The Alasti Building: Marty's Tale

Marty came to NY looking for a new exciting life in the big city. His real estate agent only has one listing left for him to look at though, The Alasti Building.

The Alasti Building is Manhattan's only Clothed Female Nude Male apartment building. In this secret world men aren't allowed to wear clothes. They are the naked playthings of a building full of horny women who vastly out number them.

Marty agrees to get naked and watch a video brochure for the building. Things quickly get out of hand as his clothes vanish. He's fondled, teased and turned into putty by the clothed women that surround him.

He's teased and seduced into taking a naked ride across Manhattan in order to check out the building for himself. Once there he shown the inner workings of a secret that most people never get a hint of. Marty learns about the CFNM lifestyle first hand.

But there's something else going on in the Alasti Building. Something Marty doesn't quite understand. He's being led naked into something. Is it a trap or an amazing new lifestyle that only a lucky few get to know?

Once The Alasti Building's CFNM secrets are unlocked his, and your life, will never be the same.

Over 55,000 words.

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The Alasti Building: Marty's Tale

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