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Dominant Futanari Dickgirls

The Slow Seduction

By Ardor

Chapter 1

My girlfriend Alison, if you could call a girl with a giant cock a girl, sat on the edge of her couch while I knelt on the floor between her legs and looked at her big, fat, cock.

"Come on baby, suck it. You know you want to," she said as she looked down at me with a smile.

God help me I did. My mouth watered for her long, thick cock. I grabbed it firmly in one hand and pulled it down so that I could get my mouth around it. I brushed my lips over the head before taking it deep in my mouth. Allie moaned and rubbed the back of my head gently.

So how did I, a "normal" heterosexual guy wind up with a futanrai, a real girl on a genetic level who just happens to have a huge cock, for a girlfriend?

It just kind of happened. I mean, I didn't know about her cock at first. I thought she was just a regular girl. Looking back on it now I can see how Allie got me ready for her. I should have known she was up to something from day one but she's so sweet that I just didn't see it coming, so to speak.

We met about two months ago and I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I screwed up my courage and said hello. Now, I'm not much of a pick up artist but something I said to her must have gone over well because we started dating right away.

These were pretty much normal dates but at the end of each one we'd have these long hot make out sessions. They didn't go farther than kissing at first. I had this feeling that she wanted to but she was holding back for some reason.

I really liked her so I decided not to push too hard and let her come to me.

A few make out sessions down the line she grabbed my hand, slipped it inside her blouse and planted it firmly on her left breast. I thought that was pretty much a green light for anything goes from there on but no, she wanted me to keep it above the waist.

I have to admit I was a little disappointed but she had such an amazing pair of tits that I didn't have much trouble enjoying myself with her. Not to mention that the bonus was a sudden eagerness in her to go down on me.

The first few times were just regular blow jobs. Outside of being fantastic they were nothing at all out of the ordinary. Somewhere around the third or fourth time though she suddenly started playing with my asshole while she sucked on my cock.Nothing radical at first mind you. She just rubbed it gently as her lips flowed back and forth over the head of my cock. We didn't talk about it but from the way I came it was obvious to both of us that I liked it.

It didn't stop there though. Would I have my current taste for girl cock if she did? No, of course not.

She started out with normal blow jobs. At least what had become normal for us then. She'd use those incredible lips on the head of my cock while she gently rubbed my asshole. I still didn't get to touch her below the waist but she could make me come so hard with her mouth that I was more than satisfied for the moment.

Then, a few dates later, while she was going down on me, her finger suddenly disappeared from my asshole.

I figure she just needed her hand for leverage or something. Her warm, wet mouth felt so good I certainly wasn't going to complain.

She let my cock slip out of her mouth and went back to work on just the head. Then I felt her finger return to my asshole. This time it was covered with something cool and slippery. I was going to say something but she just continued to gently rub her slippery finger around the outside of my asshole. It actually felt really nice. I came so hard that time it wasn't even funny.

So that then became our new normal. She'd suck on my cock and tease my ass with a slippery lube covered finger.

She was so insidious, and patient, that I never stood a chance. I don't even know how she managed it. I could never have been that patient.

It paid off for her, of course, because when she moved her plan a step further I was ready for it. Hell, by then I was almost begging for it. What she had done up to that point had felt so good that I began to wonder what it would feel like if she pushed that finger all the way up inside me.

The next time we fooled around I unknowingly helped her little plan right along.

I had been playing with her tits while we made out on her couch. My pants were undone and she had my hard cock in her hand. Some women have a hard time giving a good hand job, not Allie. She knows how to stroke my cock in just the right way to turn me into a sweaty pile of desperation.

Knowing what I know now it's obvious how she got so good at it. She's always had a cock of her own to practice on.

So after fifteen minutes of kissing, playing with her tits and being jerked off I wasn't going to do anything but cooperate when she stopped, pulled back, whipped off her shirt and bra and said, "I wanna suck your cock."

What guy could say no to that? A topless, dirty talking woman who wants to suck your cock? I'm all in! She was on her knees between my legs before I even started to say yes. When she tugged at my pants I kicked off my shoes and eagerly helped her undress me.

My pants and underwear were gone in seconds. I spread my legs and scooted to the edge of the couch. She took my cock in one hand and looked up at me for a second before she took it in her mouth.

I never understood why some people think a blow job is a submissive act. Allie may have been the one who knelt between my legs but the moment her lips touched the head of my cock she was the one in control. I probably would've barked like a dog if she had asked me to.

Anyway, so Allie is on her knees as she sucked on my cock. Her soft full lips slid up and down over the head of my hard cock without the slightest hint of teeth in sight. A minute or so after she started blowing me I felt her slippery finger on my asshole.

It started to move around in slow circles but I already wanted more. To shy at first to admit what I wanted I tried to hint by moving my ass around in sync with her finger. I tried flexing that little ring of muscle in hopes that she'd get the idea that I wanted more.

It wasn't helping.

I could see that if I wanted her finger inside me I was going to have to ask for it. I screwed up my courage, helped by how hot she was making me, gently caressed the back of her head and said, "Oh God, please, put it in me."

She looked up at me and with my cock still in her mouth she smiled. Damn, I never saw anything so sexy in my life. Well, that is until I felt her finger as it slowly started to push inside of me. Our eyes were locked together as she teased the head of my cock with her lips and slowly pushed her finger up my ass.

This was the first penetration of many to come but, damn, was it good. She had prepared me so perfectly and skillfully that I was ready and eager for it. She let my cock flop out of her mouth and asked, "Do you like it?"

"Oh God, yes," I said in a breathy voice.

"How about this?" She asked as she rubbed her finger over my prostate gland.

"Oh fuck," I moaned as pre-come dribbled out of the tip of my cock.

Allie just smiled like the cat who ate the canary. Then she licked her way up the shaft of my cock, lapped up my pre-come as she went, and put the head of my cock in her mouth again.

As her finger worked in and out of my ass and her mouth worked over my cock there was no way I was going to last much longer. Within a minute I came, hard, in her mouth. She swallowed almost all of it down. I knew she didn't swallow all of it because after I finished she crawled up my body and kissed me. She filled my mouth with my own come and then pulled back to watch me swallow it down.

I was surprised at just how much that turned me on.

It got me hard almost immediately. Allie straddled my legs as she sat on top of me. When my cock stood up and poked her in the belly she looked down at it, then back up at me and asked, "You liked that didn't you?"

I blushed and shook my head yes.

"Well, I know someone who's going to be eating a lot more of their own come from now on."

She kissed me again and then slid down my body to wrap her tits around my hard cock. Oh God, her skin was so soft and her tits felt so damn good.

She held them together, looked up at me and said, "Go on baby fuck my tits."

I didn't need to hear any more than that. I started to gently push my cock in and out of her tits. As I fucked her she gave me an innocent, sexy look and asked, "Do you like fucking my tits?"

"Oh, God yes," I said in a deep breathy voice.

"Do you want to come all over them baby?"

"Yes," I said in a horse whisper.

"I want you to come all over them. I want you to shoot a big messy load of come all over my tits but then," she paused to smile at me before she said, "you have to lick it all up."

In the split second before I said yes my only thought was who was this woman and where the hell has she been all my life? She was so sweet and girlie during our dates but once in the bedroom? She turned into this assertive little sex pot that just drove me crazy!

I didn't get to think any farther down those lines though because the next thing she said to me was, "Hold my tits so I can play with your balls and ass while you fuck me."

Oh my God, this woman is a Goddess!

The minute my hands were on her tits her hands were under me. One hand cupped and fondled my balls while two fingers of the other hand circled my asshole.

I thought she was just going to go right ahead and finger me but she didn't. Those teasing fingers just kept circling around my asshole. She was going to make me ask for it twice in a row?

I was so hard and horny at that point I didn't care. God, my Mother and the Pope could have been standing right behind her frowning at me in disapproval and I still would have said, "Please, finger fuck my ass. I want to feel you inside me when I come."

"Oh," she said with a happy grin, "I love to hear you say things like that."

Her fingers disappeared for a few seconds and then they came back slippery. She must have hidden bottles of lube all over the house.

Allie rubbed the lube around my asshole and then gently, but firmly, pushed her fingers inside me.

"How's that baby?" She asked her eyes full of fire.

"Oh," I said as I pushed my cock up between her tits, "so good."

"You just love having your ass played with now don't you?" she asked as she plunged her fingers deep inside me.

"Yes," I said in a breathy whisper.

"That's good because I'm going to turn you into my dirty little ass slut. What do you think of that?" Allie asked as she twisted her fingers inside me and then rubbed my prostate.

My response was simply to come all over her tits.

After I was done and I had collapsed back into the couch Allie took hold of my cock. With her fingers still up my ass she rubbed my prostate with one hand and ran her thumb up the underside of my cock with the other hand. She milked every last drop of my come onto her tits and then looked up at me, smiled and asked, "Ready for your dessert baby?"

Allie shook her shoulders making her sloppy, come covered tits jiggle at me and said, "I call it crŹme de la tits."

Then she stood up, carefully, and straddled my body. She put her tits right in my face and said, "Bon appetite."

I looked at her gooey come covered tits and then up at her face. It was one thing to eat my own come while she kissed me but this, this was different.

"You're not backing out on me are you? I let you fuck my tits because you said you'd lick them clean. So now you owe me."

I looked back down at her tits. I wanted to but it was just so embarrassing.

"You liked it when I kissed you with a mouth full of come didn't you?" Allie asked.

I looked back up at her and shook my head yes.

"This isn't really that much different is it?"

When I didn't say anything or make a move Allie put two fingers on her chest above her right tit. Then she pulled the skin up, which made her tit bounce a little, and said, "Look at that come covered nipple. How can you not want to lick it clean? Here, I'll make it easy for you. Open your mouth."

I slowly opened my mouth. Somehow I felt like I moth drawn to a flame.

"Good boy, now stick out your tongue."

I slowly stuck out my tongue.

"That's right baby," she said brushing her fingers against my cheek.

Then she moved her hand to the back of my head and gently pulled me forward until her nipple was against my tongue.

"There, that's not so bad is it?" She asked in a soothing tone.

In a tiny motion I shook my head no.

"Of course not. Now, suck that come off my nipple," she directed me in a firm but gentle tone.

For some reason I felt like I had to do as she asked. I was hypnotized by her and completely in her control. I pressed my lips against her breast and sucked her nipple into my mouth. As I did I swirled my tongue around her hard nipple and lapped up my own come.

"Mmmm, yummy isn't it? You like when I make you eat your own come don't you?" She asked with a smile as she caressed the back of my head.

While still sucking on her sloppy, come covered, tit I shook my head yes.

"Oh, we're going to have such fun together," she said happily. "Now, lick my titties clean."

I gave in completely and lapped at her tits without restraint until they were clean.

I had hoped that her finger in my ass would become the new normal for us as she blew me from then on. However, the next time she just had to have my cock in her mouth all she did was play with my asshole. Her slippery finger rubbed it and teased me but she didn't put it inside.

As she sucked on my cock she looked up at me almost as if waiting for something. It didn't take me long to figure out that she wanted me to ask for it. She wanted me to admit, out loud, that I wanted her finger up my ass.

I tried to hold out. I tried to be strong and just enjoy her amazing blow job without wanting more. The way her fingers teased my tight little hole made me ache for it in a way I didn't think possible. So eventually, as she probably knew I would, I gave in. I gave in and begged her with all my might.

"Allie, honey, please... Put your finger inside me again."

She just looked up at me with her finger right at the center of my tight little hole, let my cock flop out of her mouth and asked, "You mean you want me to finger bang you like you're some High School girl in the back seat of my car?"

I don't know why but that mental image turned me on more than I could say.

I quickly said yes. Allie smiled at me and eased her finger right up my ass. She looked me right in the eye, with that cat ate the canary look, and jerked me off with one hand as she fingered me with the other. She had me climbing the walls in no time.

Just as my orgasm was building, just as I felt it start to reach that point where there was no way I could stop myself from shooting Allie slipped another finger up my ass. I moaned and thrust my cock up in the air.

"Oh, my naughty little school girl likes an extra finger up his ass, huh?" Allie asked with a smile. "Show me how much. Fuck yourself for me."

Allie gripped my cock and kept her fingers in my ass but held both hands still. I felt my face go red as I slowly started to fuck her hand and her fingers.

"Aw, don't be ashamed baby. So you like to be fucked up the ass, like a little slut. I'm good with that, believe me. Now come for me baby. Come for me nice and hard."

At that point I gave in completely and fucked myself on her hands. I lifted myself off the couch just high enough so that I could thrust my cock in and out of the tight grip of her hand. Every thrust up pulled her fingers out of my ass. Every thrust down buried them deep in my ass to the hilt. My balls bounced up and down on the top of the hand that was in my ass.

Thirty seconds of that and I came so hard I thought I was going to pull a muscle.

Come shot all over my stomach and chest. As I settled back into the couch Allie gently stroked my cock and massaged the inside of my ass. It gave me little after shocks of pleasure. When even that dyed down she gently pulled her fingers out of me, wiped them on a towel and sat down next to me on the couch.

Allie kissed me a few times and then started to play with the pools of come with her fingertip. At first she just swirled her finger through them. Then she started to scoop it up and let it drip back down onto me.

I could see where this was going and, truth be told, I looked forward to every humiliating second of it.

She kissed me again and then pressed her come covered fingers against my lips. I greedily sucked them in my mouth and licked them clean. Allie smiled at me happily as I sucked every last drop from her fingers.

When all of my come was gone she leaned in, her magnificent tits rubbing up against me, and kissed me again.

"Isn't there something I can do for you?" I asked between kisses.

"Would you like to go down on me?" Allie asked.

"Yes," I replied eagerly.

"I should warn you that I'm a little different than other girls," she said hesitantly.

"W-what do you mean?"

"Well, let's just say that I have a very large clit."

"Oh, that's hot."

"Really?" Allie asked. "Would you like to suck on my big clit?"

"Yeah," I said eagerly.

"Would you wrap your lips around my clit and give it a little blow job?" She asked with a hesitant look on her face.

At the time I thought it was a little weird that she'd call it a blow job. I was too focused on the idea of getting my face between her legs to think much about it though.

"Yeah, yeah, sure," I eagerly said again.

Allie smiled at me and kissed me deeply again. Then she said, "You haven't quite earned that right just yet but you're doing so well."

"I am?" I asked confused but hopeful.

"Oh, yeah," she said practically purring. "You're being so open minded and willing to try new things. That's just what a girl like me needs."

"Cool, I'm glad I please you," I said happily.

"And you do want to please me, don't you? And I don't mean like most other guys. It's really, really, important to you isn't it?"

"Yeah," I said a little embarrassed.

"You like that too don't you? You like it when I embarrass and humiliate you. It's a turn on for you isn't it?"

I looked into Allie's face and didn't know what to say. It was one thing to enjoy a little erotic humiliation. If I openly admitted it to her I'd be giving her free license to do who knows what to me. Of course that idea was kind of a turn on too.

When I didn't say anything Allie leaned in and kissed me again. Then she moved her lips to my ear and whispered, "It's OK, you can trust me. Just whisper in my ear. Do you like it when I humiliate you Kevin?"

"Yes," I replied in a breathy whisper.

Allie Gently licked my earlobe and said, "We are going to have so much fun."

Chapter 2

The next time we got together was my final hurdle. I didn't know it at the time, of course, but it was. Now and then I wonder if I would have gone through with it if I knew how things would end up. If she had just told me that she was a dick girl at the start would I have run screaming?

Maybe, but if I had I would have missed out on the perfect women. And she is a woman in every way. Well, every way except one. Actually, she's a woman in every way except three.

One is her giant cock. That's the most obvious reason of course. Two is her sex drive. She needs to be serviced at least twice a day. And three is the amount of come she's able to shoot. She could literally drown you with it.

I'm getting a bit ahead of myself though.

Our next date was really nice. We went out to dinner and then to an art show that was held in the local gallery district. I'm actually very into art so it wasn't one of those things where I had to fake my interest as she dragged me along.

In fact as we walked along the street, going from gallery to gallery, I couldn't help but think about how lucky I was. Allie and I seemed to connect on every level.

Then there was the sex of course. It's not every woman who would be willing to indulge my little humiliation fantasies nevertheless do it so well.

As I was thinking about all of this Allie was looking in a gallery window. We had walked around to the side of the gallery on a more deserted part of the street. I was standing behind her and couldn't help but give her the once over while she looked at a sculpture through the window. She turned her head and looked for me like she was about to say something but when she saw me it was obvious I was caught.

She motioned me over and when I got there she asked, "Were you just staring at my ass?"

"Well, we are here to look at gorgeous works of art aren't we?"

She smiled, wrapped her arms around my waist, kissed me and then said, "Why don't we go back to my place. My roommate is working late tonight."

Then she let her hands drop and squeezed my ass. When she saw that not only wasn't I embarrassed but I seemed to be enjoying it she took it a little further.

Her right hand dropped a little more and her finger snaked between my cheeks. Then, right there in public, she scratched her fingernail over my asshole through my pants.

I felt my face blush, my knees go weak and my cock got stone hard.

I quickly turned us around so that my back was to the gallery window.

"Nice," Allie said with a wicked smile, "now I can diddle you right out here in public."

Her finger nail scratched over the seam in my jeans sending vibrations of pleasure right up my asshole. I couldn't help but wiggle my ass and push back against her hand a little.

I scanned the street with my eyes to see if any of the people walking around had noticed what was going on. Everyone seemed completely oblivious.

"Anyone on the street notice us?" Allie asked.

"No, we're safe," I said as I looked back at Allie.

"Well, there's a woman inside the gallery who's watching us," Allie said with a smile.

I started to turn my head to look and she stopped me.

"No, don't let on that you know. You'll scare her off."

"W-what's she doing?" I asked.

Allie looked at the window out of the corner of her eye and then back at me. All the while her finger kept moving over my asshole.

"She's pretending to look at the sculpture in the window but her eyes are directly on your tight little ass."

After a few more seconds Allie looked up at me and asked, "Wanna really give her something to see?"

"What did you have in mind?" I asked a little nervously.

"This," Allie said as her left hand undid the button on my jeans and her right hand moved up quickly and then plunged down the back of my pants.

"Allie! What are you doing? We're gonna get arrested," I said in an urgent whisper.

"Just be still. I'm standing right in front of you. No one can see but her," Allie said as she pointed to the window with her eyebrows. "And she likes what she's seeing."

By then Allie had her hand all the way down my pants and was rubbing my asshole through my underwear.

"Really?" I asked getting seriously turned on.

"Oh, yeah," Allie said in a breathy voice. "Her eyes are locked onto your ass and her nipples are so hard I'm surprised they haven't torn a hole in her blouse." She paused for a second and then said, "Wouldn't it be hot if I could drop your pants, bend you over and really show her exactly how you like to take it? Right here on the street where anyone could see?"

I tried to speak but all that came out was a shivering, breathy moan.

"You'd like that don't you? You'd love it if the whole world knew you were my dirty little ass slut."

"Oh, Allie, you're killing me."

"You ain't seen nothing yet, baby," Allie said with an evil smile.

She whipped her hand out of the back of my pants and held two fingers up to my mouth. I looked around in a panic to see if anyone was watching us. Allie turned my head to face her, stuck her fingers back in my face and said, "Just suck ‘em bitch. You know you want too."

I opened my mouth and sucked on her fingers."Get them nice and wet too. You know where they're going," Allie said as she moved her fingers in and out of my mouth.

I tried to look behind me, out of the corner of my eye, but I couldn't see anything. Allie must have caught me because she said, "Don't worry she's still watching. Want a peek?"

I shook my head yes.

"OK, just be very discrete," Allie said as she moved her hand, the one with her finger in my mouth, a little to my left so I could get a look at this woman out of the corner of my eye.

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