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When she said she wanted to take new pictures of us as a couple I had no idea what she had planned. It seemed like fun and I'd have a new picture of us to place on my desk.

I assisted her as she dressed. She had chosen a nice black skirt and a silk blouse that looked very nice on her. I knelt in front of her and held the skirt open so she could step into it. She steadied herself by putting on hand on my head and then lifted on foot and steeped into the skirt. I was eye level with her tiny lace panties. I tried hard not to stare too longingly at them as she stepped into the skirt.

Once both of her legs were in the skirt I began to raise it up her legs. Just as the waistband of skirt was below her panties she stopped me.

"Would you like to give it a kiss before you put it away," she asked.

Damn it, she knows me too well. I looked up at her and said, "Yes please, may I?"

She put her hand on my cheek, caressed it gently and said, "Of course you may."

I smiled up at her and pressed my face into her hand.

"You're very sweet but we'll be late if we don't get going soon," she said to me.

"Yes Ma'am," I replied.

She removed her hand and I leaned in and placed a reverent kiss on the front of her panties. I would have preferred a more intimate spot but I understood that we would be running late if I didn't hurry. She usually arranges it so that I can leave the house with the taste of her pussy in my mouth. She says it helps remind me who's in charge. I've kind of grown used to having her taste in my mouth. Now it's almost weird when I can't taste her.

I pulled up her skirt and fastened it. Then I stood up and got her blouse. I held it open for her and she slipped one arm into it and then the other. Then she turned around so that I could button it up. As I closed her blouse she reached down and cupped my caged dick and balls.

"Everything good down here," she asked.

"Yes Ma'am."

"How long has it been," she asked with a smile.

"It'll be two weeks tomorrow," I said with a groan as I buttoned up her blouse.

"Oh, feeling a bit tight," she asked as she gave my balls a playful squeeze.

"You know your attentions have that effect on me," I said.

"I know and I love it. All I have to do is graze my fingers across your skin or give you a tiny flash of thigh and you're totally weak for me. Locking up your dick was the best thing I ever did," she said before she kissed me. "Now get dressed, we have to go."

She finished dressing herself while I put on the clothes she had laid out for me. Then we got in the car and she directed me to the photo studio. The studio was just a large airconditioned room with a backdrop and lights, nothing really fancy. There was a woman there who I assumed was the photographer. My wife greeted her and they talked for a minute. Then I heard her say, "No, it's fine he can just undress here."

She looked at me and said, "Sweetie strip to your cage."

When I looked shocked she came up to me and said, "Don't worry hon she knows all about our relationship, your cage and she's fine with it."

"Um OK but what kind of pictures are we going to take," I asked nervously.

"Nothing graphic, I just want a nice portrait of us for my desk at the office.""

"With me in nothing but my cage," I asked nervously.

"Oh don't worry, no one will see it but me. Well maybe the clean up crew might see it but I wouldn't worry about them."

When I looked at her hesitantly she said, "OK how about this, if you're a good boy and do as your told I'll have he take a picture of me from the waist up, as I sit on your face for your desk at the office."