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5 Femdom Stories

A Matter Of Seconds

By Ardor

Chapter 1

It was early in the afternoon on a Sunday. I was just lazing around the house. Half laying, half sitting on the couch as I flicked through a million cable channels that had nothing to offer when the phone rang.

“Hello?” I said as I paid more attention to the TV than whomever was on the other end.

“Don’t you mean hello Ma’am, slave boy?” a soft sensuous voice asked.

I quickly sprung up on the couch like a army private would snap to attention at roll call.

“Yes Ma’am, hello Ma’am,” I said eagerly.

“Good boy, what a good boy you can be when I give you the discipline you need.”

“Thank you Ma’am,” I said my cock already stone hard.

Ever since I had taken out an ad in a swinger’s magazine looking for a Mistress I got these mysterious phone calls. I’ve never been able to figure out how she got my phone number. I didn’t even include my name with the ad, let alone my number, but she’s was a wet dream come true. Her sexy voice, her strong will and her deliciously wicked mind all had me aching for her.

The strange thing is there was something in her voice that sounded familiar. I just couldn’t place it and she never gave me much of a chance to.
There was also something else I got from her after the domination and sex was over. Something that felt like warm concern and affection. It almost made me think she was what I had always been looking for in a woman. Who was she?

“So is my good little slave boy naked?” she asked.

“No Ma’am, I’m sorry, I’m not,” I admitted.

“I bet your cock is hard though isn’t it?”

“Yes Ma’am, it is,” I admitted.

“It was so naughty of you to print that picture with your ad. The one of you all naked and hard. I’ve always wondered what your cock looked like.
Now that I’ve seen it, it only makes me want to tie you up and do nasty things to you that much more. Would you like that?”

“Oh yes Ma’am,” I moaned.

“Then put down the phone and quickly take off all your clothes,” she ordered.

“Yes Ma’am,” I said as I rushed to do as she ordered.

In a matter of seconds I was stark naked.

“I’m ready for you now Ma’am.”

“Good boy, now Steven we’re going to do something a little different today.”

“Yes Ma’am,” I said filled with excitement.

“I want you to crawl over to the front door,” she said with a tiny tremor in her voice.

“Ma’am?” I asked as I wondered what she was up to.

“You see, I’m talking to you on a cell phone. When I tell you to, you’re going to open that door, and I’m going to be on the other side.”

I couldn’t even speak. All she heard was a sharp intake of my breath. My eyes were wide, my mouth was open and my heart pounded in my chest.

“I haven’t heard my, yes Ma’am, from you yet,” she said with a little uncertainty in her voice.

“Yes Ma’am,” I said weakly.

“Look Steven, you won’t be disappointed, I promise you. Nothing will be required of you this first time. If I’m not the girl of your dreams then, after a nice little chat, I will leave as quickly as I came. But Steven, if I leave, then I’m gone for good. It would be over between us and I won’t call
you again. I’ve wanted you for too long, and it’s time for this to either be, or not to be.”

“Ma’am?” I asked truly confused.

So this woman did know me but how and from where damn it?

“You’ll understand when you see me,” she said softly.

There were a few seconds of silence until she said, “Are you in front of the door yet? Will the phone reach?”

“Yes Ma’am I’m right here. I have a cordless phone.”

“Good boy Steven, since, after you open that door things will change one way or another and this may be our last time together I want to do
something special.”

“I’m a little scared Ma’am,” I confessed.

“So am I, so let’s enjoy ourselves a little first, OK?” she asked with  a hint of devilishness back in her voice.

“Yes Ma’am,” I said eagerly.

“MMM, Steven it’s so sweet to hear you say that. To know that you’re kneeling naked and hard just on the other side of that door aching to fulfill
my slightest desire. Would you kiss my feet Steven?” she asked even as she knew the answer.

“Yes Ma’am,” I replied.

“Would you sit naked at my feet and suck on my toes?”

“Oh, yes Ma’am,” I said drooling at the idea.

“If I ordered you to, would you lick and kiss my ass Steven?”

“Yes Ma’am,” I moaned.

“Oh Steven, it’s so wonderful that you would do such wickedly nasty things for me, that you want to serve me and be my slave. You do want that,
don’t you?”

“Yes Ma’am, I do,” I said sincerely.

“MMM, Steven can you hear this through the door?”

I looked up at the door and suddenly heard some kind of noise coming through it.

“Yes Ma’am I can.”

“Good, I want you to picture this Steven. Just on the other side of this door is your beautiful Mistress. I’m wearing an overcoat and under that, all I
have on is a tight black mini skirt, garters with fishnet stockings and a see through black top, that’s it Steven. I’m not wearing a bra, no panties, just
what I’ve told you.”

I opened my mouth but all that came out was a quiet breathy moan.

“You like that Steven? Well, then listen to this? I have my coat open, my skirt flipped up in the back and I’m rubbing my naked ass against your
door. Put your cheek up against the middle of the door, that’s where I’m rubbing it.”

“Yes Ma’am,” I panted.
“If it wasn’t for an niche or two of wood I’d be rubbing my ass in your face,” she said in a deep, breathy, voice.

“Oh, Ma’am,” I sighed.

“You do really ache to serve a woman like this don’t you Steven? You want to love and worship her with every ounce of your being, don’t you?”

“Yes Ma’am I do, please let me open the door now, I beg you, please.”

“No, not yet, soon though, because I do want you to worship me but I also want to tease you Steven. I want your cock diamond hard and aching
for me. I want you so filled with desperate need and desire that I’m the entire universe for you. Is that what you want Steven?”

“Oh God, yes Ma’am, please,” I begged.

“Mmmmm, what a good boy you are Steven. So good, that now I’m going to allow you to hear me come.”

“Oh thank you Ma’am.”

“I’ve turned around and now I’m rubbing my pussy up against your doorknob. Can you feel me humping your door knob Steven?”

“Oh yes Ma’am, I can.”

“Oh good Steven because I’m pretending the doorknob is your face and I’m fucking it hard. I can just imagine you laying face up and bound
helplessly on the floor between my thighs as I grind my pussy into your face. Oh, oh, God, Steven.”

Everything after that degenerated into nothing more than grunts and moans. The door shook and rattled and it took every bit of my willpower not
to open it. Eventually, she grunted louder and then things got quiet.

I could hear her slide down the door until she sat in front of it. Breathless she said, “MMM, Steven that was so nice. It felt so good. I bet your poor
cock is still stone hard right now isn’t it?”

“Yes Ma’am it is.”

“Well, I’m not going to let you come Steven. The first time you meet me in person you’re going to be hard and horny. I’m going to be cool, calm
and serene. Your emotions will be stirred up and you’ll be at a disadvantage. I’ll have the upper hand but that’s the way you like it, isn’t it Steven.”

“Yes Ma’am it is,” I said all ready excited beyond belief.

“MMM, what a good boy you are Steven.”

There was a few seconds of silence and then I heard her move around on the other side of the door. I just held onto the phone and looked up at the
door. I didn’t know what to think or what to do.

“Open the door Steven, it’s time,” she said with a slight tremor in her voice.

“Yes Ma’am.”

I took two steps to the side, spread my knees apart and sat up on my heels. My cock was painfully hard but I tugged on it once gently to make sure
it was properly displayed. Then I slowly reached up for the doorknob. I hesitated for a second when I had the doorknob in my hand. Then with an
impulsive twist I threw the door open.

“Hello Steven, remember me?” she asked.

I looked up at her and at first all that I could see was a very beautiful woman. She was about five ten with long shiny dark hair. Her breasts were
probably a large B or maybe a C cup. They sat firm and high on her chest with hard nipples that made my tongue ache. Long shapely legs in
beautiful high heels.

“Do you remember me Tommy?”
Tommy? I hadn’t been called that since I was a kid, a kid?

“Oh my God,” I thought.

“J-Jenny?” I stuttered.

“Why yes Steven,” she said as she smile happily, “you do remember me. Do you also remember how much I was in love with you when I was a
kid? And how you used to tease me?”

Jenny was my sister’s best friend when I was fifteen. Jenny must have been around ten. I was so busy trying to being cool that I didn’t have time to
deal with a love sick little girl. I teased her and told her to come back when she grew some tits.

“What do you think Steven? Do you like my tits?” she asked as she leaned over so I could get a closer look at them.

“Yes Ma’am, they are beautiful,” I said as I licked my lips.

“Well,” she smiled, “you’re going to beg for them Steven. You’re going to moan and squirm, and beg for them.”

“Yes Ma’am,” I said as I swallowed a lump in my throat.

“So are you going to invite me in Steven?” she asked as she looked down at me.

From the position I was in I could almost see up her skirt. It distracted me and I was slow to answer her, she must have noticed.

“Why Steven, you naughty boy,” she said with a smile, “peeking up my skirt? That’s a no, no, however, I will give you a treat. You may lick the

She pointed to the side she had furiously humped just a few minutes earlier. I crawled a little closer. Then, I stood up a little so I could reach it and
licked the top of the knob where I thought she would have rubbed up against it. I could taste her pussy with a subtle metallic aftertaste, and told her
so, when she asked me.

“Well, perhaps if you are a good boy, I’ll reward you again later.”

“Thank you Ma’am. Would you come in, please?”

“Why yes Steven, that would be very nice,” she said as she slipped out of her overcoat and then picked up her purse.

Her bag was pretty big. I wondered what she might have brought with her. Before I got too far along in that thought she dumped her coat over my
head, walked by me and said, “Please hang this up for me Steven.”

I gladly closed the door and then reached up to the coat rack to hang up her coat. Then I grabbed my cordless phone and I crawled over to where
she sat on the couch. I put the phone aside, knelt in front of her and looked up at her. She just stared down at me and smiled for a few minutes.
Then she slowly recrossed her legs which gave me a quick peek at her pussy. When I looked back up at her face she was still smiling.

“Steven take off my shoe,” she said as she lifted one of her feet up to me.

I cradled her foot in both my hands and then slipped her shoe off. Before I let go, I looked up at her and then quickly kissed her toes. She smiled at
me and said, “So Steven, do you want me to be your new Mistress?”

“Yes Ma’am, please may I be allowed to serve you?”

“But Steven, I may be very cruel to you,” she said with one eyebrow raised.

“I don’t care Ma’am, I need to serve you. You’re the woman I’ve always dreamed of.”

“I’m very pleased to hear that Steven,” she said as she uncrossed her legs, let me look up her skirt and rubbed her foot against my hard cock.

Then she grabbed the head of my cock between her big toe and the one next to it and squeezed tight.

“Oh, Ma’am,” I moaned.

“Like that, do you Steven? Would you like to come?”

“Oh yes Ma’am, please, Ma’am may I come? I’ll do anything Ma’am anything.”

“Oh Steven, what a sweet gesture,” she said as she looked down at me very coolly, “but you know you must prove your devotion to me before you may come.”

“Yes Ma’am,” I whimpered.

She looked down at me, smiled and said, “What a cute little puppy you are, why don’t you bark for me.”

I tore my eyes off her pussy and looked back up at her. She squeezed my cock harder with her toes and said, “Bark for me damn it.”

I let out a weak shivering, breathy moan and then I barked for her as best I could.

“MMM, a very cute little puppy. I think my puppy is missing something though,” she let go of my cock with her foot. Then she said, “Turn over
and stick your ass in the air.”

I didn’t need to be told what was coming but I did as ordered. I got up on my knees, turned my back on her and then bent over resting my face on
the carpet.

“Now there’s a pretty sight. So open and exposed to me,” she said.

I felt her soft hand caress my naked ass. She felt me all over. Giving me gentle caresses and feather light touches everywhere. Her hand slipped
between my cheeks, grazed over my asshole and then down to gently cup my tight balls.

She expertly massaged them and then stroked my cock in a long slow motion that left me weak and breathing shakily. Then she went back to
playing with my ass. Without meaning to I let out a little moan of frustration.

“Aw, does my little puppy’s cock crave more attention? Well, he’ll get it when and where I see fit, is that understood?”

“Yes Ma’am,” I said as I tried to hold still.

She punctuated her question with a sharp stinging spank to my naked ass. Followed by a smooth soft caress and then, without warning, another
stinging spank. I writhed in stirred up emotions that were led by my aching hard cock. My breath came in short uncontrolled bursts and my will
was hers, totally.

Suddenly, I felt her fingers go back between my ass cheeks. She had easy access to everything. Her long thin fingers played with, and teased, my
asshole. They circled the sensitive skin around it, brushed lightly over it and then gently pressed at the center.

I was disappointed when she took her hand away, but then I felt her cool breath on my asshole. When it tightened up she giggled and stopped blowing on it until it relaxed again. She gently caressed my balls as she teased my asshole. She made it open and close for her amusement.

By that point I was whimpering and doing my best not to squirm but I failed miserably. I twisted my head just a little and stole a glance up at her.
She obviously enjoyed herself as much as I enjoyed squirming for her. I moaned and she saw me look up at her, and caught my eye.

“To whom do you belong to?” she asked.

“You Ma’am, completely to you.”

“Are you my obedient, begging, little puppy?”

“Yes Ma’am,” I said in a breathless moan.

“Then why don’t you have a tail? All little puppies have tails.”

I had no idea what to say.

“Well, since your Mistress loves you so much she is going to help you make up for your failings.”

I watched as she reached over to her purse and took out a slim butt plug with a tail attached. She placed this on top of my ass and then reached
back into her purse. The tail looked more like a horse’s tail then a dog’s.

The long thin strands of hair fell down between my cheeks and tickled my balls and asshole. I was so turned on that I couldn’t hold still. I wiggled
my pelvis lewdly in the air so that I could feel more of that teasing tail. She scrounged around for a while in her purse and pulled out a tube of lubricant. She laid that on top of my ass next to the tail.  

“Enjoying my present and it’s not even inside you yet.”

“I’m sorry Ma’am but I can’t help myself,” I said.

“That’s quite all right Steven. I want to get to know your weaknesses. That way I can be sure to exploit them to their fullest.”

All I could do was moan.

“So it’s the light feathery touches that you enjoy? Or is it that you like humiliating yourself in front of me?”

“Both Ma’am,” I said weakly as I continued to hump the air.

“Oh Steven, Steven,” she said happily, “what a prize little pet you will make after I’ve had my way with you.”

Then she took the end of the tail and brushed it over my balls and asshole. My breath came in uncontrolled spasms and I twitched helplessly under her intimate teasing.

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