Three's Chastity

Ben found himself in need of a place to live, and fast. So in desperation he asks his friends Teressa and Pam if they need a roommate. They do happen have an extra room and are looking for a room mate. There's only one problem. The only way they'll agree to let a man live with them is if he wears a chastity device. Having little choce Ben agrees and quickly falls down a rabbit hole of unbelieveable submission, desire and sexual tension that ulitmately leads to the most satisfying sexual experience of his life.

Ben finds himself a naked caged submissive willing to do anything to please his sexy new roomates. The girls introduce Ben to things he never knew he would enjoy, tease and denial, foot worship, ass worship, pussy worship and pegging just to name a few. Believe me, it isn't long until Ben invites the girls to come and knock on his back door.

35,724 words of of steamy hot chastity erotica that will leave you asking when can I move in?


As a thank you for buying directly from me this book contains a 48,798 word bonus chapter that's available only though this website. That's 84,522 words in total!

In the bonus chapter Ben finds out that the girls use him to help pay the rent. He's expected to submit completely to thier sexy lady land lord. What he didn't expect was that she likes to spank naughty boys who are late with the rent. Then Ben has to satisfy all three women before he gets his release.

Be sure to read the FREE sample chapter. It will give you the best idea of what the story is like.

Femdom, chastity play, tease and denial, oral worship, humiliation,

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3's Chastity

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