “I’m gonna give you just what you need.”

With that she turned around and stuck her ass in my face. I gazed up into her smooth round ass. My mouth opened all on its own. I could see the outer lips of her pussy and just see her asshole hiding between those beautiful round cheeks.

“My Queen, my Queen, please,” I begged shamelessly.

She laughed and then said, “Stick out your tongue as far as you can and don’t move no matter what I do.”

I did as I was told as fast as I could and just waited. She made me wait for a few agonizing seconds. Made me look up into her beauty and just lay there aching for her. Then she reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart for me. God, it was all spread out above me and it looked so fucking good.

I wanted to dive as deep inside her as I could and taste every last drop of her. My tongue actually ached and my mouth watered at the sight spread so deliciously and tauntingly before me.

I held fast though and didn’t move an inch. I didn’t even beg, though I wanted so much to. I just waited patiently beneath her.

Eventually, after what seemed like forever, she moved back and lowered her ass onto my face. My nose pressed deep into her soaking wet cunt as my tongue rubbed up against her asshole. She ground her ass on top of me and lewdly rubbed up against my tongue. After a minute or two I couldn’t help but moan in frustration.

She looked down at me, my face trapped underneath her, my eyes barely visible under her shaved cunt and said, “MM, that’s it baby, right up my tight ass. I know you want to make me feel good don’t you?”

What I wanted more than anything in the entire world, that very second, was to beg to tongue fuck her gorgeous ass. Being so, so, close to it but not being inside her perfect ass was such a tease.

The only thing is if I was to stop to beg I’d have to take my tongue off her asshole. That was the last thing I wanted to do. Well, that and if I begged it might make her mad. I learned the hard way never to make my Queen angry. So I did the only thing I could think of. I moaned again louder than the first time.

I sent vibrations up between her gorgeous ass cheeks in hopes of getting her so turned on she’d fuck my face. I was rewarded with a deep throaty moan from her that sent shivers of pleasure through me.

The only thing I love better than tasting my delicious my Queen is hearing her moan with pleasure. My life’s purpose is to make my one and only my Queen happy and what she said next made me very happy.

“Oh fuck yeah. That’s so good. Tongue fuck me slut. Tongue fuck me deep and hard.”

Hearing the words I longed to hear I quickly moved my tongue into action. I lapped at her tight little asshole for a few precious, delicious, moments and then gently but firmly worked my tongue inside her. She didn’t make it easy though. I had to work to get my tongue inside her.

“Come on slut show me had bad you want to taste my ass,” she said as she ground herself on top of me.

I tried even harder to get my tongue inside her. I wormed and wiggled, I strained and stretched, I worked for all I was worth.

“Aw what a good little ass licker you are. You want in so bad don’t you?”

I wanted to beg and offer to do anything if she’d only allow me the supreme honor of sticking my tongue deep up her ass. Instead what I did was never take my tongue off her sacred body and comically mumble, “Mwes pwease Moddess, pwease.”

She looked down at me and giggled, tussled my hair and then said, “Go on slut, do what you were born to do, fuck my ass with your tongue.”

I immediately felt her relax and my tongue easily slipped inside her. I stretched my tongue out to its full length and pushed it deep inside her.

“Mmmmmm, yes Slut Boy that feels soooooo good.” She purred as she pressed down on my face. “Now fuck me. Tongue fuck my ass.”

I started to move my tongue in and out of her ass. I didn’t have much room to move. Most of her weight was on my face. Surrounded by the warm flesh of my Queen’s most private, intimate area with my tongue pressed firmly inside her wiggling about I was in heaven. This wasn’t about my pleasure though. This was about her pleasure, my Queen, it’s always about my Queen.

As my tongue worked in and out of her asshole her slender fingers started to play with her clit. I watched mesmerized as her fingers spread her pussy not even an inch from my unworthy eyes and then rubbed her clit.

Her cunt looked so good, especially from where I was sitting. She was so wet that her cunt literally soaked my face. My Queen is almost a fountain when she gets excited and nothing excites her more than turning me into her naked bound Slut Boy.

I watched crazy with desire for her as she sat on my face with my tongue buried deep in her ass, my nose buried deep in her cunt and came for the first time of this session.

She leaned back, her legs spread widely and her fingers busy over her clit, her long luxurious hair dangling down and tickling my throbbing hard cock causing me to moan up her ass again she came in my face.

It was difficult to breath as she pressed her full weight down on top of me. I have to suck air from between her tightly clenched ass and pussy with all my might. It was as if I was breathing in the very essence of her orgasm.

I can’t even put words to how it made me feel. The closest I can come is to say that it fulfilled me as her Slut Boy in a way that almost nothing else could.

After she finally came she fell backwards and lay panting over my bound body. Her head pressed up against my achingly hard cock but I just tried to ignore it and reach up as far as I could to caress her asshole with my tongue in hopes of prolonging her pleasure.

Finally she recovered enough to say, “Mmmmm, I have trained you so well Slut Boy. Your tongue is absolute magic. But what’s this I feel?”

She turned her head to the side and came face to face with my straining hard cock.

“It’s so warm and hard.” She said as she nuzzled her cheek against it.

Her skin is like silk, luxurious, heavenly silk. All I could do was moan and stare helplessly up into her wet open cunt and asshole as she mercilessly teased me.

Then she licked slowly up the shaft of my cock.

“Mmmmmm, and it tastes so good,” she said teasingly.
“Oh my Queen,” I thought holding my breath.

She’s going to tease me until I’m insane. It’s the most satisfying and maddening thing she can do to me.

She tuned over so that she was straddling my head face down. Her legs spread wide I was once again presented with the glorious view of her wet wide open cunt and her perfect tight asshole.

As she lay down on my helpless body the head of my cock buried itself in her deep cleavage and her mouth came down over my shaved balls. She gently sucked them both in her mouth and swirled her tongue around me moaning.

After a few madding minutes of humming and sucking she lifted her head up and let my balls pull gently out of her mouth.

“I just love the taste of your cock and balls. How can one slutty little slave boy taste so delicious?” She asked not really expecting an answer.

Moving her body back a little she pressed her cunt right in my face. The silky perfect skin of her breasts stroked my hard straining cock as she moved backwards.

When my cock was finally free of her breasts she lifted it up to her lips. I can’t see what she’s doing of course. All I can do is stare up into her wet cunt but I can feel it all so it’s not hard to tell you what happens next.

She placed the head of my cock right on her puckered lips. She moved her full wet lips back and forth over just the head of my cock. Then she opened her lips and lets them flow over the head and back out again.

“Mmmmm, you really do have the most delicious cock I’ve ever tasted.” She said in a sexy voice.

I moaned quietly as she squeezed the shaft of my cock in her soft hand. She giggled and then said, “So you like this do you?”

Then she stuck out her tongue and took a long slow lick of the underside of the head of my cock as she squeezed my cock in her hand. I moaned loudly trying to control myself. I knew what she’d do to me if I even thought of coming without permission.

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