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The Orphan of Zur

By Ardor

Chapter 1

I’m really excited to be able to write again in the world of planet Zur. The Giant Alien Women oF Planet Zur was such a fun, sexy, hot, kinky book that I’ve been dying to go back and visit my favorite alien world since, well, almost the very moment I left it.

This book is just a quick little trip back to our favorite kinky planet of alien love. And as I said in the description it ends in a pretty big cliff hanger. To find out how things work out you’ll need to read the, as of now unpublished, sequel. 

Pronunciation Guide

Legant - Le-gant

Azzling - Az-ling

Xury - Zur-ee

Cility - sil-ity

Ougars - Ooh-gars

Farious - Far-e-us

Ascal - As-cal

“Time to wake up sleepy head,” Legant said as she looked down at me lovingly.

Legant was the gorgeous, eight and a half foot tall, pale blue alien woman with a prehensile tail that could act like a cock. She owned me. I was her naked earthman, a beloved pet. She had me genetically manipulated with a science that was so far beyond ours it was almost unimaginable.

Now, not only am I sexually compatible with her but I look entirely female. I am female really, well, except for my dick and balls, which were enlarged to almost four times their natural size in order to be compatible with her. My dick and balls aren’t the only things that are abnormally large. My hips are wide and my tits are huge. And they aren’t some sloppy silicone implant job like you’d see on Earth. This is manipulation on a genetic level. They are real tits. I can actually lactate if they want me to.

I don’t know my cup size though because not only don’t I need a bra but, on Zur, I’m not allowed to wear one, or anything else for that matter. I’ve basically been transformed into a naked, red headed sex slave. A creature genetically altered to fulfill the ravenous sexual needs of his alien Mistress. A life I had come to love, until recently that is.

I lazily opened my eyes to look up at Legant. She laid on her side, naked, propped up on one arm as she looked down at me. God, she was truly beautiful. Think of the kind of beauty that only exists in the movies. A woman so gorgeous that only perfect lighting, expensive makeup and movie magic could bring to life. Legant  would outshine the most beautiful starlet you could think of, even if she had bad lighting and was without a hint of makeup.

I smiled sleepily and my dick grew as I looked up at her. I was covered up to my belly button with a light sheet. As I grew hard, my dick snaked out from underneath the sheet. It hit my left breast and flopped right up between my large tits. Legant put her hand under the sheet, between my legs, fondled my large balls and said, “Rub it between your tits and suck on it.”

A hypnotic coo from her and I helplessly cupped and pressed my tits around my dick. Even I was constantly amazed at how soft my skin was now. I looked right up at her as I opened my mouth and took the head of my long dick right into it.

“MM,” she moaned, “I love watching your suck your dick. You look so pretty with it in your mouth. Suck it for me nice and slow, but you may not come until I give you permission.”

Entranced by her hypnotic coo I gently sucked on the head of my dick. My lips flowed back and forth over the head as I stared up into her large violet eyes.

“Ooo,” Legant sighed, “that’s lovely baby. You look so pretty like that. Take a little more of it in your mouth.”

I did as she asked. My lips flowed up and over the head of my dick. I squeezed my tits firmly around my shaft and then rubbed them up and down “Oh, baby,” Legant moaned, “you’re so sexy. I’m going to need your lips around my clit next.”

I moaned into my dick as I sucked it. I loved going down on Legant. She had such an amazing pussy. Just the thought of her huge clit in my mouth had me squirming. I spread my legs wide and arched my pelvis up in the air. Legant’s hand fondled my balls but when she saw my lewd display she smiled and asked, “Naughty boy, are you asking for what I think you’re asking for?”

With my dick still in my mouth I looked up at her desperately and shook my head yes.

Legant’s wicked smile broadened as she moved her hand from my balls to down between my ass cheeks. I moaned and begged her silently with my eyes as the tips of her fingers brushed up against my asshole.

“You just keep sucking that pretty dick my sweet little earthman. You suck it, like your life depended on it,” Legant said as she cooed at me softly. Unable to do anything other than what she asked I sucked my dick feverishly. Her fingertips poked and prodded me teasingly. I lifted my pelvis even higher and begged her desperately with my eyes.

“Please, please,” I screamed inside my head, “please, finger fuck me.”

I imagined the length of her long tapered fingers as they moved in and out of me. I was dying to be taken by her. Legant teased me for a minute or so longer. Then she said, “Azzling, my sweet little earthman, you so want me to fuck you, don’t you?”

With my hard dick still in my mouth I desperately shook my head yes.

She smiled, leaned down, kissed my forehead, slipped her fingers right inside me and said, “I love you little earthman, I truly do, now, come for me.”

I woke up, mid wet dream, right in the middle of my orgasm. My aching hard-on spurted come all over m tits and face. There was nothing to do at that point but ride it out. I grabbed my already come covered tits and squeezed them up against my dick as it continued to cover me in come. I swallowed some of my come, bathed in the rest of it and rode out my orgasm until the last wave of pleasure had shot had through me.

I just laid there in bed, alone and panted. After I recovered a bit I looked over to the spot in bed where Legant should have been. It was empty, except for puddles of my come. The crushing blow of her loss came down on me again. It didn’t help that the bed was made for an eight and a half foot tall Zurite. That made a big and empty bed feel even bigger, and emptier.

The genetic manipulations the Zurite veterinarian had made to me changed a lot of things about my body. The feminization and the size of my genitals were the most obvious. Then there was the significant changes that were done to my rectum. Not only was it no longer used for expelling waste, I was on a diet specially designed for humans on Zur, but they had increased the number of nerve endings back there exponentially. And somehow, they had made me self lubricating and more elastic.

My libido had been increased to match that of my near insatiable owner. And lastly my large balls now shot out more come during each orgasm than I did in a year when I was a normal earthman. The bed was literally covered in it. Zurite women have this crazy fetish for watching earthmen come like firehoses. I enjoyed it when Legant was with me but now that I was alone it made everything harder. I was constantly horny and without Legant my orgasms weren’t nearly as satisfying.

I wiped off enough of my come so that I wouldn’t make a mess on the way to the bathroom and got out of bed. As soon as I was five feet away the bed it magically cleaned and made itself. Zurite science was amazing.

I went into the bathroom and towards what Zurites used for a shower. It was a large glass booth with no door. I don’t know how it works but you simply pass through the glass.

“Shower warm,” I said out loud.

From the ceiling water fell on me in a gentle rain. There was no faucet or spigot of any kind. The water appeared from just below the ceiling. There wasn’t even a drain on the floor. The water vanished the same way it came. I rinsed myself off and then said, “Soap.”

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