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The doorbell rang. Ms Sandra, my Domme, who's also my wife, picked up her phone, clicked on the video doorbell app and then while she looked at it said, "You can go get the package, in, just, one, more... OK now."

"May I put something on first," I asked.

"Oh sweetie what's the point? Half the block already knows you're my naked slave. In fact, you were the naked waiter for the tea with Mrs. Marks and Ms Lenore who live across the street. So you have nothing to worry about do you?"

"Oh, yeah, wasn't that the time I, you know," I asked sheepishly.

"I had you entertain us by playing with your little penis," she asked with an innocent look.

"And the other thing, it was so embarrassing," I said as I felt my face redden at the memory.

"You mean when you got so horny you begged to be allowed to come in front of our neighbors? However I would only agree to allow it if you did so into a cup of tea and drank from it every time one of us said the word come," she asked with a smile.

"Yeah, I couldn't believe how many times they managed to fit that word into the conversation," I said as I remembered the look on their faces as I drank my come sweetened tea.

"Oh, you loved every humiliating second of it. Look," she said with a smirk as she pushed down the tip of my very hard dick and let it bounce up and down, "you're hard as stone just thinking about it."

All I could do was blush a deeper shade of red.

"So why don't you just scurry outside just as you are and get the package. The delivery guy is long gone by now."

"Yes Ma'am," I said as I got up and then walked to the front door.

I knew she was right, going outside wasn't would be fine. There were no kids on our block and the only neighbors that could see me already knew of our lifestyle. Still, going outside even just on our door step felt risky.

I put my hand on the door knob and turned back to look at my Domme before I went outside. She smiled at me and shook her head yes. I turned the knob and slowly opened the door.

There on the darkened screened in porch was a small box just far enough from the front door that I would have to go outside to get it. I looked around quickly, seeing no one, I stepped out on the ports to get the box. I immediately felt the cool outside air surround my naked body and hard dick. My heart beating loudly in my chest I grabbed the box and quickly went back into the house.

Ms Sandra chuckled at me and said, "Come sit at my feet and open your present."

"It's a present for me," I asked surprised.

"It's for both of us actually," She said as she smiled down at me.

I opened up the box and took out a strap-on and a dildo.

"Guess who's going to be spending the next hour sucking my cock and then getting fucked like a dirty little slut," Ms Sandra asked me.

I blushed all over again but my dick throbbed even harder.