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Begging For Even More

Book 1 By Ardor

Chapter 1

I walked up to Ms. Susan’s desk. I wore nothing but a pair of tight bike shorts and a pair of powder blue ballet slippers. It had been decided that I needed a little exercise so I had biked to work the last three months. They originally had me barefoot but Ms. Susan decided it wasn’t safe and this would be more fun.”

I was nervous until I found out that no one really noticed. I get the odd smile or funny look when I stopped at a red light now and then but other than that no one seems to care.

It took some getting used to biking all over town in nothing, and I mean nothing, but those tight shorts. I’m not allowed to wear a shirt or underwear. They’re so tight and thin that at times it does seem like I’m almost naked. Luckily I live in a part of the country that is warm all year round.

“Good morning James,” Ms. Susan said with a smile, “how was your bike ride in to work today?”

“It was good, thank you Ma’am,” I said as I untied and took off my ballet shoes.

“Excellent, I’m glad to hear that,” she said as she watched me take off the bike shorts.

I handed my only clothes over to her and she happily took them from me. After she locked them up in her desk drawer she said, “That’s much better, aren’t you glad to get ride of all that uncomfortable clothing?”

I almost laughed. She made it sound like I wore a suit of armor. I caught myself before I let it happen and said, “It is getting so that I’m more comfortable naked than dressed nowadays.”

“Really? Well, we’ll have to see about finding you something smaller to wear for your bike ride to work. Maybe a pink speedo and ballet slippers to match?”

“If that would please you Ms. Susan,” I said as I tried not to show my panic.

Oh God, how the heck would I explain that to anyone in my apartment building? I might get away without being seen in the morning but there was no way the whole world wouldn’t notice me on my bike ride home.

A speedo would be even thinner than the bike shorts. I would be nearly naked. As all of this went through my head my cock started to get hard.

“And there it is. The first crow of the cock in the morning. Come around here to the side of my desk.”

I came around as she asked as she swiveled her chair towards me. She ran a finger up the length of my cock and asked, you haven’t been playing with this at home have you?”

“No Ma’am,” I said sincerely.

“Good, because if even one of the girls report to me that you’re first orgasm of the day isn’t a nice heavy load we’re going to start locking you up at night,” she said as if she scolded a naughty boy.

“Lock me up?”I asked unsure of what she meant.

“Yes, tighter than a drum. I’ll slap a chastity device on your cock so fast you won’t even know what’s hit you. The only key to the lock will hang from a chain nestled firmly between my tits. From that point on the only time you’ll be able to come is when, and if, we allow you.”

“I’ll be good Ma’am, I promise,” I said sincerely.

“See to it you are,” she said as her hand moved down to my balls.

She cupped them and then gently rolled them around in her palm.

“It would be difficult biking home in a speedo and chastity device,” she said as she looked at me with a smile.

As I thought over what that would be like the front door opened and a woman with an envelope came in.

Ms. Belinda was one of the higher ups in the messenger service that my company uses. I had been told that she hand delivered the packages herself ever since the day one of her delivery guys came back to her office with stories about the guy who used to have this job before me.

“It’s good to see you’re up bright and early today,” Ms. Belinda said as she looked at my hard on.

“Thank you Ma’am.”

“James,” Susan said letting go of my balls, “get over there and greet Belinda properly.”

“Yes Ms. Susan,” I said as I dropped to my hands and knees.

I crawled around the desk and over to Belinda. Then I pressed my lips to her expensive shoes and kissed them.

She let me kiss her feet for a minute or so and then said, “That’s very nice James but you know that’s not why I come to see you.”

“Yes Ma’am,” I said sitting up on my heels.

She moved past me and then leaned over Ms. Susan’s desk. With her elbows on the desk for support she spread her legs and said, “Get to work.”

I crawled behind her, stuck my head up her skirt and nestled my face between her ass cheeks. Then as I started to lick her asshole I brought my hand up between her legs and played with her pussy.

“Oh, here, this is for you,” Ms. Belinda said to Ms. Susan as I got to work.

“You’d better be quick this morning James, this looks important,” Ms Susan said.

I knew just what Ms. Belinda liked best so I wasted no time. While I licked across her asshole with the flat of my tongue I slipped two fingers into her pussy and played with her clit with my thumb.

It was a difficult maneuver to learn but Ms. Belinda ensured that I had plenty of practice. Ms. Julie, my boss, had even lent me out to her one night. I spent the entire evening licking her ass and fingering her pussy until I learned to do it just the way she liked.

When necessary I can bring her off in minutes. Of course it helps that she gets off on treating me like her sex toy. Ms. Julie says it’s good for business. We always get our deliveries first thing in the morning.

As I hummed up Ms. Belinda’s ass and strummed her clit she came in my face. Her ass clenched around me and her pussy soaked my hand.

Then she just stood up, straightened herself out, looked at her watch and said, “I’ve gotta get going. I have an early meeting today. Thanks for the morning pick me up Susan, see you later.”

“Glad to help start your day off right. Stop by any time,” Ms. Susan said as Ms. Belinda walked out the front door.

Before the door even swung shut on Ms. Belinda Ms. Susan handed me the overnight envelope and said, “You better get your naked ass into Julie’s office with this right away.”

“Yes Ma’am,” I said as I got up and headed toward the inner office.

As I was almost through the door she said, “Stop by the bathroom first and rinse out your mouth though. You lick so much ass you have to stay clean.”

“Yes Ms. Susan.”

“Do it quickly,” she called after me as I left.

I hurried into the office and then headed back to the bathroom. As I walked back there I passed Jennifer’s desk.

“It’s about time,” she said impatiently. “Where the hell have you been? I’m about to wet myself.”

“Ms. Belinda showed up while I was undressing and.”

“Yes, yes, whatever, you can waste time later. Right now I have to piss so bad I can taste it and that’s supposed to be your job,” she said as she grabbed my by the cock and led me to the bathroom.

I tried to tell her I had to get the overnight envelope to Ms. Julie but she didn’t give me a chance. Before I knew it I was in the bathroom on my knees. I quickly rinsed my mouth with antiseptic mouthwash while Ms. Jennifer hiked up her skirt.

At that point if I didn’t get my mouth clamped to her pussy she would have peed all over me. Then I’d have to clean up myself and the bathroom before I could get to Ms. Julie.

I quickly spit into the sink, put the envelope on top of the closed toilet and then grabbed her ass with both hands. I opened my mouth wide and pulled myself up against her pussy as tightly as I could.

A few seconds later I felt the first drops of her pee as it filled my mouth. Ms. Jennifer had incredible control and was able to let it trickle down my throat. I didn’t have to gulp or swallow too fast to avoid spilling any of it.

She looked down at me over the folds of her hiked up skirt and smiled as I swallowed her pee.

“That’s right, drink it all down,” Ms. Jennifer said as she played with my hair. “Maybe if Julie hadn’t have gone soft on you that first day you wouldn’t spend every morning drinking down my used coffee.”

She smiled, laughed and then said, “But you don’t really mind so much do you? In fact, I’d be willing to bet that you just love kneeling there between my legs with your mouth clamped to my pussy as I slowly fill you with my pee don’t you?”

I couldn’t say a word. I couldn’t even move or she’d pee all over me and the bathroom. 

“Of course you do. Why else would you sit there so patiently and suck it out of me,” she paused for a moment to finish up and then said, “OK you may lick me clean now.”

I took my mouth off of her and stuck out my tongue. Lapping at her like a dog at a water bowl I cleaned her off as best I could. As I was doing so she noticed the envelope on the toilet seat.

“What the heck is this?” she asked pointing to the envelope.

“An overnight envelope for Ms. Julie,” I said between licks.

“Rinse your mouth out and get in there with this before she has us both on punishment for a week.”

I jumped up off the floor and went over to the sink. I grabbed the bottle of mouth wash and quickly rinsed out my mouth. Then I grabbed the envelope, thanked Ms. Jennifer for her morning coffee and headed to Ms. Julie’s office.

I got stopped several times on my way to Ms. Julie’s office. I showed each of them the overnight envelope and they all told me to find them after Ms. Julie was done with me. Everyone knew that Ms. Julie came first, literally in most cases.

I walked up to her office door and knocked on it. After getting permission to come in I walked over and stood in front of her desk.

“Ms. Julie I have an overnight envelope for you,” I said as I held it out to her.

She looked up from the work she was doing and smiled at me as if she just realized who she let in her office.

“Bring it around here,” she said.

As I walked around her desk she scooted to the edge of her chair and spread her legs. I didn’t have to be told what was expected of me. By now it was my morning routine. When I was in front of her I dropped to my knees and stuck out my tongue. I can’t even count how many mornings I spent massaging Ms. Julie’s asshole with my tongue as she either read the paper or looked over some work documents.

I handed the envelope up to her and then pressed my tongue against her asshole. As I started to lick her she ruffled my hair and asked, “Has Jennifer fed you her morning coffee yet?”

I shook my head up and down but didn’t stop licking her for a moment. She smiled and patted my head before she turned her attention to the envelope.    

She pulled the tab on the envelope and tossed the paper strip on her desk. Then she reached inside the envelope and pulled out the papers. When she held them in front of the envelope and started to read I figured it would be safe so I looked at her pussy.

“You’re staring at my pussy aren’t you?” I heard Ms. Julie ask.

I looked up from her pussy to see she had looked down at me from under the envelope. I knew I was caught. I shook my head yes as I continued to lick her.

“Hasn’t your love of pussy gotten you into more trouble than it’s worth?” she asked me with a smirk.

I just shook my head no as I licked her. She laughed and went back to her papers. That left me happily lost in her pussy and asshole.

Moments later I was shocked when she suddenly leaned forward, almost knocking me over, and said, “Susan get in here quickly.”

I looked up and saw that she had pressed the intercom button on her phone. Now she was back to looking at her papers with a happy but astonished expression. Moments later Ms. Susan came into the office.

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