How to transfer files from your personal computer to NOOK Tablet

Turn on your Windows or Macintosh personal computer. Then turn on your Nook.

Connect your NOOK to your personal computer with the USB cable that came with it.

Your computer should detected your Nook. It will show up as a disk drive. The drive may show up as MyNOOK, or it may just be an extra drive. There will be a second entry for the microSD/SDHC memory slot. If your computer has one internal hard drive plus a CD/DVD drive, the NOOK may show up as Removable Disk E: and Removable Drive F:.

Some Windows computers may ask if you want to install a driver for a NOOK device. Click Cancel to close this dialog box.

On your computer, click the NOOK drive to open it.

Click My Files to open that subfolder.

Drag and drop files from the computer to the right Documents subfolder.