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Goddess Amy

By Ardor

Chapter 1

"Harry, you're going to be good for Amy aren't you?"

"Yes, I promise, don't worry," I said to my Mom sincerely.

"You had better be. It was awfully nice of Amy to offer to look after you herself," Mom said as she ruffled my hair.

Amy Mortenson was twenty-five years old and one of the hottest girls in my neighborhood. Our family lived next door to hers and our Moms were best friends. That's why when my Mom had to go out of town unexpectedly I was to stay with Amy.

Mom has been very over protective of me since we lost my Dad in a car accident when I was ten. At eighteen I was really to old to need someone to watch over me. At first I fought to be left on my own. Then Mom said I'd be staying next door with Amy. I tried not to give in too fast because I didn't want anyone to know how much I really liked her. Now, I'm going to be staying alone with Amy for two whole weeks.

"Mom, I'm not a dog," I said annoyed that she'd treat me like such a little kid in front of Amy.

"No, you're trouble," Mom said to me. Then Mom looked at Amy and said, "He's a good boy as long as you keep on top of him."

I blushed at the thought of Amy Mortenson on top of me but I didn't say a word.

"Don't worry Mrs. Beckmyre I learned how to handle young men at an early age. I'll keep him out of trouble."

Mom laughed a little and then said, "I'm sure you will Amy."

I wondered what that meant but didn't have time to think about it. Mom quickly said goodbye and then was out the door. I was suddenly alone with Amy. I couldn't believe my luck. I was going to be alone with the lovely Amy Mortenson, the neighborhood Goddess, for two whole weeks.

"Grab your bag Harry. I'll show you where you're gonna be sleeping."

"OK," I said as I looked at her like an idiot.

She waited a few seconds and then said, "Um, Harry, you gonna get your bag?"

"Huh? Oh sure," as I quickly went to pick it up and looked at her with a wide smile.

She giggled at me and then said, "Come on, your room is up stairs."

She turned around and headed for the stairs. My eyes were glued to her behind as it moved in front of me. Amy's tight jeans outlined every mouth watering curve.

As we walked up the stairs I was to busy looking at her behind. I didn't notice that the shoulder strap on my bag dragged on the steps. I stepped right into it and then tripped and fell down the stairs, backwards, flat on my ass.

The next thing I knew Amy leaned over me and asked if I was OK. I wasn't really hurt but my head was spinning a little. Not realizing where she was I tried to get up and bonked my head right into her left boob. Amy pulled back and I must have blushed about ten shades of red.

"I, uh, sorry," I stammered.

She smiled at me and said, "Don't worry about it. Are you OK?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," I said as I stood up carefully.

"Are you sure? Let me take a look at you. That was a nasty fall," Amy said as she came up close to me.

She grabbed my by the shoulders and looked me right in the eye. I just sat there and stared into Amy Mortenson's eyes not able to believe this could really happen to me. For a crazy second I thought she was gonna kiss me. Then she turned me to the left and to the right as she looked over my body. She lifted my arms, one after the other, and looked at my elbows.

"No scrapes or bruises? Does anything hurt?" She asked.

Only my ego I thought but I said, "Nah, I'm fine."

"OK then, let's try those stairs again," she said smiling.

We got upstairs and I managed not to kill myself. After a short walk down the hall Amy stepped aside, pointed to a room and said, "Here you go."

I walked into the room and tossed my bag in the corner.

"You can put your stuff in the dresser over there. Then, you better get ready for dinner," Amy said.

"OK, thanks," I replied.

Amy left me on my own to put away my stuff. After I was done I found the bathroom and washed my hands. That took all of two minutes and now I didn't know what to do with myself. There wasn't a TV in my room and I felt weird just making myself at home. I figured I'd knock on Amy's door and ask her if I could watch TV until dinner was ready.

I walked up to her door and saw that it was still open. I stepped in the doorway and was about to knock on the door frame when I saw movement to my left. It was Amy. She stood by her dresser in nothing but a pair of panties.

I froze like stone with my hand in mid air about to knock. I wanted to do something but I couldn't seem to get myself to move. I tried to say excuse me but all that came out was a weird squeak. Amy heard me, turned calmly and looked me square in the eye.

"Hey Harry, did you want something," she asked with a pleasant smile.

"Sorry, I, um," I said clumsily.

"Don't worry we're very informal here," Amy said not bothering to cover herself in any way.

"Um, OK," I said as I tried to look but not to stare.

Here was my very first naked woman and I was acting like a stupid kid. Somehow I had to show her I was cool.

"You sure you're OK," she asked.

"Um, yeah, yeah sure," I said as I tried to be cool.

"You're quite the man of the world aren't you Harry," Amy asked as she walked over to a little make up table and sat down.

"Thanks, we're sorta informal at our house too," I said trying to keep up the cool act.

"Oh yeah," she asked as she started to take off her make up.

"Sure, I've even been to a nude beach once," I lied.

She stopped what she was doing, looked at me and said, "You have? Where?"

"When we went down to Key West last summer," I said.

"Why don't you come in and sit down?" she asked as she pointed to a chair by her desk.

I walked into the room and it felt like I was walking on the surface of another planet. I was in a girl's room. A naked girl's room. A naked Amy Mortenson's room!

I walked across the floor carefully. It was almost like it was made of glass and might break any second. I couldn't believeany of this was happening. I was trying to act cool and not do anything to screw it up. There was a computer desk to her right. I sat down in the chair in front of it and didn't know what to say. After a minute or two of silence Amy said, "So, tell me more about this nude beach."

"Oh sure, it was a lot of fun," I said.

"You mean it was a lot of fun looking at the girls, huh," she asked as she looked at me with a smile.

I panicked and said, "No, I wouldn't do that."

"You mean you don't like girls," Amy asked with a disappointed look on her face.

"What? No, I like girls," I said a little to eagerly.

Amy laughed and asked, "So then you did like looking at the girls, didn't you?"

I was trapped. Defeated I said, "Yeah."

"It's OK Harry if you didn't at least look I'd be worried about you. I bet you didn't have the guts to get naked though, huh," she asked as she smiled that smile again.

I didn't ever want to ever see that disappointed look on her face again so I said, "Sure I did."

"Uh huh, and just what did your mom have to say about that," Amy asked.

"She didn't exactly know. I sort of snuck off on my own," I said proudly as if I had done something daring.

"So did you enjoy it," she asked as she smeared something on her face and then wiped it off.

"Yeah, it was a lot of fun," I said trying to sound like I meant it.

She turned to look at me and said, "Like I said, we're very informal around here, so feel free to get naked if you want."

"Huh," I asked surprised.

"Are you sure you weren't fibbing to me Harry," Amy asked making an adorable pouty face.

"No, I swear it's the truth," I lied.

"OK then, get naked," Amy said as she looked at me with an I told you so smile.

Her naked breasts pointed right at me. I looked at her smiling face, her bare breasts and knew I had backed myself into a corner that I couldn't get out of. Using my right foot I stepped on the heel of my left sneaker. Then stepped out of it. I slowly took off my left sneaker. I felt like she had hypnotized me or something.

After I started to take off my shoes Amy went back to removing her make up. When my shoes were off I took off my socks and my shirt. I hesitated for a second but Amy looked at me and smiled again so, I slowly unbuttoned my pants. I pushed them down to my knees and I stepped out of them. Now I was in nothing more than my underwear. Amy turned to watch at this point. I stood there for a few seconds until she said, "I want to watch the big finale."

"Oh, you mean," I asked as I looked down at my only scrap of clothing.

"Well, sure, you got completely naked on that beach right?" Amy asked.

"Um, yeah but," I said stalling.

She laughed, looked back at the mirror on her table like she was checking her face or something and said, "I knew you were fibbing."

I hooked my thumbs in my underwear yanked them down and said, "How's that!"

She looked at me and with a smile said, "Mm, very nice Harry."

I looked down to see that my dick was hard as stone and it pointed right at her. I blushed and tried to stammer out an apology but she cut me off and said, "It's OK Harry, that just means you think I'm pretty."

"Um, yeah, of course I do," I said a little relieved that she wasn't upset but still a little confused.

She seemed almost too happy. She giggled a little and said, "We'll ignore it for now but if it doesn't go away in a while we'll have to do something about it."

I was more than confused by that but I was willing to agree to anything Amy wanted.

Amy got up and went over to her dresser while I just stood there awkwardly. Then, she pulled out a t-shirt and wiggled into it. It was white, very thin and very stretched out. The neck hole was huge and slipped over one shoulder. It was cut low in the front and showed a lot of her boobs. The bottom of it came down a little bit below her crotch.

"I don't usually wear much around the house. In fact," she said as she winked at me, reached under the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled down her panties, "this is all I usually all I wear when I really want to be comfy."

While I tried to be cool about it she tossed her panties on the bed and said, "Come on let's go down stairs and watch some TV until it's time for dinner."

"OK," I said reaching for my clothes.

She quickly grabbed my hand led me out of the room and said, "Don't worry about those. You won't need clothes around here."

I turned around to watch as my clothes disappeared into the distance. Once we were into the hallway though I looked forward and my jaw dropped. As she walked in front of me Amy's behind peeked out from beneath her t-shirt. All thoughts of my clothes were gone as she led me by the hand downstairs.

Once we were in the living room Amy let go of my hand and sat down on the couch. I suddenly felt very naked again. Amy was dressed, or at the very least mostly covered, and here I was standing stark naked in my next door neighbor's living room.

"Are you sure this is OK," I asked nervously.

"Oh, don't worry Harry, like I said we're very informal around here. Now come sit down," Amy said as she patted the couch next to her.

I just looked at her for a second and then sat down next to her. I tried to relax but I felt like I was gonna get caught and yelled at any second.

"Harry, I thought you liked to be naked," Amy asked with a confused look.

"Sure, of course I do," I said as I tried to sound confident.

"Well, then relax. You look like you're gonna bust a seal or something. Although maybe you are, huh," Amy asked as she looked down at my hard dick. "We're gonna have to do something about that soon."

Then she got off the couch leaned over the coffee table to get the remote for the TV. As she did the back of her t-shirt rode up and I saw her entire ass. Amy Mortenson had just mooned me.

I just stared open mouthed at the most incredible sight I'd ever seen. When she sat back down she must have caught the look on my face because she turned towards me on the couch. As she did she folded her right leg at the knee and brought it up on the couch so she could face me. This made the front of her t-shirt ride up and let me see between her legs a little. I couldn't see everything and what I could see I couldn't even see clearly. I was stunned, speechless. I was a deer in her headlights.

"I think I know what the problem is," she said as she looked at me concerned.

Then she did something I never thought she would have done in my entire life. She took her right hand and touched the tip of my hard dick.

"It's this isn't it," Amy asked.

All I could do was make a weak grunting sound.

"I guess we'd better do something about it, huh? Stand up in front of me," Amy directed as she turned to face front.

My body seemed to obey her without any thought from me. Before I knew it I stood in front of Amy. She spread her legs a little and had me stand right between them. Oh my God was she gonna? Then she reached over to a table on her left and got a box of tissues.

"OK Harry, play with it for me," Amy said with a full faced grin.

My jaw dropped and my eyes went wide. She couldn't mean it? She wanted me to jerk off for her?

"Huh," I asked stunned.

"Harry, can I tell you a secret," Amy asked with a little smile.

I slowly shook my head yes as I tried to deal with what was happening to me.

"I like to watch guys do it," she said as she gave me an embarrassed smile. "Promise you won't tell anyone?"

I shook my head yes again. She looked at my dick like she was waiting and then said, "Maybe we should just go up stairs and get dressed. I don't want to make you feel weird."

I looked down at my dream girl. She sat in front of me dressed in nothing but a flimsy t-shirt. Most of her boobs were hanging out, I could easily see her nipples through the t-shirt and best of all from the way she was sitting I could see right up between her legs.

Amy was nearly six feet tall of female perfection and I was a scrawny skinny kid who was kinda short for my age. I didn't think there was ever any chance of something like this ever happening to me.

"No, it's OK, I'd like to do it for you," I said shakily.

"Really? You will? Oh Harry," she said as she practically bounced in place.

She settled down after a few seconds and waited for me to do something again. I didn't want her to even think of getting dressed so I wrapped my hand around my dick and started to stroke it. The look on her face was amazing.

"Don't go too fast Harry," Amy said as she leaned back into the couch. "Play with your balls with your other hand too. You like that don't you?"

"Um, sure," I said willing to do anything she wanted at that point.

I brought my left hand under my dick and cupped my balls. I squeezed them gently and kind of rolled them around a little. It did feel really good.

"Oh Harry, that's fantastic, don't stop," Amy said in a sexy voice.

I could feel that I was gonna come soon. There was just no way that wasn't gonna happen. I tried to hold it off but there was no way.

"A-Amy," I said panting, "I'm gonna, I can't hold off."

"So soon Harry? We'll have to work on that. Don't do it yet though. Hold on just a second," she said as she sat up.

She pulled one arm, then the other, through the neck hole in her t-shirt. The t-shirt fell around her waist hiding her crotch from me but now she was completely topless. She grabbed a boob in each hand, pressed them together and said, "Come on my boobs Harry."

Oh my God. Just the idea, never mind the actual sight, of Amy Mortenson holding her boobs together for me to come on was enough to make me crazy. I moved forward just a little and pointed my dick at her boobs. Then, I came harder than I ever thought possible. When I was finally done her boobs were covered with my come.

"Harry, when was the last time you got off? It looks like there's a month's worth of come here," Amy said as she looked down at her boobs.

"I, um, not sure," I said with my softening dick in my hand.

"Never mind, now comes the fun part," then I watched stunned as she licked a big clump of my come off her boob.

Amy looked at me with the biggest puppy dog eyes and said, "Come on Harry aren't you gonna help?"

When I just looked at her she asked, "Surely you've tasted your own come before."

I looked at her dumbfounded as I stood there with my dick in my hand. Then I slowly shock my head no.

"Well, I love the taste of my juice. In fact if you're a very good boy maybe, I'll let you try it for yourself. Now, are you gonna help me or not?"

"OK," I said in a daze.

"Good boy, now let go of your dick and lick my boobies clean," Amy said lifting them up to me.

I think that was the moment I was done for. Her boobs could have been covered in crushed bugs and sour milk and I would have licked them clean for her.

I let go of my dick and started to lean over her when she said, "Kneel between my legs Harry that'll make it easier for you."

She spread her knees a little wider and I knelt between them. Then she moved forward and put her boobs in my face. I was a little worried about what my come was going to taste like.

On top of Amy's boobs it tasted like heaven. Her smooth, soft skin was incredible and after a lick or two I didn't even notice my come. Before I knew it was all gone and I had my face in between her naked boobs. She pointed a nipple at my mouth and I quickly sucked it between my lips.

"Swirl your tongue around it. Mmm, that's nice Harry. Now flick the tip of your tongue over the nipple. Oh, you're a fast learner Harry," Amy said instructing me.

Just as I got into sucking on her nipple Amy's cell phone rang somewhere off to my right. She leaned over and picked it up pulling her nipple out of my mouth. I just kind of knelt there waiting for her. She looked at the phone and said, "Damn, I have to answer this. Hey Terry, how's it going," Amy asked.

Amy must have been deaf or something because she had the volume on her phone turned way up and I could hear the entire conversation.

"Hey Aim, not much. Can I stop by I've got to pick up my chem notes or I'll never finish my paper."

"I'm kind of busy at the moment Terry," Amy said as she smiled at me.

"Amy, you swore up and down, left and right, that you'd have those notes back to me in time," Terry said raising her voice.

"OK, OK, when do you wanna stop by," Amy asked making an I'm sorry face at me.

"I'll be right over I'm just around the corner," Terry said sounding happier.

"I'll be waiting," Amy sighed and then closed her phone. Amy looked down at me and said, "Well Harry, it looks like we're gonna have to put the fun on hold for a little bit."

"I understand," I said disappointed.

"Don't look so glum Harry. She probably won't be here long and then we can go back to playing."

Just then there was a knock at the door.

"Geez, she wasn't kidding about being right around the corner. Hang on Terry. I'll be right there," Amy said raising her voice.

Amy looked at me and said, "Harry, go hide in the kitchen."

"Huh," I asked figuring I'd run upstairs or something.

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