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My Queen had me kneel naked at her feet. I spread my knees, put my arms behind my back and straightened my spine.

"Excellent," she said as she looked down and me with a smile. "You will kneel there with your eyes closed and not move until I say otherwise."

"Yes my Queen," I said obediently as I closed my eyes.

"You do have your remote plug inserted," she asked.

"Of course my Queen, as you ordered," I replied.

"Good boy," she said as I heard the TV go on behind me.

I knew more or less what was about to happen. She was going to tease me until, well, for as long as she wanted. It was my job to kneel there on display and take it. I could already feel my dick harden.

Several minutes into her show I felt the plug in my ass come to life. It vibrated slowly started to build in power and then quickly died down. My hard dick twitched for her.

Five minutes later it gently started to vibrate. It was at such a low power that I almost didn't notice it at first but then it got a tiny bit stronger. A bit later it went up again a tiny notch. After the fifth or six time I noticed that she did it every time someone spoke. Soon this person was in a heated argument with another character and the power of the vibrations rose steadily.

The plug was vibrating pretty hard by that point and I could feel it straight through the base of my achingly hard dick. I just knelt there and tried to stay quiet. Thankfully the show went to commercial and she turned it off.

About halfway through the commercial I felt something against my dick. It was her foot. She grazed her big toes up and down the length of my shaft. I whimpered quietly. She swirled her toe around the head of my dick and then back down to my balls. Against my will my dick jumped and twitched.

The TV show came back on and she took her foot away from me.

After a few minutes I felt the vibrations start again. It seemed like a programmed pattern or something. It was pulsing on and off with growing strength. Unable to control myself I moaned as I felt a drop of pre-come drip down the shaft of my dick and over my balls.